ECOS Mining Review: Scam or Legit?

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ECOS Mining Review: Scam or Legit? is an investment company that deals with cloud mining services. The company allegedly works with top-notch platforms in the digital currency sector.

The platform’s critical corporate information is unavailable. The people who run the operation of this mining company remain unknown. This kind of anonymity is not appreciated in the crypto space.

Digital currency mining is one of the areas that grew popular in the past. A lot of investors made a significant amount through mining. However, things have changed as a lot of people have joined the sector.

The initial capital is too high, and the hardware being used is of high quality. It has become hard for small scale investors to thrive in the market.

We can confidently say mining is not as profitable as it used to be. If any company out there promises you huge returns, there is a high chance they are a pyramid scheme, and you will never realize the ridiculous performance they  display. ECOS offers its investors’ mining contracts ranging from $30 up to $10,000.

We have compiled a detailed review of to the information you how the company operates before investing, take a look, and be the judge. Review

ECOS being a cloud mining company, raises funds from its clients. They use it to purchase the required mining equipment. Some of the portions are also used as the maintenance fees.

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The platform accepts funds via Bankcard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.The mining company operates using a straightforward model that everyone can comprehend. ECOS offers an opportunity for retail investors who cannot start a mining farm alone to generate an income.

The company eradicates the long and technical processes required by the small investors to start mining. They make the activity more accessible and affordable. is a company that has been in the market for some time now. The mining company claims to be transparent, but they have not provided enough information to create assurance to the investors.

ECOS Review, ECOS Platform

Be very cautious when dealing with any mining activity as any wrong move can lead to unimaginable losses. A lot of mining farms are run by scammers, and it will require you to do some thorough research to avoid being conned.

ECOS owner is operating anonymously. We have no idea who he is or how he looks like. Keeping in mind that you are trusting this platform with your hard-earned money, the least they can do is to create assurance to the security of your funds.

Do not trust the ghost investment company with your cash. Most of the time, it does not end well, and people end up losing money. Find transparent cryptocurrency ventures that do not compromise the safety of your assets.

How does ECOS Operate?

The platform claims to be based in Armenia, which is a Free Economic Region. This allows the platform to operate tax-free. They also have low electricity bills from one power plant that is the largest in Armenia.

The platform allegedly has unique software that allows investors to get more income than the direct links to the pool. The investment company supposedly is a project of the Armenia Government. send the investors the returns that have been created by the machine. As we had previously highlighted, mining activity involves numerous risks, and unlike the prior years, it is not very profitable.

There is stiff competition in the market and high costs. Retail investors have a hard time using their initial capital, trying to reach the breakeven point.

The platform contracts start from $15 to permit the test period. The minimal amount you can withdraw is 0.001BTC. The shortest duration the contract can take to mature in three months.

The platform welcomes new investors to trade with them. Moreover, those who would love to mine in a quiet, cool and no vast electricity bills involved are  welcome to use the platform,

The platform offers numerous methods for mutual and high yield cooperation to its members. You can promote ECOS services to other people and receive a commission. In case of a wholesale order, you can receive a promotional code as a discount.

ECOS Mining Contracts

The platform offers four mining contracts to their investors. The minimal amount you can deposit is at around $30, and on the higher end, you can buy contracts of about $7,000.

As an investor, you need to select the hashrate you want, the price of the contract, and the maturity duration. You can buy it instantly.

ECOS has favorable returns that they offer to their clients. The problem is, mining involves numerous risks and fees; it can be hard achieving the promised profits.

The mining company has not indicated anywhere in its platform the electricity expenses or the pool fees. Putting all this into consideration, we can expect that you will receive less amount than the indicated one.

ECOS Scam Review, ECOS Contracts

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and before choosing this platform, make sure you know all the charges to ensure there are no hidden fees.

ECOS gives a discount to their clients when picking contracts. Keep in mind there are some risks involved in those plans.

In addition, take your time and observe this mining company. If you see any benefit, you can choose to proceed and invest with them.

Affiliate Program

ECOS, like all other cryptocurrency investment, utilizes a referral program. Investors can monetize traffic by inviting their colleagues, friends, or family to join the platform.

This platform does not allow their investors to use an unethical means to drive traffic. ECOS value marketing and they have allowed their clients to use blogs, videos, or any other means.

You can only promote offers that you have profited from. If the platform suspects you are not using ethical means to get a referral, they will automatically blacklist your account.

The platform offers a commission of 10% of the total sales that the new investors bring. Users may also receive other benefits from

ECOS ensures that  greedy promoters do not mislead the public. The platform ensures investors do not make return at the expense of fake info.

Platform’s Testimonials

Many people use the testimonials of the existing clients to measure the credibility of a platform. However, this is no longer the case as the manipulative platform use fake testimonials to influence investors to deposit funds.

You should be very keen when reading testimonials look for loopholes and bogus reviews. Mostly, no matter how good a platform is, there will always be a dissatisfied client.

Most comments on a suspicious platform will always be manufactured and too good to be true. Learn to distinguish the legit and fake testimonials, and you will be safe from all scammers.

Domain Name

We managed to get useful data from and The platforms have an Alexa Global Ranking of around 250 thousand.

The company receives most of its traffic from Iran and Bangladesh. The platform registered domain name is The registration of the domain took place in October 2018, and will expire in 2020 the same month.

ECOS Final Verdict

ECOS, despite not showcasing its founders’ information, some investors still use this investment platform. However, the platform is not among the best cloud mining platform in the market. The status of ECOS cannot be compared with other renowned platforms.

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