Desire to Trade Review: Is this a Scam?

Desire to Trade Review: Is this a Scam?

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Welcome to the Desire to Trade review. Many aspiring traders have been searching Desire to Trade Academy review, and I can promise you that this post will give a quick overview of what it’s like to follow the advice of Etienne Crete who is the owner of that blog.

For the best Forex trading education, follow this guide to learn how you can get started. Desire to Trade is owned and operated by Etienne Crete, a Canada-based Forex trader and blogger who proclaims that he is a full time swing trader and a lover of traveling. The blog comprises of lots of resources which are aimed at helping aspiring Forex traders to become successful in the business.

By putting together learning resources in this blog, Etienne Crete believes that he is able to create a community of like-minded individuals to help one another in becoming successful Forex traders.

The blog compiles podcasts, Vlogs (Etienne Crete runs this YouTube channel) that teaches basic stuff such as how to choose a Forex broker, how to motivate yourself to start trading for a living, Forex broker secrets and many more.

We think this material is geared towards beginners to intermediate Forex traders as most things that are taught here will somehow not appeal to traders in an advanced level. Unless the advanced trader wants to surround themselves with a community of ”like-minded” traders which we highly doubt, there is no other benefit that an advanced trader can find in the overall setup of Desire to Trade Academy.

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So in this Desire to Trade Academy review, we will focus on the blog’s products and eventually let you know whether or not it is worth your time as a beginner in Forex trading. For the best Forex trading products, follow us here

Welcome to the Desire to Trade Review

Etienne Crete uses Nial Fuller’s style to provide free resources on his blog. There are premium trading products that he is promoting as well. This is highlighted in the affiliate disclaimer copy which Etienne Crete was able to post on one of the pages. We like his transparency towards his audience.

When I first visited the site, we got the impression that it could be overwhelming for a beginner who doesn’t even know what Forex trading is as there seems to be so much learning material that newbies will definitely feel out of place.

However, on the homepage of the site, Etienne Crete makes it clear that he is helping traders who want to become proficient in Price action (my favorite trading method), Trading Strategy, Getting Organized as a trader, Trading Forex and traveling, Technical analysis, Trading psychology, Money management and algorithmic trading.

We feel that traveling is really out of place here. It even creates the impression that the life of a trader is characterized by financial freedom and one can travel to all corners of the globe without worrying a thing. Definitely this comes across as Etienne Crete’s style of appealing to his audience.

Desire to Trade Review – the V logs and the podcasts

We have taken time to watch and listen to some Vlogs  and podcasts that are found on the Desire to Trade Academy website. The owner of Desire to Trade claims that he is always interviewing successful Forex traders and helping aspiring ones to learn from them. we are not able to establish whether the interviewees are really successful Forex traders. Some of them don’t even have a track record of ever making a nickel in trading. So this is just too bad and a negative for Etienne Crete and his Desire to Trade website.

Desire to Trade Checklist

Many aspiring traders have wanted to lay their hands on the Desire to Trade checklist just to see what it looks like and whether it can be of help to them.

In this Desire to trade checklist, students can learn Etienne Crete basis for price action trading strategy (which is a valid method for analyzing the financial markets), 3 elements to consider before they can enter a trade and also the updated methodology which Crete usually follows when entering trades.

Other than this, the Desire to Trade checklist is just a tool for getting more subscribers. No problem with that.

Desire to trade Academy review – Etienne Crete

One thing we like about this guy is that he is at least honest that the other aim of putting up this blog is to sell trading products through affiliate links.

We also love the fact that he has a grasp of what price action trading really is. It is my favorite style of trading, and we can spot anyone who is trying to fake this a mile away.

What we have not gotten an opportunity to see is Etienne Crete’s trading success record. He does not even share trade setups like other Forex educators do because he claims he does not believe in such. Fine and dandy. But can he produce a track record of trading success to at least convince his readers that Desire to Trade is a blog that walks the talk?

Our best advice for you

There are specific elements that we love about this trading school, and one of them is honesty. However, we do not understand how Etienne Crete can promote a camera and a tripod stand in his blog when we are talking about matters related to trading.

It is quiet weird as readers get the impression that Mr. Crete is more into marketing than showing that he is a trader and part of his income is generated through Forex trading.

And when we say a success record of trading, we don’t mean trading on demo. We mean live trading where Mr. Etienne Crete can prove to us that he swing trades the market for a living. We already believe the traveling part of the story though. In the meantime, we still recommend these trading products because they are reliable and professionally designed for trading to get consistent results.

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