Traders Help Desk Review: Ist Betrug?

Traders Help Desk Review: Ist Betrug?


Trader Help Desk is a platform that claims to be offering Forex investors educational courses that will aid their trading activities. The company promise traders that they will become a successful investor after engaging with them.

It is offering ongoing coaching, which the founder believes will contribute positively to their venture. The platform is granting traders a membership package which has one free set. After becoming a member, you will gain access to chart templates, live coaching sessions, technical support, multi charts, and trading view indicators, as well as an online video library.

The company brags that they already know the next direction that the market will take. You need to be a member of their training to acquire the details. Traders can utilize the predictive indicators to enable them to enter and know the risks that you are exposed to.

Traders Help Desk trading classes take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Moreover, they have inclusive packages like Trend ATR, MTF support, and Resistance, Smooth RSI, Smooth Stochastics, Candlesticks, Single Support, and resistance, Triple Smooth moving averages.

Traders Help Desk Review, Platform

The platform believes that coaching is a continuous process that requires to be done constantly. Their training package goes for $1295 for a yearly subscription. Investors also have access to instant meetings and support from the team. For additional courses, it will cost you $695.

The company claim that it is not always that they have an open spot, so you will have to email them first to confirm if you can join the coaching. Then you can enroll for a trading view course.

Traders Help Desk Review

There are a number of things that Traders Help Desk has featured on its website that investors need to follow. While trading, you need to check on your emotion. You need to keep your emotion on the check.

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The company will teach you how to plan so that you do not trade based on feelings. You can avoid experiencing huge losses by planning your trade before executing them. Unfortunately, the platform lacks an outstanding reputation, and investors can use reputable Forex trading learning resources that are not as expensive as those of this firm.

You need to have the Traders Help Desk indicators, which will assist you in trading. You can begin with the basics; the platform is offering lessons that focus on price action. Apart from the THD indicators, you can also gain knowledge of other technical analysis practices.

To become a successful trader, investors need to manage trade in an expert manner. Through managing your risk, you will make meaningful trade that will work in your favor. The first thing you will have to do is manage your account.

The founder of the platform hopes that the student will be able to recognize price pattern have proven customs and utilize unique risk measures that will help them to have successful ventures. Gail believes that the market uses the same pattern over and over again.

When investors identify the loophole, they will always be on the winning side. If you can control your psychology, there is nothing else that will get in your way.

How Does Traders Help Desk Works?

The company is offering nine various online trading courses and seminars to traders. It will cost you an approximate of $49.95 up to 149.95 to register. The package that you will purchase has a brief explanation that elaborates on what you will get.

The Personal coaching mentorship program goes for $200 for a duration of 3 hours. The program requires 9 hours at a minimum, so in total, it will cost you $600. That is a lot of money, considering that we haven’t seen any trader publicizing their earning after finishing the course.

Traders Help Desk also has trading indicators that one is set for Forex traders in the market. The indicators are based on divergence, momentum strategies, and volume analysis. The price for the indicators ranges from $75 up to $395.

If you take a closer look and in case you have knowledge of the trading field. You will realize that Gail has overpriced these indicators considering that they are basic. Traders can even access some of the indicators free so long as they have the MT4 interface.

The packages that Traders Help Desk is offering is quite too expensive. They have a silver day trading package that will cost you a whooping of $1495. If you think this is expensive, wait until you see the price of their diamond day trading packaging, which is $ 2495.


The owner of this company is Gail Mercer. The founder claims that they have the right technique that will equip all forms of investors with the right skills. The course will equip you with the ability to minimize the risks.

The budget that she set for her student is too high. However, the founder claims that they have different packages, trading indicators, and personal coaching classes. Gail brags of having over 15 years of experience in trading.

Additionally, the founder has also written a number of books, all of which are linked to various trading techniques. She is allegedly located in North Carolina, USA. The company customer care can be contacted via telephone number 1-336-263-0122, or on their email address. You can also choose to fill up the contact form, which is available on their platform.


The company features a number of reviews for investors who have credited them for their services. The reviewer claim that the platform is ideal, and their after services are top-notch. You can count on Traders Help Desk for their continuous support.

Some of these traders allegedly have been with the company for over eight years. The investors attest that they have used the TradingView and NinjaTrader and attended a number of classes that have been beneficial.

The testimonials state that the company has a dedication to their clients. They use a different method and easy ways to break down the content for their customers. The founder has a drive that will teach you until you become successful. The testimonials indicate that there is none other company like Trader Help Desk.

Additionally, we did find other reviews that they have not featured on their website. The testimonials are not positive, and investors are disappointed with the services they got. The only thing that Traders Help Desk has is an A-game trading strategy, but the training and other services the company is offering are vague.

The traders accuse Gail of no doing any live trading but presenting a showroom for their students. They will showcase simulated accounts, which is not a good thing. The company is posting figures they got when the industry has closed and insinuate to its clients that are the real profits. With such reviews, it would be best to find other viable platforms in the market instead of wasting time and resources in this cash-grabbing system.

Final Verdict

The company is only making huge promises and asking for a lot of funds from investors. However, we cannot see the success in the trade that their clients are executing. It would have been best if they did feature screenshot or proof of trading that customers have been able to attain after taking part in their learning course.

It would be best if you use legit Forex brokerage companies in the industry that have a history of trading and will not exploit your funds.  Traders Help Desk is a total rip-off system that is not very popular.

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