DepyFx Review: A Trustworthy Signal Provider or a Scam?

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DepyFx Review: A Trustworthy Signal Provider or a Scam?

DepyFx is a new Forex signal provider whose original website seems to have been pulled down. We had to retrieve information from archived data, and from that, we found that this company was located at Beverly Hills in California,  USA. It claims to offer 10 to 15 alerts daily and boasts of enabling traders to make very high amounts, showcased in their balances.

However,  it’s important to note the fact that as passive money-making methods have launched their way up in the market and received a warm embrace; there has also been a group of an ill-minded people who’ve got malicious schemes and tend to use these opportunities as loopholes to acquire money from prospective traders fraudulently.

There is no glimpse of where they are located; neither is there insight on the team of analysts. So prevalent an element on the website was numerous allusions to a team of analysts that don’t seem to exist. On the website, he did not provide identity nor professional background that helps build a good credibility rapport to ensure that trust issues between vendors and customers are fully addressed.

Trading becomes more and more pronounced each day; thus, it is advisable to operate with the best and legitimate signal providers, one way to huge profit acquisition. Also, recall to steer clear from scammers and stay near credible and loyal Forex signal providers.

In this review, we will help you make some decisions about consultation with DepyFx EA. It claims to have been in the market for more than eight years, and thus have acquired the prerequisite experience that’s needed to ensure that successful trades continuously take place.

It was important to know that in the prior website, there contained lots of interesting Shutterstock photos expressed in terms of G-wagon car, several large bulk sums of money, and much more. However, there was no insight into the trading strategy and the motive of the approach applied by the vendor.

Anonymous Team of experts

Too much anonymity deems us to be doubtful about the credibility and reliability of the signal provider. The most interesting thing being that a customer is meant to receive signals, but the vendor does not bother to provide the identity of the signals provider. Consequently, this is a vivid red flag that should help us refrain from undertaking any endeavors affiliated to the signal provider.

DefyFx Review, DefyFx Platform

We continued to come across claims that the signal provider has over a decade of experience and had made many experts out here on the market. There are also claims that the signals contain 85%; this means chances of success are higher—providing a 24/7 analysis to ensure the only issuance of best trade signals. The vendor keeps referring back to the signal analysts yet provides little to no insight about them.

DepyFx Trade strategy

It seems that much of the effort is invested in the site layout rather than shedding light on the trade approach applied by the vendor. It is fishy because such an approach aims to catch first-hand attention on the first encounter with the customer on the website. The main aim is not to actually provide signals but acquire deposit and later on end up vanishing into the blues with prospective traders’ money.

This is one of the renowned methods scammers normally use to obtain fraudulently obtain money from prospective customers nowadays . They’re also claimed that the signal provider was established in 2020, the price is 29.99 dollars per month. However, the trading strategy remains anonymous with a trade time of 24/7. The signal frequency is 10-15 signals per today.

Investment plans

The signal provider has three different investment plans, a one-month investment plan for 29.99 dollars. The second; the three-month plan is going for $67.99 after every three months. The last plan listed was the six-month plan, which goes $119.99, meant to be settled after six months.

The interesting thing with all these plants is that all of them identically share the following traits; they all offer 15 signals per day, 1000+ peeps profit per week with a 24/7 support system, and a one-on-one messaging system.

The upper hand was that no experience is required, and it always uses any trading platform, thus making it simple for someone to rake-up profits whenever needed with no limitation due to platform glitches.

Trade results

After numerous claims that they have been in the market for over a decade, it is ironical that this signal provider lacks sufficient and effective trade results to validate their claims. We expected them to share a myFXbook or any other legitimate trade chart.

However, we only came across nothing but relentless trickling vague claims with no purpose or intent to validate them. This is a very dangerous element that should turn off anyone from consultation with

Online client feedback

This signal provider misses the necessary online client feedback due to scarce supply. To help validate this expert advisor’s legitimacy, he is not just some scammer on the loose we rely on customer responses.

This is an unexpected occurrence since if indeed they had been in the market for over a decade, they should have amassed the required clientele feedback from their own, self-made experts.

Trust ranks

Trust ranks form the key bases of trust because these ranks are given on the bases of credibility, integrity, and legitimacy. The hefty endowment of prowess on all three dimensions renders a company ranked among the highly trust ranked companies.

However,  in our case, we were never able to come across, convincing trust ranks. In most rankings, had lower than the average ranks. This left several questions on our minds; whether this signal alert provider was legitimate or some scammer on the loose. On this account, we recommend customers to refrain until further measures are taken to address detrimental loopholes.

Domain and Alexa rank

This company is registered under the domain It also has an Alexa rank of 10,127,409 for all the past 90 days and two daily page views. However, this site used to be offline temporarily. Data points out that it was created on the 19th of April 2019 at 1:32, expires on the 19th of April 2021.

The last update was done on the 19th of April 2020. The site is hosted by Cloudflare net, but the detrimental bit of all this is that pop-ups to hidden Trojan; that can steal identity are some of the obscurities that present themselves.

Also, on the Wall of trust rank, the signal provider was unknown, yet it had a valid SSL feature and seemed to have another server in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This disparity in locations also sends another red flag. We expect a company to have one main headquarters and not scattered offices all over the place without a defined or centralized system of government.

Final verdict

 In a nutshell, as internet money becomes more and more prevalent, it is still alarming that other personalities use this opportunity as money-generating schemes.

On this note, it is advisable to always consult with loyal,  legitimate, and credible trade signal providers and not just any Jack of trade you came across on the internet.

Please, for your own sake, kindly remember to stick to the basic core values; honesty, transparency, and credibility. Moreover, one enjoys a spontaneously reap of huge profits from internet money.

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