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Share This! is one of the latest online cryptocurrency cloud mining sites. It claims of having dealings in the following distinct coins; bitcoins, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum.

However, having an estimated worth of $240 and a recurrent daily income of $1.00 per day and an Alexa rank of 8492152, it is deemed suspicious, and indulging in a transaction with them is just but risk not worth taking. is only, but one of the uprisings fraudulent “so-called” mining companies having claims of enabling a miner makes return rates of about 3% based on hash rate bought.

Always do a thorough research to know the kind of experience a company has before trusting them with your money because you’ll end up losing all your money to scammers when you trust any investment firm. Blindly.

Despite these several claims, it is yet to be proven that is a fully-accredited and transparent online cloud mining company. However, data at hand reveals the opposite; that is a very unsafe cloud mining company to invest in, and you should always trust crypto mining companies that have a reputation in the industry.

How works.

The has a very shady website containing a terrible registration form. Firstly, the site is insecure, and a miner should not dare to enter any passwords or credit card information as it may be subject to hackers.

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“etbot" claims to offer bonuses of 10GHS for free for new miners. Logically, this is just some bait to get miners to deposit with them as this amount of hash power can’t ensure a stable survival without any further top-up of hash power, especially when it comes to materializing a withdrawal. Review, Platform

Remember that after filling the vague application form and depositing with the software, chances are, in case of a downside, your money disappears into the blues.

The is nothing but a pure scam. Just take a look at the following features of this so-called mining operations and infer for yourself whether or not it is safe to deposit with it.

Kindly, do remember that hard-earned money should not be subject to devious, money-perverted scammers exploiting a niche in the crypto mining world. Details and Regulations

The is just over a year old: not sufficient time for proper launch and stability in the cryptocurrency arena. Imagine being lured into a hoax by a five-year-old. That’s pretty much the situation here.

Remember, the experience is the best teacher, but The boasts of no such accomplishment. Kindly note that the website’s expected lifespan is about one year. What happens when the site runs out of life? Always ask yourself this interesting eye-opening question.

Also, this one-year time frame provides enough room to provide financial reports during the stipulated time frame. Ironically, does not provide any of these reports. Fishy, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t a cloud mining company such as display data of their so many bragging rights? There is only a single explanation to this: they do not have hardware evidence to back up the purported claims., with all its claims, does not give proof of its various mining pools. The display of a cloud-mining pool is vital data, ought to be presented to a prospective miner and, this helps one understand the market’s matrix. Due to mining difficulty (the more the miners, the problematic the mining process) as a miner, you should know.

Security of funds

When dealing with The, you deposit into the mining operator’s e-wallet. How pleasant would it be if you got conned by placing your cash under someone’s care? The worst part is; the operator overlooks the mechanisms to apply in case of such an occurrence. Wow! How’s that for a take before you decide to deposit?

Remember that keeps a range of hidden fees a secret. Shouldn’t e-transactions on crypto mining be fair, transparent, and honest? The next time you think of investing in, take a much deeper thought.

Watch out for fake testimonials from personalities with claims of being beneficiary of the platform.

Remember that these are nothing but schemes meant to enhance public trust in the mining platform. Moreover, if you see a come across a testimony from a celebrity on this unscrupulous site, please, don’t fall for it.

Always remember that nowadays, those Pyramid schemes are the big thing. The wants you to deposit, only to eventually escape with the money.

Scam or not?

The site is nothing but a fraudulent site belonging to some anonymous owner who has set out to ensure that he/she makes a lot of riches from unprecedented schemes.

The website does not contain any feedback on The Web of Trust (WOT). Not providing feedback on WOT implies that is not trustworthy, and any partnership deemed to give rise to hefty losses.

Also, the site contains no SSL certificate and has Malware reports due to inconveniences and complex operations overseen by this scammer. Concealing the identity of the founder and lack of ownership is a red flag worth retardation in investing with

It is wise to note that the returns promised to seem a little outrageous based on this time-frame of cryptocurrency mining. The promise of actually making $10 with 10000 GHS is nothing but a total scam. Imagine falling for empty claims and ending up depositing funds in the form of cryptocurrency to a wrong e-wallet?

The most probable occurrence since The seems like an offline website having no known custodians or a company operating behind the scenes. Please stay away from this site. How do you explain all the former stated loopholes in its mechanisms of operations?

Final Verdict

It is indeed beyond a reasonable doubt that is a scam. Based on the features and mode of operation, it is only viable that it is a fraudulent, cloud mining site on the loose.

To avoid falling victim to such one should always use two-factor authentication, use a cold e-wallet, and never share their details on such shady sites.

In case a miner might have suffered extortion, they should opt to report to the Federal Trade Commission. If interested in preventing others from falling victim to the same, you may also contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and e-consumer. should be the least of interest. It would be best if you stick to crypto trading companies that have a reputation in the industry. Whenever you want to invest in bitcoin mining, remember that statistics prove that no matter the direction of prices, it is preferable to buy the same quantity.

Don’t make any unnecessary bad investments that may leave you regretting. The being one of these consumer-based rented schemes on a spree to siphon out all your money. Never forget that mining difficulty is a threat to all cloud mining markets.

In a nutshell, always recall that cloud mining investment should be the last resort, and should never even be among the viable options. Do not risk gambling your money by placing it under a scammer’s Pyramid scheme.

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