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Well, you have heard that there is no place in the world where people receive free money and for doing nothing. is a perfect example of what we are talking about here. The site is advising its users to exchange Bitcoins into Ethereum and back to Bitcoin so they can earn a profit from the price difference. This is basically arbitrage trading but the steps which the site has laid out are not going to be beneficial in the long run.

You see, there are many robots out there that do this kind of thing. You cannot do arbitrage trading if you’re planning to do it without a robot. The reason why you can’t be successful in this kind of job is because apart from it being exhausting and impractical, there is no way to know when a big price difference has occurred which can make you some returns. You have to monitor the markets 24/7 to identify the price difference and to see whether a transaction will return a profit.

That is the reason why you can’t succeed with You need to use a proper Crypto trading robot which will automated the entire task for you. The robots will monitor trends and trade them while you sleep.

In this case, the anonymous owner of claims that we can make $300 per day if we repeat the steps up to 20 times in a day. Honestly this can be exhausting. Is there any human in the world who can repeat these steps 20 times a day and everyday to make the alleged $300? And by the time you are completing the steps, is there a guarantee that you will make money from the price difference?

Chances are that you will lose money and the scammer will get compensated by the exchange where you lost money. If you want to learn more about, keep reading this review. review

It’s a simple landing page with affiliate links pointing to the various exchanges where you are supposed to exchange BTC for ETH and back to BTC. The anonymous owner of this site claims that you must have a minimum of $50 worth of BTC in your wallet for this process to happen. Essentially, they are saying that you can turn a $50 worth of investment into $300 profit every day. You can see it in their math calculation on the landing page. We did not even bother to do the math and find out for ourselves because this is just too misleading.

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Chances are that you will lose your $50 or even if you get it back, it will be a lot less than what you first started with. It will be something like $30 or less because commissions apply and there is also zero guarantees that price change will favor you more so if you’re doing in manually. But remember that the scammer on the other end is earning his commissions from your trades regardless. That is the reason they are telling you to repeat the process 20 times a day. Each time you repeat this process, they get a commission. But you increase your chances of losing your funds. Ultimately, you will burn your account and the money will be shared by the exchanges and the person who is affiliated with them.

Who owns

The anonymity that surrounds is worrying. If the steps are genuine and the person behind this site is also honest and transparent, we don’t see any reason on earth as to why they would want to privately register their website to make it impossible for people to see their names. They are simply too mysterious to trust and this should be the first red flag to consider even before you can imagine that you can turn $50 into $300 per day.

Yes, arbitrage trading is possible and making money from arbitrage trading is also possible. However, you should not take it casually because it has its own shortcomings too, which is why not everyone is rich because they did arbitrage trading.

First of all, not all exchanges or brokers allow it and secondly, there is just no way to do it manually and beat the speed with which prices changes so you can earn a profit in the process.

The person who has introduced us to this technique has clearly published their affiliate links on the landing page and they are also admitting that they have a vested financial interest in the steps you will undertake. In return, they are promising you some sort of financial freedom but the steps which they are advising you to take are not feasible. You might be lucky to make a profit in the first attempt (assuming the exchanges involved are not dubious). However, you won’t be lucky the second and third time.

This is something that requires speed of execution as soon as you identify a price gap. However, the anonymous owner of is not talking about this fact.

Customer feedback

We also see that the domain was created on the 15th of December 2018. This is a brand new site and there are zero reviews about it so far. That means nobody has ever made any money from this site and we cannot trust that the steps which this anonymous person is giving us will even make a penny for us.

Therefore, without a demonstration of how effective the steps are, we cannot believe that is a viable way of making money on the internet. But we have all reasons to believe that this is one of the ways people can lose money on the internet.

Our best advice for you

Scammers are everywhere and as you can see, they are misleading internet users with false information which is designed to deceive while aligning their pockets in the process. You don’t want to be involved in this kind of thing unless you want to lose some of your money.

The best thing you can do is to trade with a decent Crypto currency trading robot. 

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