Deposit Plan Biz Review – So Obvious a Scam

Deposit Plan Biz Review – So Obvious a Scam

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This site,, is talking about giving us an opportunity to invest into the future and that this opportunity won’t require our active participation. But if we look at the investment plans, nothing is making sense. A ridiculous daily return of 500% is a big lie. It appears that the only opportunity that Deposit Plan is presenting is for conning investors of their Bitcoins. The only one plan that is genuine and is not mentioned on the website is the plan of robbing you of your precious coins. The plan is that when you send Bitcoins to the anonymous site admin, they will receive it on the other end and run away with it. It’s as simple as that.

But just in case you think these accusations are unfounded, you should read this review of Deposit Plan biz to understand why we are making this assertion.

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Deposit Plan Biz Review

Right off the butt, we are having 3 investment plans displayed on the homepage of Deposit Plan Biz. The site is promising to generate 500% daily returns in the first plan, 5,000% after 2 days in the second plan and 60,000% after 3 days.

depositplan biz

When you look at those investment plans, you think they can’t be real simply because this is the truth. Anyone who claims that they will make you several thousands of dollars per day are liars. This site is promising returns that can’t be attained in the natural economic setting. If the anonymous owner knew how to multiply investments at this rate, they would probably be the richest persons on earth. They would be famous. And most importantly, they would never get their secret out there. They would prefer working behind closed curtains,

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Honestly, 500% per day is far-fetched. Even the best hedge funds in the world don’t sniff that amount. So definitely this site is taking you for a ride by making promises that are unattainable.

Whereas the site has published their support email for those who would like to contact them, everything about them is covered in obscurity. There is zero transparency on this site. They claim that they are based out of Australia on the address 45 Normans Road, PASCHENDALE, Victoria ,Australia. What we can confirm is that Deposit Plan Biz is not based in this location. This is a fake address which cannot be used to trace the owner of this site.

Their about us page is also very shallow and not convincing. They claim in this page that they started out in 2016 and have been looking to invest their clients’ funds to ensure that everyone is earning high and stable passive income.

They also claim to have professionals who are always working behind curtains to help attain the numbers that are advertised on the website. These people are anonymous, plus there is no evidence that Deposit Plan Biz used to exist in 2016. This is a new site, and what they are doing is similar to what other high yield investing sites are doing.

Wheres they claim that their team is made up of professional Forex traders, these people cannot provide records of their track record. Professional traders are real traders who use real brokers to conduct their trading operations. Claiming that you are a trader does not make you one. This is a fact that these scammers do not know. We are sure that when you ask them for proof that they are working with professional traders, they will simply ignore your email.

Also, they are forgetting that they just listed down an Australian address when they claim that they are a fully registered company in the UK. We are assuming that Deposit Plan is a UK company and has nothing to do with Australia. Secondly, the fact that Deposit Plan is registered as a corporation does not mean that their operations are legit. It is one thing to register a corporation and it’s quite another to seek licensing from the relevant financial regulators in the UK in order to start operating like a fund manager.

But it appears like these scammers were only willing to register a company for a couple of dollars in order to imply that they are credible. This would be the onset of scamming people of their Bitcoins.

An illegal enterprise

Deposit Plan Biz is definitely an illegal website conducting illegal investment activities. If they say that they are based out of the UK, they should produce their FCA registration number so we may know that they are actually serious about their business.

They also need to explain why the domain of Deposit Plan Biz is registered privately and for a duration of only one year. This is a pattern that is mostly followed by scammers. Is Deposit Plan one of them? We would say yes, it is.

Too good to be true daily returns

This is quite self explanatory. When someone claims they can generate 6,000% in 3 days, this person is a scammer who must be avoided. Now, look what Deposit Plan is promising. They are telling us that their investment plans can make us thousands of dollars per day which is obviously not true. In fact, this is just a lie that is so obvious. You don’t need any other red flag to know that this website is lying about these income numbers, especially now that they cannot even prove them.

When it’s too good to be true, think twice. The website Deposit Plan Biz knows that they are offering nothing. They have no professional Forex traders on board. In fact, they are not even trading. They are just accepting payment from ignorant investors and enjoying the funds as they come. There is no real economic activity going on behind the curtains.

Our best advice for you

With so many promises which can’t be substantiated, we don’t believe these scammers will be so lucky in the end. The website might just disappear in a few weeks from now. If you want Forex trading, utilize professional trading tools instead of giving someone your money and hoping to multiply it.

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