Day Trade Smart Review: Utah-Based Scam?

Day Trade Smart Review: Utah-Based Scam?

Day Trade Smart at is a site that claims to teach students how to day trade like professionals and even win 90% of trades. The domain was created some time in April 2015, having been registered by an anonymous organization which are strongly believed to be operating out of Utah, US.

Day Trade Smart, also known as DTS, is a landing page or a funnel through which aspiring traders can allegedly learn how to day trade like professionals. The landing page has a short welcome video and the presentation is entirely based on voice over acting. Day Trade smart claims that they are accepting people who want to become ”professional traders” and that if you want to join them, you should apply through the Day Trade Smart website.

Oh, and also the site has two blank boxes right below the sales video which they use to gather information pertaining to the name and phone number of the applicant. We are not quite sure how this works because usually, a site like Day Trade Smart will only require the applicant’s name and email address. When they ask for your phone number, it’s because they are getting pushy and aggressive. It would later turn out that Day Trade Smart is actually a site that is managed and operated by an organization with people who have no real track record of trading.

If you came across Day Trade Smart and are wondering who they are and whether they can be trusted, this review will give you insights into the company’s operations. At the end of the day, you should be able to make a choice as to whether they should be trusted or not.

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Day Trade Smart Review – the Utah-based organization

Having inserted a fake name and mobile number to try and see what’s inside, we were taken to a second page. But before that, the landing page had declared that we had found a ”gem” and that if we applied and got accepted, we’d be privy to the kind of knowledge that individuals only hear about.


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Now, the fact of the matter is that this isn’t the only ”gem” we have encountered on the internet. We have found lots of them which ended up disappointing. And so we don’t believe that this is yet a gem. The website also claims that if we get accepted, we will have the tools needed to succeed as Forex traders. It’s quite unfortunate that the landing page is putting more emphasis on the words ”if accepted”. The truth of the matter is that such websites almost always accept anyone who will meet their conditions. And the only conditions we are having here is that of being able to meet their financial obligation. That’s all.

Also, the video on the landing page does not imply that Day Trade Smart is any credible. We don’t even know if this website will ever achieve the standards that they’ve set for themselves. Next, let’s gain access to the free resources in the second step where we are ushered into the second application phase.

Again, in this step. there is a form where visitors are required to fill out their names, email addresses, phone number and the type of funded account which they want. If you are a person, you should select Personal funds. If you are a corporate, you should select otherwise.

There is a brief video showing candlesticks and how they are traded. This is just to imply that Day Trade Smart is actually trading smart. But according to us, these videos imply no credibility with regards to the operations of this site. The hoops which we are jumping here (i.e the steps) are meant to create curiosity and make you think that this is the ultimate gem which you have been looking for.

On the third step, there will be another form a software to download. We feel a little bit hesitant downloading a software from a source we do not trust. This software could be malicious. But they claim that they will give us access to their trial membership and that we should act quickly to secure our financial future.

Day Trade Smart – details of the product on sale

In this stage, things begin to sound as if we are dealing with a scam. Why the hurry? Is the software going to evaporate into nothingness? While entering the next page, we gained access to a software that is actually not free. So when you hear the word trial from a scam website next time you search for these opportunities, do not think this trial is coming for free. This software is actually costing $95.

Inside the software, we get 1 month access to trade alerts. Apart from saving students the time which they would have used to stare at the charts waiting for a signal to form, this tool is also alleged to be very reliable and user friendly as it can be used by all traders whether new or experienced.

On top of this, we are getting one month access to dedicated support which we don’t think would be helpful if we can’t purchase this trial. Also, we are wondering how much the cost of this software will be assuming that we are to continue using it in the second month.

Day Trade Smart – What you should know

We would have appreciated a free trial or an extremely cheap offer such as $20 for a week of trial but not $95. Secondly, this website is owned and operated by an unnamed organization whose track record is not known. This makes it quite difficult to trust them since they are not quite straight forward or upfront with the introduction part of things.

