GrandTradeFX Review: Vorsicht vor diesem Broker

GrandTradeFX Review: Vorsicht vor diesem Broker


GrandTradeFX is a broker that does not provide any trading sessions, and they expect you to deposit funds and wait. Grand Trade FX is another broker to avoid as it’s a complete scam. Even the name suggests a grand scam in the making. Please stay away from the broker, as we have concrete proof that it’s another online scam. With a few members already feeling the pinch, we must expose them. Read this detailed and thorough GrandTrade FX Review for more on the broker.

GrandTradeFX Review

As a result of the indecency with GrandTradeFX, there is a need for a safer way to trade. And that’s why industry-recommended brokers are the best option. These brokers have, over the year’s undergone tests from experts and the trading community. With these brokers by your side, you stand a chance of making it big with online trading. Sign up with the best and trustworthy brokers the industry has to offer. Make the bold move today and sign up with leading brokers that offer the edge in trading.

About GrandTradeFX

According to their about us page, the broker claims to have been around since 2006. The page claims that the broker is one of the most reliable brokers in the world. These are false claims as none of the brokers we know has ever heard of this broker.

Scam artists will do or say anything to try and sell their products and services. It’s what this broker is trying to do by trying to provide a concrete trading history. Lucky for us, we know how to expose these lies.

The website design itself tells a story of a lack of professionalism. It seems that the design is actually from 2006, and no updates have been going on. And this poses a great danger to anyone who signs up with the platform.

Once you sign up with such a website, security becomes a huge problem. With the website lacking any major upgrades, it becomes an easy target for hackers. Hackers will attack the website looking to steal personal information and such as bank details.

Assets and trading instruments found under Grand Trade FX

It seems that the broker is trading with Crypto and Stock assets. There’s no information on the website to indicate the available trading features. The issue of leverage and spread remains unknown, which is another problem.

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These are scam artists who fail to offer members a genuine trading platform. The broker hopes that no one will notice the lack of information and sign up with them. It creates a loophole that allows them to steal from you without the investor noticing.

Broker behind the platform

We still have no idea as to the broker or brokers who are behind this platform. And this is a problem the broker should entirely hold to blame. The broker should be upfront with their names and years of experience. We don’t have a single name of any broker who is working behind the curtains.

We are dealing with a broker who is lacking in every sense. What looks like a legit trading platform is actually an online mess. Anonymity is the name of this broker, which spells doom for anyone who signs up.

Comments and reviews from members and victims

The broker claims to be around from the start of the century; that’s not the case. We still haven’t found anyone who has compelling evidence of withdrawing funds with the broker. It would help if you kept in mind that the broker does not allow investors to trade.

All the trading is done anonymously behind the view of members. You only have to sign up and deposit with the broker. Such platforms are high risk, and everyone ends up losing more than they ought to.

Domain details of

Details from a trustworthy domain checker reveal the truth regarding the creation of this website. Records show that the domain went live on 29th March 2020. The claim of being in the trading world since 2006 is an obvious lie.

This is where we catch them in the act as they try to sell their background. Their IP location is in Lithuania, which means they are targeting European investors. Please stay away from this platform as it has undergone three IP changes over the past three years.

Features of GrandTradeFX

Accounts and Plans

Grand Trade FX Account Plans

GrandTradeFX is furnishing users with plans that yield results after a certain date. It seems that the broker is selling a yield program to naïve investors. There are six plans available on the platform.

The six include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium, and Ultimate. $250 is the basic amount to start trading with the smallest account. The Ultimate plan comes with a minimum deposit of $10,000. Members also get the chance to try out the demo account, which has a virtual amount of $10,000.

Contact and support team

Contacting the broker is another problem. There’s no direct contact as one would expect with today’s broker. You have to send them an email or leave a message and wait for a response. It shows that the broker wants to control the communication process with the members. The broker will respond to your claims as time goes by.

These are the problems you will face once you decide to join the broker. Go for a broker who is available 24/7 with several channels.

Einzahlung und Auszahlung

GrandTradeFX Deposit and Withdrawal

Depositing funds with the platform is easy as the broker wants to get your funds without much hassle. Depository options include bank transfer, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, and Western Union. Withdrawing funds with the platform remains to be the biggest problem facing investors.

Stay away from this platform, or else risk losing your money as other victims. There’s no proof of concept with this broker or the services they offer.

Trading terminal

The trading terminal remains a mystery which is a huge problem. Such issues have a huge impact on your trading and profit. The broker is refusing members the chance to trade on their own.

We don’t know whether the broker is actually trading using a verified trading platform or not. That’s why we must ensure to expose such damaging features with the platform. The risk of trading with this broker outweighs the gains.

License and Registration of GrandTradeFX

You expect it to have a valid license for a broker who claims to be in the trading world since 2006. Contrary to expectations, GrandTradeFX is not a legal broker and is a recognized trading entity.

We did a thorough check using various regulatory bodies to confirm their status. None of the regulators has heard the chance to license the broker. It goes without saying that such a broker is not worth the risk.

Safety of funds with Grand Trade FX

There’s no safety of funds with a broker who is trying to hide their identity. These are false prophets who claim to know the trading world. By claiming to help you make money, these brokers are just trying to get your funds. Please stay away from the broker, or else risk losing any amount you deposit with them.

Scam or Legit GrandTradeFX

GrandTrade FX Background and History

GrandTradeFX is an outright scam that is going nowhere. By exposing the website, we believe authorities will act appropriately. Please stay away from the platform, or else risk losing your entire deposit with them.

Bottom line

We won’t be recommending Grand Trade FX as it exhibits scam features. Could you stay away from it?

A better way of trading is signing up with dependable brokers. Sign up with brokers with a proven reputation.

We wish you a happy and prosperous trading experience.

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