Daneel Review: Is Scam or Valid Project?

Daneel Review: Is Scam or Valid Project? is the name of a website whose idea is viewed by many people as revolutionary. There is currently a lot of talking surrounding Daneel and the token, Dan, which the platform is set to release in a few days from now. At the time of writing this review, there were 13 days still remaining to their token sale.

With the time ticking on the homepage, many investors are thinking that Daneel is a revolutionary idea which could earn them handsome profits in the near future. What exactly are they doing? A big number of people are jumping into it even without understanding the concept.

Majority of those talking in forums like BitcoinTalk are dancing to this tune, thinking that Daneel is the next big thing after Bitcoin.

Now, we are the Blockchain experts, and this is what we know. You can take it as a caution or simply ignore this message altogether.

daneel review

This review will answer whether Daneel is legitimate or scam. We will also let you know whether investors should take this opportunity to buy Dan now before price can rise. After all, it’s a difficult decision to make. Unless you are an expert, you will never make a wise decision other than guessing and spending money on a token you do not understand very well. Review: is it a good idea to invest in Dan Token?

To know whether a token is worth buying as a vehicle for your future investments, you should consider a number of things.

We the experts have already considered those factors on your behalf.

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We considered the idea that is supposedly driving this project, viability, long term sustainability and usefulness.

In terms of the idea, everything sounds great. Just to give you a quick snapshot of what is happening here, we will mention everything below.

So, what exactly is Daneel? According to the site, Daneel is an intelligent personal assistance who uses Artificial Intelligence to help investors analyze the markets and make an informed decision thereafter.

What is currently available in the market are known as ”chatbots”. Chatbots are known to suffer technical and functional limits in their use. That means they can’t inform your decision with 100% precision…. or let’s say 80%.

The artificial intelligence mechanism will be running on ”Watson’, a framework that is considered the most powerful AI for Natural Language and emotional analysis.

That means it will be scamming selected news channels, then analyzing the data before relaying that information to the end user.

Because this is happening in the field of Cryptocurrencies, we should expect a scenario where Daneel robot will go out there, scan the markets, read the mood on a certain investment before returning results alongside what it thinks will be best for a particular user looking to find an appropriate investment project.

Apparently, this is exactly what has created interest towards Daneel. Many people are in a state of frenzy, and they are 100% sure that buying some Dan token is the only way to get rich this year.

What’s our take? Be careful. Not every great idea pays. Some great ideas have been born and they never went far. There is no guarantee that those who buy Dan at this time will make money in the future. It’s a huge gamble. Nothing is for sure.


We see some hints that Daneel has established partnership with big corporations like IBM. This is supposed to accelerate the development of this project to see that it will come to fruition this year.

IBM is certainly a big corporation. What isn’t clear yet is whether or not this agreement has been signed. As it is right now, the website is just making a claim. If they pursue and actually make it true, we will be considering other factors that are likely to make it a worthwhile investment.

But this is not to say that Daneel is a worthwhile investment at the moment. Like we said earlier, nothing is guaranteed at all.

What we have already observed is that is a startup. They don’t have a corporation that backs this idea yet. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to make Daneel a corporation itself rather than a mere website.


In as much as Daneel has a seemingly excellent idea which has captured many investors’ attention, we still believe that there are many dots that need to be connected for this project to make sense.

Well, they already have a roadmap for 2018 as highlighted in their whitepaper.

When you look at this roadmap, you will see that the people who are behind this project are really ambitious. The roadmap is simply telling us how Daneel is going to achieve their goal in 2018. One of the things that have been included in this roadmap is the concept of artificial intelligence and how they are going to leverage on that technology to make the work of a Cryptocurrency trader easier.

Before we can go any further, we want to establish the identities of the founder and his team members.

Joseph Bedminster is listed as the founder of this website. His professional LinkedIn profile is intact. Nothing to be suspicious about.

However, we do not know how experienced he is in the blockchain industry. Of course his profile lists the schools that he attended. Now the problem sets in when we cannot see his work experience, especially when we try to relate this experience with his current venture.

Same thing applies to the other team members. We can see their profiles on LinkedIn. However, what is lacking is their work experience in this field.

We need these dots connected to help us provide a more in-depth analysis into whether or not Daneel is a worthwhile business venture for the average Cryptocurrency trader.

daneel team

Another thing is this: Joseph Bedminster claims to be a person with a phonemically idea that has never been heard before. That explains the buzz around this website on social media where Bitcoin is the talk of the day.

This would naturally prompt someone like me to type his name on Google to see what will come up in the search results.

You see, if you typed a name like ”Warren Buffet” on Google, you’d see his full biography on the right hand side of your browse. Google has a way of pulling your biography from various online sources if you’re famous or have started something special that is attracting people’s attention.

Now, the name Joseph Bedminster does not return any meaningful results apart from what we have already seen on LinkedIn.

The last thing to take note of is that LinkedIn is a open place where professionals can create their profiles and establish connections with like-minded people. What we want you to realize is that you can write anything in your LinkedIn profile. There is no verification process when writing and publishing your education and experience. That makes it a vulnerable place for publishing false credentials.

Now, of course we are not saying that Joseph Bedminster is lying. What we are saying is that this is a possibility.

Our best advice for you

If you don’t understand ICOs, don’t buy any token yet. Just stick to these simple investment ideas that have been proven to work for most people.


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2 Replies to “Daneel Review: Is Scam or Valid Project?”

  1. I never thought I’d be scammed in crypto because I was too careful. I did a lot of research from their whitepaper on their token economics. Daneel crowd funded its startup through an ico issuing DAN. Now the DAN token is not required or needed to use its subscription services. Instead the team is collecting cash instead. Not caring what happens to the token, as it was only used to collect money for the team to create an app they will use to collect fiat from retail customers. Daneel scam changed the basis of its business model communicated in their whitepaper leaving investors with the bag!

  2. the person above is stating incorrect information. Im an investor as well and they will except both dan and fiat. If a user pay in dan they get a discount off subcription. If the user pays in fiat they dont get a discount. More information can be read about this in one of the articles on dans medium page at

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