Our best advice for you

In addition to that, we’d love to know who owns this website. If we can find out the owner, it would be easy to establish whether they are experienced in trading or not. For now, it would be safe to explore these trading robots.

5 Replies to “Day Trade Smart Review: Utah-Based Scam?”

  1. Hello, my name is Hiram Chairez, Co-Owner of Day Trade Smart and Pro Day Trader. We are based in Lehi, Utah. We would like to invite the Publisher of this article to try our program at NO COST. This will give you a good understanding as to why we charge for our Trial Offer which includes basic FOREX training. This way you are able to make a fair assessment of our organization. If you have affiliates in our area, we host Live Trainings every Wednesday night for our local members and would like to invite you to come meet us in person. Otherwise, reach out and we will show you why we are, not only, a legitimate company but the best in the business.
    -Hiram Chairez
    2889 Ashton Blvd
    Lehi, UT 84043

  2. I just signed up with Day Trade Smart and so far everything seems very legit, and I feel convinced they really know what they are talking about. I am not a good learner by reading so need hands on training to walk me through everything. I have a great coach and he has been awesome so far. Also the software looks like it has indicators that actually tell you when to make a trade, although it is still up to you if choose to at that point. Again, lots of great support. It isn’t a cheap program by any stretch but the real difference I see is people actually making live trades, making money, and giving you all the hands on support you need. So far very happy with the program.

  3. Chris how much is the software.I hate wasting time. They have a 3 day event next and I am already trading stocks successfully. The owner Hiram told me I am losing money trading stock. Hilarious because I am 27 to the plus side on my p/l as a part time ytd and I could have showed him as I had my computer with me. Ive done sales and I could see the lil time spent trying to build product value but lets skip to the chase cause I already know the sales formula. whats the bottom line cost and if I am already doing well day trading stocks and thats the truth. I asked about live trading and Hiram expressed it being against the law. I will gladly live trade in front of him to prove my skill set but apparently for him to do the same he risks his whole business. He seems like a decent guy and he is wheel chair bound so I went going to be a jerk to the guy. I appreciate he did answer questions after the very basic short info presentation. Just trying to find out price and legitimacy of product. Researched Hiram he had a phone room before and a few llc’s nothing showed up criminal background check wise. Owned a data research center etc.

  4. This company is one of many that uses the same indicators and setup/structure of a “parent” company. It’s basically just an MLM so there are many business names just tied to the same con-artist parent company l**s and BS. None of their coaches and “traders” actually make money trading in the markets. They mask it by saying “we make money in trading.” Sure they do, they make money in the realm of trading by selling you garbage and l**s. Don’t take my w**d for it though. Go to them and ask them to see 2 years of their accounts. I don’t mean some excel sheet they manipulated, I mean ask them for the fXblues and such to look them up (Live accounts.) You’ll be met with a reply such as “my success in trading doesn’t have anything to do with your success” or something along those lines. If you are an actual forex trader, you’ll immediately see issues with how they trade. Their backwards ratios and ignorance to market structure, their disregard for main fundamentals etc. Most of their coaches and staff don’t even know what a zero sum market actually means and only that you take/lose money from one another. They don’t at all have a clue what zero sum is actually implying by the way of data collection for example. In my opinion this company and the 400 other MLM companies it runs are all garbage. They con salt of the Earth people and sleep well at night. They have a really great structure as far as individual coaching, daily webinars, events and such… Those don’t do you any good because the people coaching you and putting those on can’t trade themselves out of a wet paper bag. They do well for 2 weeks during market channels and easy market emotion environment, but none of them are doing well long term. I watched multiple “seasoned” coaches blow up demos on webinars. I’ve heard MULTIPLE coaches say they’ve never blown an account. That’s a huge red flag by the way if you’re actually a trader, you know what I mean. Just read books, watch some youtube, listen to podcasts. You’ll get far more out of learning yourself for a fraction of the cost.

  5. Attended the “Free” course offer. The coaching ranges from $22,000 to $8,000.
    Just wasted 5 hours listening to something I could never afford. Wish I had know the price ranges, I never would have wasted my Saturday!!!

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