Doubly Review: An Obvious Crypto Currency Scam

Doubly Review: An Obvious Crypto Currency Scam

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Doubly is a pyramid scheme that you should keep off at all costs. The company has already conned investors. They have no intention of making any investor rich.

The platform was launched in March 2018. Unfortunately, despite them being in the market from that time, there are no performance reports on their website.

Doubly claims that they have an automatic AI trading system that eases their trading activity. The pyramid schemes go-ahead to promise investors a daily return of 4.5%. The software can generate high profits within unrealistic durations.

The cryptocurrency niche has helped many investors gain profits in the past, but this does not mean that you can become rich within unrealistic time: patience and the knowledge of how the market works are required.

Furthermore, the company does not state the win rate of their software. It is a major red flag that you cannot turn a blind eye on it.  We do not recommend the company to any investors. You can invest with these legit cryptocurrency trading software that has been in the market for some time now.

Doubly Review

Doubly brag of having a top-notch team of experts that will help individuals earn a reasonable amount of returns. The team is the one responsible for monitoring the trading activities of the software.

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The company additionally states that they are doing great in the market, and they are among the leading crypto platforms in the world. Unfortunately, this is just another marketing strategy that Doubly optimizes.

The company is not featured in the top 100 best trading bots in the market. Moreover, the platform is still green in the market despite their claims of being there for a long time.

Doubly does not publish their achievement for interested investors reasons why they are the best option. There are numerous methods that you can use to make an earning in the crypto space. You need to understand that mining and crypto trading is one sector that pyramid schemes are targets. It is due to the misconception created that digital currency is a get rich quick scheme.

The platform has three investment plans, and you look keenly, you will spot the red flags. All the returns have unrealistic figures, which creates more doubts.

Doubly Review, Platform

Regardless of the investment that you are involved in, it is ridiculous to have profits of 4.5% daily. If you do the math you this is much money. The company covers up their fraudulent activity by claiming they have a trading bot.

It is point blank that Doubly is targeting novice traders as no expert trader would risk their money by investing with them. The deal is too good to be true. Nonetheless, forget about their calculator; it will only project enticing returns one which you will never attain.


Doubly founder is someone by the name GREENE Richard. We tried finding any information regarding him on social media, but our attempts were fruitless. Additionally, like most owners of an investment company who have a LinkedIn profile, this one is an exception.

We strongly believe there is no one by this name. The only reason the company has used this info is to appear as a transparent company, while in reality, they are just a pyramid scheme in the market.

The company is moreover privately registered; this means that the founder’s information has been hidden from the public. Anonymity is one of the characteristics that define a pyramid scheme. It would be best if you were very cautious when trusting such a platform with your money.

Funds Safety

Doubly is not an investment company; the platform does not perform digital currency trading. They do not have a trading bot. The firm is working against the law.

Sadly, they accept payment via cryptocurrency only. What this means is you cannot trace whom the payment goes to. We advise our readers to stay away from Doubly if they do not want to lose money.

They have various minimum amount if you want to deposit with them.and  trading bot only makes profits, and it is being monitored by their team continuously to ensure they make profits.

The software is linked to multiple exchanges; hence they can make the most out of the whole process. The company does not provide any information regarding its alleged team of professionals.

Doubly thrives in offering false information to naïve investors. A sole perpetrator is running the company. People will only lose funds in the long run.  The firm does arbitrage trading from its narrative; they buy and sell cryptos from various exchanges.

Without evidence of an investment company paying, you should not proceed with them. Doubly has a telegram bot that their members can use to enjoy their services.

False Testimonials

The company features testimonials on their platform. Just one glance and you will realize they are bogus. The reviews are not linked to any social profile. We cannot verify that they are coming from real investors, or the company has fabricated the testimonials.

By the look of things, they are cherry-picked, and all of them claim to have earned from the company despite lacking proof of payment.

The company is using stock images as we searched in google images and found that the people they claim to be their investors have no link to the Doubly.

The reason the pyramid scheme is using these fake photos is to create transparency with clients. The tactic has become popular with many Ponzi programs, and this is why you should keep off shady firms. Also, ensure you perform thorough research on a platform before trusting them.

Contact Details

The company claims that it is located in the UK. Their office address is 41 Plantain Place, London, SE1 1YN, UK. The company does not offer customer support services. Tell us, don’t you find it weird that the platform promises very high profit, yet they do not see the need to invest in a customer support team.

It would help if you ventured with a platform that puts your needs first. If you encounter any challenges, no one will come to your rescue. Best crypto trading bots offer live customer support, email address, and a telephone number that you can use to reach them.

It is only Ponzi schemes that are determined to stay anonymous. The location that they have provided is to confuse. It is not their real office address.


Doubly is allegedly a company that is registered in the UK; unfortunately, they have not put up any document to prove their allegations. For a company to run legally, they have to acquire a licensing form.

Doubly is one platform that is not regulated by the FCA despite their claims of being based in the United Kingdom. We also checked with various regulatory bodies in Asia, and pacific but the company did not appear in their database.

You need to be very cautious when it comes to investing your hard-earned money as pyramid schemes can change their term as service as they please.

Final Verdict

Doubly is a pyramid scheme that is not regulated by the authority. The company does not undertake investment services, and for the sake of your sanity, you should avoid them at all costs.

Invest with legit crypto trading software in the market that has a trading history to avoid losing money. Doubly will only steal your funds, leaving you high and dry.

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7 Replies to “Doubly Review: An Obvious Crypto Currency Scam”

  1. Bis Ende März ist alles gut gelaufen. Seit Ende März erhält niemand mehr Auszahlungen aus unserer Gruppe von Einzelinvestoren, die sich untereinander kennen und miteinander kommunizieren.

    Was allerdings hier auf der Seite steht, beinhaltet nur Vermutungen. Wir werden persönlich dieser Firma einen Besuch abstatten und sehen, was uns an der angegebenen Adresse in einem der besten Stadtviertel Londons erwartet. Die Adresse machte uns mißtrauisch.Wir werden sehen und dann berichten – besser als mit Vermutungen zu arbeiten.
    Die hohen Renditen selbst sind für echte Insider kein Indiz für einen Betrug. Diese werden anderenorts von anderen guten Tradern durchaus auch erwirtschaftet, aber normalerweise nicht an Kleininvestoren durchgereicht.

  2. Scam lost my money they stole all the old investors money and are now just paying new investors. Pretty soon they will do the same thing. They don’t reply to my emails and blocked me 3 times from telegram.

  3. Its a scam.
    They said that they were moving out of the UK due to brexit. All accounts were closed. We did not have the option of withdrawing before the move.
    After the mmove, they started trading, a claim that investments woudl return in about 4 weeks. It’s been 6 weeks and still nothing.
    When I asked for an update, the admin removed me and blocked me from joining.

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