Dream Catcher Scam all set to Ruin your Dreams


Dream Catcher Scam all set to Ruin your Dreams

Many people step into binary option trading with the hope that they will make it big in this field. However, everyone is not successful. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever tried to look into the cause? Well the answer is pretty simple.

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Some people end up choosing scam trading bots that are enough to ruin their life. If you need an example of a scam trading bot then there can be no better example than the Dream Catcher. If you wish to know more then make it a point to read the review till the very end.

Dream Catcher Scam: Bringing the realities to light

Now whenever an investor gets to hear about a trading bot then his prime objective is to get maximum information about the trading system. It is natural to click the sales video in order to get more information about the trading system. However, the investor is in for some unpleasant surprises. First of all the sales video does not offer much of a value.

It starts with a brief overview of the person who created the system. This person is Mathew Warner. He is a Wall Street Trader and he claims that he can turn 15 people into millionaires. Now this is definitely a hard reality to digest. This guy claims that he can pay the investor $4,250 in the next 17 minutes.

Dream Catcher

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Next this person has this ridiculous claim to make and he says that he is paying such a huge amount to the people just for doing a survey related to Dream Catcher. Somehow Mathew repeats the same point so many times that the investor will feel like turning off the video. This person states that he has a free gift for all those who watch the video. However, he is unable to clarify why he has to offer so much for a survey.

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If Dream Catcher is a genuine trading bot then this person should get straight to the point. He should offer a complete walkthrough of the system rather than putting up these strange gimmicks that truly do not make any sense at all. He says that his trading bot is free for download. The question is why. If Dream Catcher truly has a worth then it should not be available for free.

The presenter claims that the trader just has to set Dream Catcher to auto trade and it is ready to work. Well just creating the illusion that money will land up in the investor’s account without much of an effort does sound pretty alarming and the investor should not get caught up in this. He truly needs to use his discretion if he wishes to earn a decent amount at the end of the day. Now Mathew claims that he has invested about 1.2 million in Dream Catcher and he has spent about 18 months coming up with this system.

The 15 people he chose had to test his system. The point is that even if he is allowing the people to test his system why he is offering such huge profits. The catch appears in the video when Mathew claims that once an investor has earned about $250,000 with this system in about 60 days then has to leave a testimonial. In short he is asking the investors to do marketing for him.

The most alarming statement made by the presenter of the video is that when the investor makes money he will make money too. Look at the snapshot below and you will get to know the reality.

Dream Catcher Scam

Note: Shun the scams and only choose reliable trading bots.

The video of Dream Catcher shows a small glimpse of the interface, but that does not sound convincing enough. When the investor sets the trading bot to auto trade he sees additional parameters on the screen like trade volume, risk and strength above. However, these parameters have not been defined. Dream Catcher should have defined these parameters so that the trader could have acquired in depth insight about this system.

Dream Catcher Scam Alert

Dream Catcher claims to be 100 percent legal. However, the investor does not present any proof in this regard. Such statements truly do need the proof. The investor cannot believe in these things without knowing the reality.  Dream Catcher claims that it can make money for the trader even if the investor lacks experience. Now this is difficult to believe. The reason is that it is not easy to survive in the world of binary option trading if the investor lacks the technical knowledge.

Now one major glitch that the presenter of the video has hidden is that the investor will have to make a deposit to the broker. When the trader has a look at the interface then the broker that he gets to see is Now this broker seems pretty unknown. Well the investor has to make a deposit to this broker. Thus he will not be given the profits for free. Usually when the trader has made the deposit then that money is gone forever. The investor is never able to withdraw his profits. Dream Catcher does not want to highlight these things because it intends to bluff the trader.

Now the presenter does should the demo of Dream Catcher. However, the investor is not given the facility of a trial. This means that there is no way that the trader can look into the system in detail. He will not get the opportunity to identify the potential flaws of the system. This is what makes Dream Catcher a very bad choice. It is never viable to trust a trading bot without trying out the demo.

The website of Dream Catcher talks about the superior technology, but does not give any elaboration of this point. It is very essential to understand the technology of a trading bot before deciding to opt for it. The live trades are there on the website. The testimonials are also there. However, these things do not give the trader the needed insight about Dream Catcher. The trader cannot just opt for a trading bot keeping the opinion of others into consideration. The trader needs to make his decisions in the light of facts.

Even the email address is not there on the Dream Catcher website. This means that there is no way that the trader can get the chance to communicate with the system. He has to give his name and email address and then he will get the access to the system. This makes Dream Catcher a pretty risky venture for the trader. The investor will have a lot to lose if he pins his hopes on this system. The investor should think on the lines of opting for reliable trading bots that can truly help the investor in the long run.

Verdict about Dream Catcher

The investor should never sign up with Dream Catcher. It will not turn out to be a profitable venture for the investor and he will be at the losing end if he decides to make this choice in the long run. The trader should think on the lines of exploring credible trading bots that are credible and showcase their transparency. If you choose the original trading bots this way the investor will not have to worry about anything at the end of the day. Discourage the scammers by saying no to trading bots like the Dream Catcher trading software.


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