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Every now and then a scam that is so dump will appear on the internet. When you come across such a scam, you can’t help but swear that indeed you won’t spend your hard earned money on such an obvious fraudulent operation. In this case, we have The idea is that you should get their ECP token with a joining fees of $30. The explanation is so vague and obscure that we do not know whether the site will require investors to send more funds for purposes of generating the 40% returns. They are only talking of the joining fees. Currently, the value of ECP token is 0.0003 USD per token, and the site requires investors to purchase a minimum of 100,000 tokens. This is considered joining fees and no profits will be paid on joining fees. This joining fee is distributed across 10 different levels of recruits and is supposedly meant to generate passive income. The begs the question of how passive income is generated when the site has made it crystal clear that no returns will be paid on joining fees.

It doesn’t take you long to realize that ECP club is a scam. Moreover, you won’t struggle with the idea that ECP club is a ponzi scheme and a scam because they have even admitted it on their website unknowingly. They use a binary compensation structure to allegedly pay commissions to participants. Again, they claim that revenue is generated through mining pools and other cloud mining services. The question is whether this service can prove that revenue is generated through mining of Crypto currencies. Is there such proof on this website? We are afraid that this is not the case. ECP club has not produced proof or even verified that revenue is generated through the said activities. However, they have stated very well that joining fees will go towards sustaining the system. This simply means that scammers are admitting that ECP club is generating revenue by collecting it from naive internet users and not through the alleged activities. Based on this explanation, there is no way ECP club can fail the basic ponzi scheme test.

Note: if you want to mine Crypto currencies, use these credible platforms.

ECP club review

According to their about us, ECP Club was founded by a group of Crypto currency enthusiasts, IT specialists, white hat marketers and entrepreneurs. They also claim that ECP Club is a means for generating passive income but we know very well that this is a ponzi scheme. They also claim that they want to help participants get the most out of their ECP token. There are a lot of questions that we will ask which we know the site won’t have answers to. For example, who sets the value of this token? Is it the law of supply and demand or the operators of ECP Club? It is quite obvious that ECP Club operators are the ones setting the value of ECP Club token because for one, it is not publicly listed with any exchange out there. So that means the value is something that is determined by the owner of this scam.

Keep in mind that this is a big excuse to steal your money because it costs them nothing to generate ECP token. For that reason, if you buy a non existent token, you will be paid the so called joining fees to purchase air. The site cannot even introduce its operators or the people in charge of its activities which we find to be very strange. If this site was serious about their project, it would have a professional layout and presentation. All people involved including directors would have been introduced to add credibility to the site. But this is not the case, and we suspect that the claim that ECP Club is made up of Crypto currency enthusiasts and IT specialists is only a big fat lie.

Having said so, you should not believe sites that are too careful not to disclose ownership information. They are most certainly a scam, and since they do not want to take responsibility for stealing from you, the best way to stay safe and keep doing what they love doing is to conceal their identities.

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High returns from nothing

ECP Club promises huge returns and security of investment assets including personal information. It claims that your personal information will never be released even to authorities if they want it. The question is whether there is a site that cannot be brought down by the authorities. Even though ECP Club does not reveal where it is operated from, we suspect that this is a typical UK based scam. The rules are relaxed in the UK, which is why so many fraudsters are able to set up their operations in the UK while registering companies to try gaining credibility. The fact of the matter is that these companies are only a way to create an atmosphere of trust.

ECP Club

Now, the site even claims that we will earn 40% if we change our ECP tokens to fiat currency. Well, that is a very interesting statement because there is no way 30 USD can yield 40% returns when the best investments don’t even hit the 50% mark annually. It is simple. The owner of this site is assuming that victims are fools and will not question the origin of the promised returns. 40% returns have to come from somewhere and given that ECP tokens are just an imaginary creation, you should not expect your money to generate any returns.

That means there is nothing like converting ECP tokens and taking a profit of 40%. It is simply a lie. Logically, we need to generate returns from an income generating activity such as mining or trading. But this site is actually doing none of those. Instead, it is simply building a pyramid scheme.

Our best advice for you

ECP Club is a pathetic scam whose idea is very common on the internet. You could explore other alternatives for making profits but not through ECP Club.

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