Day Trade to Win Is Scam: Proof Is In This Review

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Day Trade to Win Is Scam: Proof Is In This Review

Thanks for reading this Day Trade to Win review. What exactly is Day Trade to Win?

Well, it’s a day trading educational website that is owned by a man named John Paul who lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

When we researched the date of registration for this website, we discovered that it first appeared online in 2007.

The website also maintains an active YouTube channel on this page.

This YouTube page receives very decent traffic as it has over 19,000 people subscribed, plus most of the videos there have at least 2 million views.

When we speak of Day Trade to Win website, we can conclude that this is the largest trading promotional business that we have ever come across on social media.

Most of their products are pretty expensive since the cheapest product here goes for$597. This will get you Trade Scalper Software.

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Day Trade to Win is also selling a Power Price Action Trading course for $995. Atlas Line Trading Software goes for nearly $2,000 while an 8-week mentorship program is being sold for $5,400.

day trade to win products

Day Trade to Win Review

Let’s take a look at this mentorship program

This mentoring program is definitely the crown jewel of the Day Trade to Win website. Once a person signs up with them, they will be ”mentored” for 8 weeks. The privileges for signing up includes the opportunity to watch someone called John Paul trade for 2 hours each week on a trading simulator.

day trade to win simulator trading

During this live show of day trading, John Paul discusses the market and the reasons why he is taking that particular trade. This is simulated trading, not real trading. Keep this in mind because it is important for this review.

Claims of trading performance

Since 2007 all the way to October 2017, Day Trade to Win has been posting very detailed performance results.

The website used to have ”real time” performance page in which they claimed was a representation of their performance between April 2011 and October 2015. That web page is no longer available today. In short, it is returning a 404 error because the owner of that website simply pulled it down. No problem. But we hope you’re beginning to understand where all this is going.

Anyway, when we reviewed this report, we saw that John Paul was claiming to have made over $898,000 from 3354 trades. In this report, he also claimed to have never had any losing week or month of trading. We thought this was truly amazing, only if it were true.

Some time in April 2011, Day Trade to Win posted a highly detailed and controversial performance report dating back to 2008.

Now, this report was even juicier because the website claimed that the average monthly profit that they were making was between 30-70K USD. Once again, they claimed that there were no losing weeks or months.

For 10 consecutive years, this man claims to have traded with only 1 single losing week in day trading. This is definitely too good to be true. If we could trade with profits for 416 consecutive weeks, we would secure a spot in the Guinness World Book of Records.

The problem is that we are already doubting the owner of Day Trade to Win. He is giving us a story that is too difficult to believe.

Contacting the person in charge of DayTradetoWin

It is very difficult to trust people when it comes to matters related to investments. This is why we reached out to this ‘trading guru’ to determine whether the supposed trading profits were real.

By the way, this man does not answer live phone calls, and neither does he reply to emails easily. When you send an email, he will surely open and read them. But then, he will not reply them.

Finally, we managed to get him to respond to our emails. In our opinion, this guy was being motivated by two investors who had apparently spent a great deal of resources and time trying to learn the ‘secrets’ which they had bought at Day Trade to Win.

We had listened to their stories, and were now seeking for Paul’s rebuttal. But in addition to seeking his comment on these two students, we also wanted him to verify his supposed claims of profit where he said that 2008 was his best year in trading.

Now, this lead to a back and forth kind of email conversation. Generally, this man is soft spoken and a little bit honest with his trading performance. But why are we using the word ‘honest’?

Because he was upfront on the fact that these trading records were hypothetical. They could be used in the best case scenario. Also, the man admitted that the so-called trading performance was meant for marketing and advertising purposes.

Then we explained to this man that the reason why he was having so many negative reviews against his business is because he did not have a verifiable track record of trading. We also added that providing a verifiable track record was the only credible way to determine whether an investment program is worth a penny. Surprisingly, this man agreed with our sentiments.

So the next thing that we were going to ask for was his redacted account statement highlighting his profits and losses starting 2008 all the way to 2017. By the way, we were not asking him to provide a month after month or year after year account statement. This would have been hectic and inconvenient. Therefore, we made it clear that we were looking for a very tiny silver, where we would get to see an overview of his performance for a couple of years within this period of time.

You see, we were pleading and making it clear that if the owner of Day Trade to Win would provide us with even a month’s trading statement showing his supposed wins, we would write a positive review on this blog, and this would bring him more business in return.

Instead, this man responded that he was not in a position to provide us with an entire one month’s statement, and that he could only do so if we were requesting for a one day trading statement.

While you might say that it is easy for a professional trader to produce this statement, this is not the case for Paul. There is zero evidence that this man owns a trading account in the first place.

So we begged him some more to provide us with a day’s trading statement. But all he could tell us was to wait until a suitable time when he would get back to us. We have been waiting till now. We have never received any word from this man. That is why we have concluded that this man does not own any live trading account, and is in no way a professional trader.

Our best advice for you

So, is Day Trade to Win just a scam? In our opinion, there are so many red flags here. These red flags automatically make it a scam.

The supposed performance record is not real, and this was confessed by the owner of that website. With no proof of prior trading success, you will be risking a lot in the hands of this man. Stay away from or use these trading products if you want to trade.

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