Digital Gold Rush Review: Avoid This Scam

Digital Gold Rush Review: Avoid This Scam

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You should avoid trading programs like Digital Gold Rush because they are extremely misleading and giving false hope, thus resulting in many people  losing their investment. Digital Gold Rush is a program that claims to reveal the secrets of choosing altcoins that are worth buying and those that are not worth investing in. If you buy this product, you will allegedly make $10,000 out of $10. Now, when you look at those numbers, you realize that this is an outright scam. It is quite obvious given that Digital Gold Rush is promising overnight riches to gullible internet users.

In other words, the owner of this scam product is looking to collect $10 from investors. He knows that every one of us can at least afford $10. It’s a strategy they are using to enrich their pockets while you languish in poverty.

By the way, the system that’s supposed to make you $10,000 in an extremely short duration and out of $10 is only costing $37. Is this real or just another scam project?

If you find yourself asking that question, then it means the product you are asking about is a scam.

Let’s find out why Digital Gold Rush is a scam, plus reasons as to why you should do your best to avoid programs that promise overnight riches.

Digital Gold Rush Review

Crytocurrencies have been going down since the beginning of this year. However, hindsight gurus have not been mentioning this fact. Instead, they only preach one side of the message and ignore the other.

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Even though Cryptos have been going down in terms of their pricing, some people have been making a lot of money with them by trading them instead.

The first reason why Digital Gold Rush is a scam is because it is lying about the current happenings of the altcoins market. As we right, Bitcoins is stack in the $9000 area. 3 months ago, it was trading at $5000. It recently started showing signs of recovery and this is possibly going to make things much better for those who invest in the price of Bitcoin i.e those who Buy hold and sell later on.

Digital Gold Rush

The problem with a product like Digital Gold Rush is that it is not telling the user the truth about Bitcoins and other altcoins.

This is clearly a misleading product. And the intention is to make you believe that investing with this product is all bed of roses when that’s not the case. We do not want you to find reality when you have already spent money on the cost of that product to acquire it.

Now, let’s take the example of Verge. The owner who claims that he is called David Silverman says that if you invested $10 4 months ago, you’d make $57,136 today. Well, that is not realistic. There is no way $10 can turn into $57,000 4 months later. Unless we are talking of magic, we do not see how this can be possible.

To further confirm this, we decided to check the real chart of Verge and realized that this was a big fat lie. It was proof that indeed you cannot make an enormous return in just 4 months out of a small investment. That’s not possible, and it’s all there on the chart.

Also, as you can see on the Verge chart, spending $10 on this altcoin 4 months ago would return a loss today as the price is below the $10 mark today.

Clearly this could mean that Silverman is either not familiar with simple math or is lying in order to sell this product. The guy is a fake hindsight guru who wants to steal from you by selling a crappy product. By just looking at the chart, you can see how many lies he has said on that landing page.

Should you invest in Cryptocurrencies?

One thing is for sure. Investing and becoming rich is something that demands taking a risk. Right now, institutional investors are buying low and holding hoping that the price of Bitcoin and the rest will climb upwards.

It is the standard practice in the market. People buy low, wait and sell when price is higher. It might look crazy at first because there is all this controversy that Cryptocurrency investment is risky. Well, consider this, no investment has zero risk. Furthermore, those who are willing to take the risks will become millionaires. Those who are too afraid or too cautious to take the risk now will not make any money.

5 years down the line, they will start chasing hindsight gurus who tell them that if they had purchased BTC 5 years ago, they would be millionaires. The time is now. You cannot wait to listen to fake hindsight gurus who are in the same level as you and are looking to make a quick back from your ignorance once price has risen.

We hope you are now beginning to see why we said that Digital Gold Rush is a scam product. It is filled with lies. The person who prepared it has no experience in Cryptocurrency trading. He is basically copying content from the internet and slapping it there. To make people buy it, he spices it up with lies which can be easily identified as lies.

Who is David Silverman?

That name sounds like an alias, right? Yeah, because it is not a real person. The name David Silverman is somehow fake because the product he is trying to sell you is also fake. So why would he give you his true name?

Perhaps he is using this alias for the purpose of selling a fraudulent product. However, one thing is clear. This guy doesn’t even have a track record as an investor in the Cryptocurrency market. We find it a little bit difficult trusting him.

Our best advice for you

Digital Gold Rush is a fake product. You should never buy it. This guy is clearly misleading you through examples that can be confirmed as lies. He is not telling the truth as far as the price of altcoins is concerned at the moment. He won’t make you rich.

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