Dayrex Review – Very Loud Cryptocurrency Scam,

Dayrex Review – Very Loud Cryptocurrency Scam,

Share This! is the domain of a site that is deceptively claiming to mine Cryptocurrencies. Dayrex is also claiming that they can generate between 3-10% daily returns from mining, which is quite suspicious because we have never seen these returns in mining of Crypto currencies at all. Dayrex also claims that new investors will receive 100 GH/s of free hash power when they sign up.

The question that is in everyone’s mind is whether Dayrex is being realistic when they say that they will generate daily returns in the range of 3-10%. Also, most people want to know if this bonus is real because the cost of mining has increased tremendously. No legitimate Crypto currency mining platform is offering any bonuses in form of free hashing power. This is an element of scam. We have dag deeper into the site and discovered that this site is just one hell of a scam which must never be trusted.

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Dayrex Review

Having gone through the site carefully, we have no doubt that something is wrong with the site. Based on the promises made on the sales page to visitors who can potentially sign up, this site is misleading and deceptive in nature.

Dayrex review

Let’s start by pointing out that a daily return of between 3-10% is not possible with mining of Cryptocurrencies. It won’t happen in your wildest dreams. The site won’t dare to confess this fact.

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3% would be 90% returns at the end of the month. If this was true, it could be the most profitable investment ever. The problem is that the best Cryptocurrency cloud mining platforms are not generating enormous daily returns. They are only generating reasonable returns which are according to the current mining difficulty in the blockchain network. So you should not expect anything outrageous.

Dayrex features

Now that we have seen that these daily returns are far-fetched and not attainable, let;s see the enticing features the site is claiming to offer its investors. One of those is that Dayrex is offering 24/7 support and that they have miners around the world.

We have not tested support on the website yet because there is no need to do so. From the presentation to the user interface of the site, we see that it is indeed a high yield investment program with no real promises.

The site is most likely operating like a ponzi scheme where returns are generated from the very same deposits sent to them by their users. However, there is also a good chance that the site will never issue payouts at all.

First of all, Dayrex claims that they have miners around the world. That is not the case since the site is not able to give us any proof with regards to their data centers. Therefore, we are assuming that no data center is present. The site is not mining Crypto currencies and there is generally no need for a scam to spend resources in setting up data centers around the world.

Dubious statistics

Dayrex has published numbers on their site to depict the amount invested per day, total invested and paid out. This is to give the impression that the site is credible and trustworthy.

We’d like to remind you that this data is unverifiable, and must never be trusted. The site issues no proof or way to verify that indeed they have active customers who are utilizing their services to make money.

Popularity of the site

The site is popular on a global scale but more popular in Brazil. This popularity means that the strong presence in Brazil. The issue here is that the site is mostly in Russian language, meaning that the owner could be based out of Russia but marketing to Brazilians.

Whatever the case, the site still won’t pay because the promised returns are impossible to generate and sustain. Even if they were to pay, it would simply be an unattainable goal.

The other reason why we suspect that the site is a scam has to do with the anonymous owner. Most of the sites accepting Bitcoins and maintaining 100% anonymity are scams. This one is no exception. The site cannot convince us otherwise.

How it works

Dayrex claims that investors can earn up to 300% per month. This is to entice them to sign up. There is no minimum deposit simply because the scam does not want to lose an opportunity to cash in.

Once you sign up and send some funds in Crypto currencies, the worst is going to take place. You are going to lose the money. The admin of the site might even tell you that you have broken one of their rules and they are suspending your account. That’s the story which you will most likely be given if you send a lot of funds. Otherwise, those who send small sums of money will just be ignored.

The site also looks incomplete for the most part as the links on the navigation menu are leading to the same homepage. We find this very unethical indeed. If you couple it with the fact that this site does not inspire any trust, it becomes increasingly frustrating to try trusting that investors will get a return.

Of course the site is also making it clear that they are operating a ponzi scheme. Even bloggers are invited to try it out. YouTube bloggers are asked to upload videos reviewing this scam positively so they may earn credits or bonuses. The thing is; no serious blogger will ever waste their time reviewing a scam. The other thing is that most bloggers don’t like working for peanuts.

Our best advice for you

Scams simply abuse the concept of mining in the cloud. Dayrex is a cheap and shady one. Dayrex is only using a common theme to scam individuals. Mining is a common way to scam internet randoms and Dayrex seems to have maximized on that opportunity. We’d love you to stay away from Dayrex. If you want to mine in the cloud, make use of these sites. 

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