Piphiker EA Review: Ist ein Betrug?

Piphiker EA Review: Ist ein Betrug?

Teilen! is an automated grid and hedging Forex trade software that is supposedly developed by the owner of iforexrobot team. This software takes risks, possesses some immunity of an enormous market wave. According to the verbiage on the website, it is proven that is a 2018 software. This software performs trades on behalf of the trader. This property: makes it have the upper hand as the trader does not have to supervise the trade personally. Interestingly, is now considered a scam.

The company owner similarly owns Plan Invest. The owner goes by the name Sebatian Van Hitlen. This software program operates on a grid trading system with an accessible hedging feature to minimize losses when trading. It also provides a leverage of 1: 400. Its time frame is stated as M1, and the lot size begins from 0.01. The minimum account size is $1500. This software contains indicators; RSI and the MACD to spot potential trade targets. Consequently, the vendor supplements this RSI details and provides them to the clients.

However, it is essential to note that the software is prone to flash crash. Flash crash is an unprecedented occurrence that tends to blow the account entirely. This occurs due to high volatility rates in the market. The vendor tells the community that if a trend continues for more than 500 pips without correction, a drawdown might be looming around the corner. This is such an essential concern as it poses a threat to any Forex trader out there.

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On the contrary, Forex trading is very profitable when undertaken under the right conditions and partnerships.

Any prospective trader out there should take a look at some of these legit  and Profitable Forex trading bots that comes in handy. The upper hand of consulting such is that profits relentlessly trickle in at the exactly stipulated rates and quantities without glitches.


This software goes for $299, and it’s accessible via sign-ups with preferred brokers. Therefore, this means that it is convenient to almost any trader out there: provided the trader gets in contact with the broker to access this software. However, it is advisable to retain commissioned by utilization of Forex rebate services. This service is to ensure that not all commissions are directed towards their broker without the inclusion of the trader.


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The vendor only provides a single Fxblue account, which seems to have been running for nearly 200 days. The total return, as per the report, was 87 percent, with the most significant draw down of 65%. The software opens 3.3 trades a day with an average trade length of 2.7 days, where the winning percentage is 72.5% and garners 9.15 pips. The average loss drops -12.78 pips. Collectively, the above makes up for a realistic risk-reward ratio. This means that the risk factor does not pose such an enormous threat to the trader.


As much as this Forex trade software claims to be very beneficial to traders out there, there have been numerous reports of several affiliates not experiencing the same. Some go ahead to point out that after seeking help from this software, they ended up coming across relentless losses, and some accounts were blown out, leaving behind nothing.

Also, clients claim that this software is a sister company to, ended up following the same footsteps at the sister company. As much as it claims to possess stop-loss features, clients kept on reporting that losses never stopped, and the last occurrence in some cases was a flash crash that’s left the accounts with little or close to nothing.

 Alexa Rank lacks an Alexa rank. We all know that Alexa ranks act as credible parameters of defining the level of integrity of a website based on the traffic that it receives. Lacking this crucial rank prints an impression that has not been in the market long enough to gather the required traffic to deem it trustworthy.

Only newly-established sites and companies that have not lasted for more than three months lack an Alexa rank. This leaves us with one question. Is legitimate?.

 Trade  backup information provides and Fxblue account. We all know that the Fxblue account is not as efficient as the Myfxbook account validation. The fxblue account does not provide relevant data, nor does it indicate the fact that the trades conducted were legitimate and carried out at the same time as stipulated in the account display.

The account displays a total annual profit of 260 .9%, accompanied by monthly rates of interest up to 11%—the shape of the asset curve displays an increasing trend in cumulative benefits. However, we expected more clarity on the same by the production of much more credible account validation.

Therefore the vendor out to produce a MyFXbook account if he wants to win the trust of prospective clients. Doing so will increase the degree of transparency, a very crucial trait to facilitate any successful and legitimate trade activities.

 Falsche Zeugnisse

It was observed that most testimonials that were provided on the pages affiliated with this software and nothing but false. Most of the personalities that ended up giving these testimonials are just actors and actresses who were paid to help the advertising venture of this vendor.

Interestingly, it was noted that some of the personalities who quoted different residences did not disperse from these points. Some stated coming from the Middle East, whereas the research proves that they are not Asians, but money perverted Westerners, who do not care whether people fall victim because of false testaments.

Also, the pictures provided relating to the owner of the company were found out to differ from platform to platform. Some depicted a young, blonde, looking man, whereas others showed a serious mid-aged man. This disparity creates a conflict of credibility, leading us to the conclusion that none of the two pictures is real.

 Keine Geld-zurück-Garantie

Even though claim provision of a monthly rate of interest up to 10% and dealing with several currency pairs, it is unconditionally averted to refund claims. This means that one you allow them to handle your money, there is little to the minimum probability of you getting your money back. Is this a risk worth taking?

 Errors and difficulties in navigation allows for purchase. However, when a trader clicks on the purchase button, which redirects one to the purchase procedure page, an error occurs. This error limits one from conducting purchases does inhibit they said benefits that come along with consultation from

 abschließendes Urteil

As indulgence in Forex trade is on the rise, traders ought to be on the lookout for extortive and inconsiderate scammers. These scammers utilize the niche in the market to trick unsuspecting traders and fraudulently acquired money from the latter. has proven to be one of them, as it heavily relies on surplus rhetoric and massive publicity amounts with no structure to obtain decent and valid information on the same.

Finally, these scams ought not to scare away prospective traders. Legit and transparent Forex trading software, at the disposal of any interested trader. The best advice to traders out there is to consult with these legit platforms and steer clear from any fishy and shady Forex trading platforms.

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