Dagcoin Review: Should You Invest in Crypto Earning Program?

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Dagcoin Review: Should You Invest in Crypto Earning Program?

Dagcoin is a crypto company that claims to be the organization of its kind. According to, the company is the first organization that is meant to use the crypto coins and not just trade them. It presents itself as a leader in the crypto industry that wants to allow the maximum number of people to use cryptocurrency like any other regular money.

There are several claims of the company that are just simply not true. Furthermore, the entire business structure is very familiar to OneCoin, a popular crypto scam. There are some links between OneCoin and Dagcoin. Keep reading this article to get to know about this association as well as the overall authenticity of the company.

Overview of Dagcoin states that the company has been established with the vision of making crypto technology accessible to each and every person in the world. It also states that the company wants to lead the crypto industry by providing quick and efficient transactions, maximum access to the crypto coins, and limited restrictions to increase the clients’ freedom.  Furthermore, it is claiming to have state-of-the-art security systems that keep the crypto infrastructure protected from viruses and cyberattacks.

Features of the Company

Dagcoin claims to have the following features:

Minimum Transaction Charges

The company is promising that the members will not have any type of hidden transaction charges. The website also states that the amount of your transaction does not matter as you will only be paying about 0.0005 dagcoins.

Instant Transactions claims that unlike other crypto companies, this platform is able to process transactions instantly within a matter of a few hours or even minutes. However, such kind of claim is not completely trustable because there is no indication that the company actually has modern blockchain technology for quick and efficient crypto transactions. Moreover, there are many other crypto platforms that offer instant transactions, so it is wrong of this company to market this feature as one of a kind.

Optimum Transaction Freedom

The company is promising optimum transaction freedom to its users. It simply means that the users will be able to make quick and cost-efficient transactions through the Dagcoin wallet.

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Dagcoin is claiming to be a fully genuine and legal company that is operating by complying with international laws and regulations.

Founder of Dagcoin

Nils Grossberg is the founder and CEO of Dagcoin. His LinkedIn profile indicates that he lives in Estonia. He focuses on the fact that the purpose of the company is to replace regular currency with crypto coins. Asian countries are the primary target market of the company. states that it has selected Asia because it has a number of unbanked people who find an appropriate crypto solution for asset management to be highly useful. However, it is highly likely that the company is targeting Asian markets because crypto companies are a rage in such countries.

What is the association between Dagcoin and OneCoin?

The entire business model of Dagcoin is very similar to OneCoin. Upon further research, it is quite evident that Nils Grossberg was a well-known European investor in the OneCoin crypto scam company. After the legal issues faced by OneCoin started increasing rapidly, Grossberg abandoned the platform and started his own company.

Dagcoin was established in April 2017 after which Grossberg stopped promoting OneCoin. However, making comparisons between these two companies reveal that they have very similarities in compensation structure and overall business’ style.

You cannot expect to earn any significant profits from Dagcoin, so you should avoid investing in this company. Instead of relying on such suspicious companies, you should use the crypto trading bots that provide a variety of trading preferences to help you in making maximum profits from crypto trading.

How to Join Dagcoin?

The company does not offer any retail products or services. It means the members can only generate profits through affiliate membership of the company. It is offering a $20 basic membership, but it is not useful for the members because they cannot earn daily ROI from

In order to join, you have to invest dag coins. However, the website gives the entire financial information in terms of USD. The site gives the following breakdown of the joining membership:

  • Starter package at the price of $100 that contains 100 dagcoins
  • Explorer package at the price of $500 that contains 500 dagcoins
  • Advanced package at the price of $1000 that contains 1000 dagcoins
  • Expert package at the price of $2500 that contains 3000 dagcoins
  • Pro package at the price of $5000 that contains 6000 dagcoins
  • Mentor package at the price of $12500 that contains 17500 dagcoins
  • Investor package at the price of $25000 that contains 35000 dagcoins

Income Structure

It is very surprising to see that Dagcoin is marketing itself as a new kind of crypto company that is completely different from other companies. Yet, the income structure of the company is extremely similar to any other crypto platform. You have to invest money in it to get profits. This kind of business model is adopted by several organizations.

Furthermore, the company has several affiliate ranks through which several bonuses and profits are given to the members. These are:

  1. Affiliate Rank at which you just have to register and invest in the company.
  2. Junior Manager Rank for which you must make at least $10000
  3. Manager Rank for which you must generate at least $25000 and recruit two members on Junior Manager Rank.
  4. Senior Manager Rank for which you must generate at least $50,000 and recruit two members on Manager Rank.
  5. Junior Vice President Rank for which you must make at least $100,000 and recruit two members on Senior Managers Rank.
  6. Vice President Rank for which you must make at least $250,000 and recruit two members on Junior Vice President Rank.
  7. President Rank for which you must make at least $500,000 and recruit two members on Vice President Rank.

Other than these seven ranks, the company also has other ranks like International Vice President and Ambassador. Crows Ambassador is the highest affiliate rank of Dagcoin for which you must earn at least $10,000,000 and recruit at least two members on Ambassadors rank.


The entire purpose of discussing this income structure and affiliate ranks is to conclude the fact that the company has set very strict criteria for climbing the ranks. As a result, the affiliates will have minimum chances of making any significant profits.


There is no doubt about the fact that Dagcoin is a clone of OneCoin. It uses almost all of the same marketing tactics of OneCoin. For example, selling educational courses, increasing accessibility of crypto coins, and trying to present itself as a revolutionary company.

It is important to remember that OneCoin was called one of the largest scams in history because it managed to fool a huge majority of people and scamming billions of dollars. However, users should not repeat the same mistake by trusting Dagcoin. Due to its similarities with OneCoin and the involvement of the owner in OneCoin, it would not be wrong to assume Dagcoin is a crypto scam.

Even if we ignore the history of, it is still not a very impressive company. It is asking for a significant amount of investment without offering any considerable profits. Therefore, you should not invest in Dagcoin because it is likely to be a scam that will take the money of the affiliates and ultimately shuts down.

If you are interested in earning profits in the crypto industry, you should use crypto trading bots. These bots are highly efficient, reliable, and user-friendly that makes them suitable for both beginners and professional crypto traders.

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