Cudo Miner Review: Built for Miners or Scam?

Cudo Miner Review: Built for Miners or Scam?

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Cudo Miner is a mining software that can be downloaded and installed into your PC to mine altcoins. It allegedly mines the most profitable coins in a process where it automatically and seamlessly switches between algorithms depending on which coin is profitable for mining. According to the company, Cudo Miner represents the pinnacle of Crypto currency mining software. The software is currently available on Beta version and users can try it out.

But before this, we need to analyze the various aspects of this software to establish whether or not the effort is worth it and whether there is any advantage to using these apps compared to investing in legit Cloud mining platforms. 

The software Cudo Miner was developed by an entity known as Cudo Ventures which operates as a carbon neutral software manufacturing company. They claim that part of the revenue collected from the use of this software is invested in reducing carbon emission in the world. So this is clearly something that is aimed at attracting a specific part of the population that is concerned with matters related to green energy and environmental conservation. The software was allegedly created by two IT specialists called Matt Hawkins and Duncan Cook. It is alleged that these guys have software development experience in addition to handling Crypto currency mining business ventures.

It is not immediately clear which Crypto currency cloud mining ventures they have worked for or built in the past. They claim that the aim of Cudo Miner was to come up with a profitable and easy to use software for mining which can be utilized by both newbies and advanced miners. They also believe that Crypto currencies will change the world and for that reason, they are providing the tools and platform to make this possible because the masses will have access to Crypto currency generating tools such as Cudo Miner.

Cudo Miner Review

The team behind Cudo Miner software describes why they are doing this and how they can help transform the world with what they call ”ethical” technology. They claim that the funds are used for charitable courses. They also tell us that 60% of the time, our computers are idle and that this time should be used to generate Crypto currencies through mining using our PC resources. They also believe that the current methods of mining are not the most profitable but we feel that this statement is not very accurate since there are many individuals out there who have reported a significant amount of revenue generation through mining.

cudo miner

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That is why many new companies are coming up every day in the Crypto currency mining space. Cudo Miner is therefore a software for monetizing our hardware and they believe that it is the best way through which the company can provide everyone access to this disruptive technology. Their vision is to ultimately build the world’s largest disruptive platform and to also invest in Carbon credits. They are also looking to raise 5 Bn through donations in the next 5 years.

The company behind this software provides a YouTube link where they show us a video which was supposedly done by BBC News. This YouTube link however, does not legitimately confirm that this interview was conducted by BBC News as claimed on that YouTube video.

Also, this video was posted on August 23, 2018 and there are only 3 comments so far. Engagement is not that good and we are wondering why people are not showing any interest on this project. Is it that there is something fishy behind it? Why exactly are the masses not warming up to the idea?

Only time will tell. But for now, we are only discussing things that concern the project at present. Are the promises made by this company real? Are their claims sensible as far as Crypto currency mining is concerned? We will address these issues in the next paragraph.

Is Cudo Miner a scam?

First of all, it should be noted that this software is free to download and install. But that does not mean that the exercise will not have any setbacks or repercussions in the process.

While the company’s website does all it can to convince us that this is a not some kind of virus or malware that we are downloading from them, people are generally cautious with such kind of things especially if it involves Crypto currency mining. How sure are we that this is not a spyware? The risks of downloading something that will steal your personal information or ruin your PC in the worst case scenario are very high.

So if you are going to download Cudo Miner, you must stop and think about that risk very carefully. If you evaluate the trade-offs and resolve that this is a risky business for you, the best thing to do when considering to mine altcoins would be to use these web-based platforms for mining Crypto currencies.

Secondly, there is the issue of consuming your resources because this software will be using your CPU in order to mine altcoins. There is the concern that it will degrade your PC due to the wear and tear that comes with the heavy kind of work it does while mining altcoins in the background. This is a real concern and if you are going to use Cudo miner, rest assured that the lifespan of your computer will not be as lengthy as stated by the manufacturer.

So this is also another trade off which you need to consider before you decide to download and install Cudo Miner. Otherwise, if you are fine with these two setbacks, then move cautiously. But our take is that you’d do better if you chose to stick to the usual routine, that is to mine with legit cloud mining operations on the internet.

Our best advice for you

Cudo Miner isn’t a scam but it has a lot of setbacks which might not appeal to every miner out there. Best way to approach it is to mine with these sites.

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  1. No es una estafa, ni mucho menos. Una prueba? a traves del siguiente vinculo conseguiras 10.000 satoshis en el momento de registrarte. No pierdes nada en probarlo.

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