Dream System Review – Scam Will Ruin Your Dream

Dream System Review – Scam Will Ruin Your Dream

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Today we’re taking a look at another scam relaunch by the name Dream System. Closer inspection reveals that Dream System is similar to Dream profit system and Dream Profit Survey respectively.

You see, when a digital product finds its way to the market and it doesn’t seem to have a specific name, it’s never a good sign.

Nevertheless, I had to investigate this web-page to find out the truth as we had detected that this website was using exaggerated figures to try capturing the attention of the public.

The first thing that visitors on that website will come across is the promise that their current members are making $150,000 per month using Dream System.

These promises are just too ridiculous, and things are even getting worse because we are being addressed by someone who doesn’t even have a track record of ever trading binary options successfully.

His ranting on the Dream System pitch video only serves to demean this system further because the more he talks, the more he comes across as a liar.

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And of course the fact of the matter is that this website is growing popular each day because they are selling snake oil. They somehow appeal to naive traders who want to hear that they can make $150k each month trading binary options. Don’t be disappointed if you are this type of a trader with high hopes.

Dream System: the product description

When someone says they have a magic system that can churn out $150k on auto-pilot, people generally become interested in finding out how that product works and whether proof exists to verify that those claims are authentic.

Now, in this case, Dream System website does not give any proof that can help us verify their profit claims. Not even a single genuine testimonial is presented to help us verify their crazy profit claims.

Furthermore, the working of this software is not explained in a satisfactory way.

Of course scams do attempt to beat around the bush by coming up with their own narratives on how their secret algorithms work.

In the case of Dream System, they claim that the system is successful because it relies on super-fast servers which they claim are located across the globe and are 10 times faster than those used by other trading systems.

That above explanation does not convince me to subscribe to this trading system. It is not a valid explanation because even if you read that sentence a few more times, you will still have more questions than answers. Such lame explanations are a big red flag.

However, the nonsensical explanation doesn’t stop there yet. As if they haven’t given us enough of their BS, the narrator claims that Dream System is successful because it relies on super-fast fiber network to provide low latency and more bandwidth.

I wonder how the hell all this is related to trading. Even if they owned the infrastructure as the website states, how would a super-fast network help this scam execute trades with high precision if it doesn’t have a reliable algorithm in the first place?

Who owns Dream System?

As I pondered on the above matters, it occurred to me that the owner of this app is a mysterious faceless developer who has no moral authority to lecture anyone on matters related to binary options investments.

owner of dream system scam

When you take a look at the Dream System website, you will be greeted by a man called ”Matthew Warner”. This is the most boring sales pitch ever because even if you watch the whole of it, you will get this feeling that you have heard it before.

It’s a classic rags to riches story where a stranger tells you how he used to be a broke guy only to turn into a millionaire when he decided to venture into the stock market.

Now, the funniest thing is that ”Matthew” wants to give some 15 people the chance to become millionaires through his Dream System.

Filling in the short survey which Matthew has been ranting about at the beginning of the sales pitch is the only qualification for joining the millionaires club with this software.

The entire thing sounds like a hoax because all you have to do is to fill up a short form and in the end, Matthew will hand over the cash to you.

Nevertheless, I can’t sit through this without asking myself where that money will be coming from. And why is this man giving out money yet you did nothing?

If the Dream System was capable of delivering 150k to your bank account at the end of every month, I don’t think this guy would be begging you to sign up.

In fact, it would be the greatest secret on earth. Only a few wealthy individuals across the glove would afford it because the price tag would simply be too high, even for the middle class to afford.

This Matthew guy seems to be a liar and a fraud. He claims that he is 49 and that he is retired from Wall Street. My question is: where the hell did he work at Wall Street? Which brokerage firm was he working for? Vague statements don’t sell. They only make these people look like fools on camera.

The truth of the matter is that Dream System is a failed binary options product like any other that we’ve discussed here before.

Mr. Matthew Warner is giving absolutely nothing when you do what he requires of you. This is because in the end, you will be requested to sign up with a random broker who will ask you to deposit $250 so that you can start trading.

In the end, the owner of Dream System will pocket his referral commissions while you go with nothing. The software is not designed to perform any better. It’s just a white label with the logo of Dream System slapped on it.

That means it will open trades randomly until your account is burned. That’s when it will stop because your account balance can no longer sustain any trade position.

On top of that, this Matthew Warner guy is a stranger. His background cannot be verified. I wonder how this pathetic liar will ever deliver an amazing trading system to you when he is dishonest from the word go.

Dream System is part of a larger scam circle

It appears that the same group of persons are also in charge of other scam operations involving rogue systems like Dream Catcher and 98% Success.

dream system scam

The Dream System is a duplication of the robots mentioned above, which is why I said it was a white labeled shared with various binary options product scams on the web.

All of them have identical story lines. Also, Matthew Warner is presented in all of these videos. He makes the same bold statements while offering his audience ”free money”.

On a side note, you may also want to follow up with last year’s reviews for each one of the related scams mentioned above. You will get a clear picture of what the Dream System is since it’s the same exact thing but with different packaging.

Our Best advice for you

Not all binary options products are bogus though. A few examples include these robots here. They’ve been tested by us and have been found to be very profitable in the long run.

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  1. I trusted this program and lost big time. I only invested 250.00 as that was all I had. I truly thought that this program would make my investment grow. Within 3 hrs I lost 4 auto trades. You have a minimum of 250.00 before you can withdraw your money. I was stuck. I continued the losing phase until I was at 62.00. I eventually lost it all with no help or responses from support. My husband was furious with me for a long time. I personally do not think I will ever trust these types of Binary Programs. This is 100% true! Do not fall for them.

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