Deposit Mania Review: Bogus Scheme

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Deposit Mania Review: Bogus Scheme

Deposit Mania is an investment platform that claims to offer its clients hourly profit even on the weekends. The fraudulent company claims to be based in Dubai.

The investment company deals with Forex trading, and various currencies mining activities, and stock options. The platform’s purpose of being developed was to reduce associated investment risk for their clients.

The pyramid scheme platform aims to provide a decent return for their clients. The platform does not require investors to configure on any device.

The platform claims that their hash power can be distributed from any location and can be divided among numerous digital currencies.

You can deposit your Funds via Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Payeer. There are legit Forex brokers in the market that have been in the market for a long period that you can trust with your money.

They states that investors can cash out their profit instantly. It is very difficult to find a genuine platform that is offering these kind of returns that Deposit Mania is promising.

The minimal amount of funds that you can deposit in this platform is $10, and they do not have a maximum amount, you can deposit as much as you like.

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The withdrawals are free, and the least amount of money that you can cash out is 0.01. Deposit Mania cannot guarantee how much their clients will earn on a long term basis, but they promise clients that they will observe minimal to no risk when you invest in their company. Review

Deposit Mania claims to be dealing with various assets in the market and offers high returns to its members after a very short time.

The company is a Ponzi scheme that is still new in the market. The scammers claim that they have a team of profession running their operations.

However, the company does not feature any information regarding their team. There are no qualification certificates that can be used to verify their skills.

The registration process of this shady company is easy. Investors are only required to open an account, deposit funds in their accounts by selecting their favorite investment plan. You have to state the amount you want to deposit.

Deposit Mania Review, Deposit Mania Platform

Then from there, you will start earning hourly profit. The company states that you can cash out all the money that you have in your account to your wallet instantly.

The problem with this type of company is that you might earn money at the beginning of the investment plan, but after that, you will not be able to withdraw any money.

The company is operating behind the shadows, and you should not trust your money with people who you do not know.

The company states that all their transactions are handled instantly and automatically. However, we did not encounter any testimonials that seem legit from those that have engaged with Deposit Mania company.

Hence, we can attest that all these claims are nothing but a false narrative, that their target is to convince you to invest with them. For them to steal all your money.

How does Deposit Mania Operate?

The company claims to be undertaking mining operations, yet they have the information they have put up on their site is very minimal.

The company does not disclose the location of its mining farm or servers. Mining associate hefty capital that is difficult for small scale investors to raise.

In the past, numerous miners were able to make a good fortune. However, you should not be deceived by fraudsters companies that you will become a billionaire overnight.

The market has changed, and there are numerous risks. The company does not have financial data to attest to their great performance.

They expect investors to believe their story blindly without any solid information. The company states that they are not open to members of the public; they are only available to their investors and their referrals.

The company states that they are not a security company or a licensed bank. Moreover, they do not accept members from the USA.

They ask their investors to observe high level discreet when it comes to sharing the company’s info. Deposit Mania urges its users not to disclose any details to the third party since it’s a private company. claims that they can change their commission, rules, or rates at any time on their terms without any notice to their investors.

The company is a Ponzi scheme that only wants investors to transfer their funds from their bank account, right into their fraudulent platform.

Regulation, Founder, and Contact details

For any investment company to be allowed to carry out their activities, they ought to have a regulation certificate from relevant authorities.

The platform alleged location is at 17 Highfield Avenue, Warrington, UK, WA4 5EE. The company is registered under No. 10379529.

Ponzi scheme tends to confuse investors with their fake registration documents to appear as a legit company. The information can deceive newbies who do not know the difference between a licensing document, and a registration form.

The company founder is operating anonymously, and there is no information regarding who he is online.

You see, a registration form can be made by anyone, however for a company to acquire a registration certificate, they have to undergo a diligence test.

The company claims to be in the UK, yet they are not among the licensed companies by FCA. Deposit Mania is a Ponzi scheme that will do anything to buy investor’s trust.

You can reach the support of this company via email; [email protected] or via their phone number +44 (020) 3287-1485.

Deposit Mania Investment Plan, and Returns

Deposit mania has four investment plans for its investors. The duration that each plan lasts, and the returns their promise are absurd.

The investment plan is a hoax, and any expert or keen investors will keep off this company. Their first plan will give investors returns of 215% after 15 minutes.

The second plan offers a profit of 315% after 18 minutes. The profit raises red flags since no company in the market is offering anything similar to this. Scam Review, Plan

The best companies in the market are offering reasonable returns due to the involved risks in the investment.

The third plan starts giving returns after 20 minutes. The company guarantees its users they will yield a return of 415%. The final and fourth return promise users 80% hourly returns, which returns for 5 hours.

Deposit Mania Referral Program

Without a referral, there is no revenue for Deposit Mania company. It means that the company will quit its operation without minding investors who have deposited cash in their site, has a three-level affiliate program for those that will manage to invite new clients to the platform. They promise a 5% commission of the first investment made by your referral.

You will also receive a 2% bonus from any person that your first referral invites, and a 1% bonus from your third level partner.

Unfortunately, all the activities of are fraudulent, and they do not care about their investors.

The only people that can make money from this Ponzi scheme are their initial investors, shady marketers, and the platform itself.

Hence, you should not give this company a chance to scam you your money. Avoid inviting your family, friends, or colleague in this Ponzi scheme.

They will use new investors’ funds to pay their pioneer clients until there is no longer any money coming their way. The company will exit the market without any trace and disappear with users’ cash.

The Domain Insight

The investment company’s official domain name is The registration of the company took place on 4/18/2020 and will expire on 4/18/2021. Final Verdict

Deposit Mania is a Ponzi scheme that promises users high returns. They aim to lure innocent investors to their platform.

They ask investors not to post bad reviews on a public platform without consulting their team. There are better mining platforms in the market that you can utilize. Avoid as they will only steal your funds.

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