Daxrobot Review: New Style of Automated Trading or Scam?

Daxrobot Review: New Style of Automated Trading or Scam?

Daxrobot is a CFDs automated trading system. The first thing we checked was how the robot works and the kind of promises that the sales page makes. From what we can see, there is a huge potential for this robot to make a lot of returns. Daxrobot website also has a chat feature where we can get to ask questions and speak to a live chat agent. This is a positive thing because instead of sending emails to get responses after a while, the team behind this operation have made it easier for us to speak to them in real time.

Having said that, what exactly is Daxrobot and can it help you make good and consistent returns in the long run? That’s the question that we will be seeking to address in this review. Hopefully, it will turn out well and you will eventually end up liking the robot with its features altogether.

Daxrobot review

There is not a lot of information about Daxbot on their website. However, we can judge by the pictures which the site has published. Judging by what we see, we can formulate an informed opinion regarding the working of this robot. Daxrobot is basically a collection of automated trading strategies which can be turned on or off depending on which strategies you want to utilize. These strategies are basically a collection of in-built trading indicators and that means users must pick which indicators they wish to work with.

daxrobot review

These strategies or robots have different levels of potential income, so this is one of the things you will consider when selecting the type of trading strategy to use with the robot. Once you select the strategy, it will automatically start to build your account balance. But the robot has to be launched in the final step before it can start trading according to the selected strategy.

From the screenshots, we can see that Daxrobot is trading a lot of asset pairs which include CFDs. With that variety of trading assets to make money from, Daxrobot ensures that everyone can trade the type of asset they feel most comfortable trading. You can even trade stocks with this app, which is a plus for those who love trading stocks.

The robot is web-based meaning that you do not have to download anything in order to access and start using Daxrobot. Nowadays many developers are utilizing this approach because they find it quite convenient to do so and also to the customers whom they intend to work with. Somehow, majority of people who prefer these trading robots don’t like downloading them. Web-based trading is even convenient when you consider the fact that many people are starting to trade on the go, that is on their mobile devices and that means web-trading will naturally be highly favored compared to downloading a trading platform which can be cumbersome in order to trade.

Getting started with Daxrobot

The process appears to be very simple. You are going to pick any of their recommended brokers to work with. This is essential because if you don’t, then you cannot use the software. But if you do, you get to use the software for free such that all that will be required is your deposit into your trading account.

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In our opinion, this is a fair deal where both parties feel comfortable. The developers of Daxrobot appear to have worked really hard to come up with this kind of a web based platform. It’s only fair that they should be compensated for their efforts in terms of commissions. So if they are going to let people use Daxrobot without a license, then it simply means that they will factor their commission into the deal which they have with these brokers. You don’t have to know about it because it does not affect your trading experience in any way.

Funding your account

Thanks to the kind of brokers that Daxrobot is working with. Traders can use credit card or Crypto currencies to fund their trading accounts. One of the problems that traders face is related to limited forms of payment that some brokers support. But in order to accommodate all customers, it is the responsibility of the broker to ensure that they are supporting whatever means of payment that a customer wants to use. So Daxrobot has got you covered in that area as well.

Also, the minimum deposit is very much affordable as it’s within the reach of many traders. $250 is a fair amount of capital. You don’t risk too much and at the same time, you are not under funding your trading account. Minimum trading amount is $1. So that means you can enter contracts that pay $2 when you’re only risking an insignificant amount of your trading capital.


Users of Daxrobot can earn varied amounts of income based on their pre-defined level of income. This is a setting that can be found on the Daxrobot platform. The kind of settings to use depends with a lot of things such as the amount of money you have in your account and other things. But according to the sales page, we can double or even triple our investments in a day.

Customer reviews

Daxrobot is a new trading system and that means you won’t find a lot of feedback out there concerning them. But we can rest assured that these will come after some time. The reason why we recommend Daxrobot is that there is limited risks associated with using this app for trading. The minimum deposit is affordable and safe because you’re not sending a figure like $1000.


Visit Daxrobot Here

Our best advice for you

Go for it provided you can test the various trading strategies which have been packaged into the Daxrobot platform. Although it appears there is some level of testing to be done, we believe that the right combination of settings will be of great benefit to your account. As for signing up, you can use this link to do so.


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8 Replies to “Daxrobot Review: New Style of Automated Trading or Scam?”

  1. bonjour
    existe-t-il un tutoriel pour DaxRobot ?
    je me suis inscrit avec votre lien et j’ai besoin de support avant d’investir. merci pour votre aide

      1. bonjour
        je les ai contacté via le tchat et ils me disent qu’il n’existe pas de tutoriels !!!
        j’aimerais avant d’investir, voir le back office mais ça semble difficile !!!

      2. it sounds like a dialogue of the deaf!
        how to trust ???
        Here is the interview I had:

        how does DaxRobot work?
        once I’ve chosen the robot, for example Rising East v1.2, what should I do?
        do you have a tutorial that shows how it works?
        DaxRobot is a unique product for CFD/Forex trading, created to help traders to make profits fast and easy! Software goes to work automatically for you.
        All you need to do is to fund your account according to the amount of deposit you are ready to invest and choose the robot you like.
        After that robot will place the trades automatically, using the integrated algorithms.

        The higher is the investment amount the more a**ets are available for robot to trade on.
        You can see how fast your balance changes, but please do not stop the robot from trading.
        Your potential payout can be up to 200% from your invested amount.

        This is very easy and profitable way to get additional income without spending time on market research and a***ytics.

        Please note if you want to start trading manually, just stop the robot and go to the brokers page, log in into the system with the same log in pa**w***.
        – how to configure the robot to work in automatic?
        – How and when to withdraw his earnings?
        – can the earnings be reinvested?
        – Is the starting capital blocked and if so, how long?
        As the system is fully automated you do not have to do anything, you just activate it.
        do you have tutorials that introduce DawRobot?
        Unfortunately, no.
        before investing, I would like to see the Back Office, all the points that make it up!
        What do you mean?
        I would like to see the whole back office
        We do not provide that kind of information.
        ??? why ?
        Because we do not reveal corporate information.
        I do not ask you to reveal the information of the company but only those of my back office …
        I would like to see, before investing, what are the possibilities, such as withdrawals, personal information …
        You can see all that in your account.
        Just log in.
        I do not see anything on the profile (my personal details)
        I do not see the tab that allows you to manage your capital
        nor the tab on withdrawals ???
        where is all this?

    1. H***o
      is there a tutorial for DaxRobot?
      I signed up with your link and I need support before investing. Thanks for your help

  2. Been investigating reputable fully automated robot/broker for 12 months. DaxRobot appears it. I am new to it, so what is your suggestion for how many funds I need to invest $250 (presuming it is USD with DaxRobot?. In addition to minimum deposit how much more money should I set aside to ‘top up’? and which broker do you sugggest that may have tutorials and will be top cla** for support?

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