Diamond Bitcoin Review: This Scam Generates ”Crazy” ROI

Diamond Bitcoin Review: This Scam Generates ”Crazy” ROI

Share This! is more than a Cryptocurrency investment scam. The site is dubious and definitely questionable. Before you send money to this site oblivious of the fact that they scam people, we need you to read this Diamond Bitcoin review. You will begin to see reasons as to why this site is posing a risk to your funds.

First of all, the site is greeting us with promises or ridiculous daily ROIs. According to Diamond Bitcoin, investors can earn between 10% daily up to 100% daily and forever. The site is asking for $50 as minimum investment and accepting up to $500,000 which no sane investor can ever send them. The site has all the characteristics of a ponzi scheme. There is no doubt that the admin is a daylight robber who disregards the fact that what they are doing is considered illegal business.

You cannot use a step of faith to invest in something that is obviously dubious. The site is suggesting that every member will attain financial freedom without working for it. Once you try them with the minimum deposit, you are supposed to sit back and relax because they are always investing on your behalf. We know that this is a lie. To learn more, read this review.

Diamond Bitcoin Review

First of all, these scammers are very lazy. They copy-pasted their about us page from another similar scam and forgot to change names. In fact, the title of that section of the site is ”About KRYPTOTRADE”. We believe that the name of this site is Diamond Bitcoin and not KRYPTOTRADE. So where did that name come from and why is there no disclaimer to alert us that the other name of Diamond Bitcoin is KRYPTOTRADE?


This shows that whoever was editing that part of the site was copy-pasting this text from KRYPTOTRADE and without bothering to edit, they just published. To confirm that these scammers never check their site regularly, we see that nobody has ever corrected that error.

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Diamond Bitcoin claims that they are trading and mining digital coins. We would love to learn more about their data centers and also their trading performance. After all, a legit Cryptocurrency cloud mining platform must prove that they are really mining altcoins. If that proof is not there, guess what? The site is just lying to you and is probably a ponzi scheme.

The same applies to trading. Diamond Bitcoin has claimed on the copy-pasted text that they trade digital coins. But these are just empty claims because the site cannot prove in any way that they are trading. A trading record or past performance statement would be ideal in this case. The problem, however, is that Diamond Bitcoin is not trading. That is why they are not able to prove that they are trading in the Cryptocurrency market.

The company behind Diamond Bitcoin claims to be registered in the UK and is operating from this physical location UK No. 11421316, address: 28 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London.

We are not able to locate the business in relation to that address. The scam is probably not operating out of London. You can bet on that fact. The thing is, if Diamond Bitcoin is a company, there is still a big problem with their way of operation. The fact that this website is backed by a corporation in the UK means nothing. Scammers register their corporations in the UK because they want to appear legit. But they also mostly lie about their location. They are always located in ”London”, which is quite suspicious.

A corporate status in the UK is meant to help them file their tax returns. It has got nothing to do with their scamming activities.

Looking at this company’s ridiculous returns, we can say that they are absolutely going to return zero dollars from your investment. We have been trading for a couple of years now, and what we can tell you is that trading is by no means a way to get rich quickly. Yes, you can attain financial freedom if you trade with the right tools. But that will take you some time in order to build your account. You can’t just wake up and trade for 5 days to become a millionaire. So the reality is very contrary to what Diamond Bitcoin is touting on their site.

This is definitely not trading because if the site is really working with ”specialists” who trade digital coins on behalf of their investors, they should know that these returns are not possible.

The truth that Diamond Bitcoin is not telling you

Since 50% daily forever is a far-fetched dream and scammers know it, we can conclude that the site has not given any reasons for us to conclude that their alleged ROI are coming from trading or mining.

In fact, the price of Crypto currencies have dropped recently. Miners aren’t making as much profits as they used to a few months ago. The site is therefore taking its investors for a ride when they claim that combining mining with trading can give up to 100% daily returns. These activities won’t double your investments. Forget it.

The truth of the matter is that this is a high yield investment program which is designed to scam users. Nobody has ever been paid by this site for the simple reason that it is a dirty ponzi scheme. A genuine ponzi scheme might pay in the beginning before abandoning ship because new deposits are not coming. However, with this site, it is impossible to pay and sustain those numbers. So it is not paying at all. There are no testimonials or reviews on the internet suggesting that folks got paid.

Our best advice for you

They will soon close down when they have scammed enough users. It is quite obvious that the site is determined to spread deception and misconception regarding trading and mining of digital coins. Diamond Bitcoin is definitely dubious because it is looking to take advantage of naive internet users who have limited financial knowledge. Avoid it.

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