Delta Tech Review: Don’t Touch This Scam!

Delta Tech Review: Don’t Touch This Scam!

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Delta Tech is a stubborn investment destination. The risk is not worth taking since the writing is clearly engraved on the wall. This scam is presented by Jake Hammel, which of course is a fake person. No real person with that name owns a trading system called Delta Tech. ”Jake Hammel” is a character that was created to stand in for the real scammers who run this operation. So the question is this, why do they have to hide behind fake characters to pitch this trading system to the masses?

We probably have a scam here. The question marks can’t be ignored. Delta Tech has clearly failed a number of scam tests, including simple credibility test which seeks to verify the owner of the website.

Keep this in mind while you read the rest of this review. However, if you want to proceed right away to our list of recommended trading system for Binary Options, consider clicking this link.

Delta Tech Review

This trading system is supposed to trade Binary Options. It is supposed to make at least $1,350 in any given trading day. Again, this profit is not achievable. It is not sustainable to start with. But scammers have many reasons to convince you otherwise.

They are also willing to give it out for free. We know that making money costs money. If Delta Tech is really making money for its users, it shouldn’t be distributed for free. The owner is clearly not doing charity work. So why would they give free money? It makes no sense. And in fact, trading is not a means to getting rich quickly. You must understand that making this kind of profit in a day is not possible. You must be trading with a lot of bank roll to make that kind of money in a day.

However, it is also a matter of whether or not signals will be available in any given day. If indeed you will be making 1K  per day, that won’t happen every day because markets change and sometimes we have losing streaks.

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Now that we have this out of the way, you shouldn’t succumb to the illusion that you will get rich quickly with this scam. Delta Tech has no basis for making those claims. They don’t even have trading results which can be verified to prove that this software is really efficient in trading.

So far, we are just discussing claims made by this website and not verified facts.

Jake Hammel the scammer

Now, since Jake Hammel is not a real person, we’d like to say something concerning the person who took his character. His face is quite familiar in the Binary Options trading industry. He has acted in several other scams before.

Unfortunately, he is neither a trader nor the creator of a trading system. This is a fact he cannot admit because he is being paid to promote a money losing trading system.

Therefore, what comes out of his mouth is pure lies that cannot be supported by any facts. We have not been able to verify any single statement that comes from his mouth. There is no need to even dig deeper because we know that he is a liar. In the Nesdek scam, he called himself Mike McDonald. This guy can’t be having so many names.

Fake reviews

Delta Tech also makes good use of fake testimonials to lure in unsuspecting victims who cannot analyze and detect that the sales pitch in the video is lame and is lacking in facts.

Delta Tech review

Still in the video, you will see a woman who claims to be making a lot of money with the Delta Tech app. Now, it turns out that this woman is also a fake. She is an actress and her purpose is to support the lies that ”Mr. Hemmel” is telling on that video.

This same woman also appeared in the Quantum Income Machine scam. She was promoting it and even telling us that she was making good money with this trading system.

We know her quite well. She can’t be trading with several trading systems at the same time. Also, the fact that she is seen endorsing several trading systems mean that she is just a marketer and not a trader. You cannot base your investment decisions on someone who has never traded the financial market. You can only depend on the advice of an active trader with a proven track record.

Do Delta Tech operators have any track record to start with? Unfortunately, there’s absolutely none. If asked for proof that they trade or at least use this software on a consistent basis, they won’t give you an answer. Therefore. Delta Tech scam is a project that uses fake endorsement and reviews. Trust these at your own peril.

Is Delta Tech unique?

It’s a well known generic trading system that has been used several times before. Only names have been changed. You won’t believe that this white label has been recycled so many times. It only shows up under different names.

This trading system is based on the same app that was branded BitBubble Tech and Altcoin Trends.

Therefore, this software is known for losing money. Gamble with your real money and you will lose it.

The trick

The purpose of being pushed to sign up with Delta Tech is that they want you to make a deposit with an unregulated broker. The amount has to be $250. If you can’t pay that amount in the name of funding your account, you can’t activate the scam software.

Our best advice for you

When you smell a rat over an issue, it is usually because question marks are present. In the case of this trading app, we can’t trust them at all. There are many problems which are beyond fixing. You need to be careful with such fake trading products. You need to learn how to spot them so you can avoid them. Just in case you didn’t get a chance to sign up with our most recommended trading systems, here’s the link again.

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