Day Trader Pro Review: Is it a Scam?

Day Trader Pro Review: Is it a Scam?

Day Trader Pro is a platform that claims by joining them, and you will improve your living standard. Additionally, you will have another source of income. The founder of this platform is someone by the name Guy Gentile.

We believe that this is a fictional character. We do not recommend this platform to any trader in the market. If you don’t want to stay broke for the rest of your life, they urge you to sign up. The person behind this venture is a marketer and not a successful trader.

You will need to follow three simple steps for you to earn. First, you need to sign up for the free webinar that the venture offers. The next thing will be to implement what you learn and begin profiting.

For starters, this is not how the investment sector operates. You cannot start earning after listening to a webinar. It takes more than this; you need to be dedicated, and the learning process never stops. The founder states that he will share unique trading secretly with those that are interested.

Day Trader Pro is clearly a Ponzi scheme that you should avoid at all chance. You can invest with legit Forex trading software that will aid your trading process. You do not have to worry about being conned by scammers. The software is reputable, and people have been able to attain reasonable profits.

Day Trader Pro Review

The company states that you have nothing to lose, and the only thing you need is to follow the simple three steps that we have highlighted above. It is only a scammer who will assure you will become after developing such a vague strategy.

Day Trader Pro Review, Platform

Additionally, this shady entity also states that it has been featured on various financial platforms.  Day Trader Pro is allegedly endorsed by Inc., New York Post, abc, Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and MarketWatch.

Unfortunately, this is not true, as no platform in their right mind will endorse a Ponzi scheme. Additionally, this is only a mean that scammers use to target innocent traders in the market.

The founder avails four trading accounts on their website. He claims that he has been able to acquire about 2 million from March 2020. He allegedly performed the trading activity in the live trading chat room.


The owner of this platform (Guy Gentile) claims that he is a mentor and Trader in the Forex industry. Moreover, you can also join his free webinar to get more insight. Gentile states that he has over 20 years of experience in trading Forex.

The founder brags of being able to attain millions, and he only picks the winning outcome. The guy is also the founder of Speed Trader, another shady firm. He boasts of having adequate knowledge in the industry.

He has usefully designed several trading algorithms. Moreover, he has also worked as a top broker-dealer in the universe. We cannot believe in empty words. Day Trader Pro should more than this to win our trust.

How can we rely on the company words that Guy is the top Trader while there is no proof?  There is no educational background or financial reports on his trading accounts. It will cost you when you buy the narrative of this Ponzi scheme.

Guy allegedly started trading in 1999 and has worked for the most popular brokerages in the world. During that time, he has perpetually improved his trading skills. However, he does not care to disclose the platforms that he has been working for.

Hence we cannot verify these claims. The founder wants us to believe that he is dedicated to assisting fellow traders. The company has an affiliate program that is meant to increase your earning.

Customer Support

The company claims that they have dedicated support that is willing to help. Unfortunately, some of their clients accuse the entity of having poor services, and this is not a professional actor, and the platform should improve on the matter.

The company has a private package VIP. You can contact the platform via their phone; +1-860-909-0525 or on email at [email protected]. When you sign up, you will have access to a private WhatsApp group, advanced options trading, and a trading course.

Live Trading Room

Day Trader Pro has a live screen where the founder shares chat, video, and voice. Clients can hold a discussion and share insight as they learn from Guy. They hold a live trading course from 9 AM EST.

Investors can choose a plan that suits their needs. The trial package costs $29 every week, and if you need the monthly package, you need to deposit $279. Day Trader Pro’s most popular plan is their annual plan that you can pay a yearly cost of $1797 or monthly for $149.

The quarterly package requires customers to deposit $697 per quarter. The live trading room contains live video and voice from Guy, Yogi, Nic, and Alpha. You will be able to watch as they analyze the trade.

Additionally, clients will receive alerts on their telephone using the Day Trader Pro application. Guy shares his screen, and you can watch his resistance, trend lines, and support of his trade. The guy claims that the learning process in the Forex trading industry can take forever.

However, by following his guideline, you will be able to cut the learning curve halfway. He encourages traders to utilize his live trading course.


Day Trader Pro presents some testimonials that are allegedly coming from their clients. The investors claim that it is better to be trained by a veteran instead of trusting people that do not have much experience like Guy.

Another person states that from the time he joined the company, he has been able to learn useful tactics. Unfortunately, we do not know the quality of the education that this anonymous founder is offering.

Those that have left the reviews have not included their pictures or link to their social media. Hence, it is hard to verify if the testimonials are coming from real customers. It is effortless for Day Trader Pro to leave the feedback itself.

Ponzi scheme tends to display anything that would win you over. There is a mixed reaction from various investors in the market; some think that the company is a waste of time. The customer support is being accused of not being professional.

Despite the firm claiming to be transparent, they are being accused of having hidden charges. One customer claim that the website is a goldmine. The only drawback is their high charges of $300 per month that is hard to raise, especially if you are not making profits.

The Domain Insight is a company that was registered in August 1998. The domain is privately registered. According to, the platform has little traffic. Day Trader Pro has an average of 1,027,215 traffic. The demographic location of their audience is not currently known.

Final Verdict

Day Trader Pro is a company that has been in the industry for the longest time possible. Everything looks okay with them apart from they do not avail of their live trading results with a reputable third party. They have a negative impression from those that have engaged with them.

We would not recommend them until they put their house in order. You can invest with trustworthy Forex trading software in the industry. Transparency is vital in every form of business.

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  1. While you bring up a lot of good and valid points, to label an entity as a ponzi scheme without proof, is well, lacking in credibility itself. I only point this out as I was looking at his website after watching a workmate make a substantial income over last week incl ups and downs and he seems to be doing ok on platform: reason why I started looking into it. Not that this guy needs the extra cash, he’s just playing around. Also, why, as a sound strategy before acting on anything I try to thoroughly investigate many review sites and authenticate histories and claims which you obviously have also attempted. I won’t, however, accuse another of being illegitimate without my own proof to back it up. I would, instead either choose to try it, or not and continue looking elsewhere. Cheers!

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