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Share This! is a slick that tells us many things which we cannot directly confirm due to lack of evidence. For example, they claim that they have been managing investor funds since 2007, but our research cannot find any evidence on the internet that this has been the case. What they are offering at the moment is a bit exaggerated but still falls within the believable category. So that explains why many victims are likely to fall for this joke and get scammed. So far, we know that Elirtex is too good to be true. We will give more evidence as we advance through this quick review.

So one of the claims that caught us by surprise is that this fund manager was returning 180% after 12 weeks. This statement is all fake because if there was truth in it, then it would make Elirtex the best and most sought after fund managers of the world. But this is not the case, and Elirtex is just a shady operation with no track record to convince anybody. Therefore, before they can snatch money away from you, you need to read this review to get the most important points about this operation. This way, you will save your money from falling into the hands of smart criminals.

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Elirtex Review

You see, all firms that have chosen to manage the funds of investors must have a license in order to operate within the confines of the financial regulators in their respective countries. The way Elirtex works is that it operates an ICO where it collects funds from the public while lying that it is going to invest these funds on various income generating activities. Those activities have been listed on the official website of Elirtex, and it’s easy to believe that indeed Elirtex will take your money and invest it in the said areas.


So the sad truth is that Elirtex isn’t regulated, and we also searched them on the FCA database and discovered that they did not exist there as well. This means that investing with this website is an illegal act. You should never invest with an unregulated entity that wants to take your funds upfront on the promise that they will invest it in different areas before distributing profits back to you.

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There is a good reason as to why they are not regulated, and we think this reason is quite obvious to everyone who is looking for such opportunities to multiply their investments. Elirtex only gives us their corporate details which basically means that they are a company situated in the UK. But this does not mean that they are legit in any way. You see, many ponzi scams are now registered in the UK as corporations. This has never stopped them from scamming people/ So the mere fact that Elirtex is a corporate company should never convince you to invest.

The fact of the matter is that this company is trying to look legit so that investors can trust them. That is why they went ahead to create and register a company, which should be very easy because for a very small cost, individuals in the UK can register companies.

What does Elirtex do?

They claim to be investing in many economic sectors including the health and gaming industries. But you see, they did not go into details to convince us about their execution plan. You cannot just say you are investing in these areas when you can’t give us your plan for us to trust you with our money.

These guys are simply listing a bunch of sectors where they claim your money will go to. These include pharmaceutical products, medicine, Franchises of vending machines, Technological and innovative start-ups, Solutions for corporate business, Financial consulting and risk management, Automated sales systems and many others.

Now, if you look at all the areas which they have mentioned in their website, you realize that indeed those sectors can make you money. However, without a clearly defined investment plan which tells us how our money is going to be invested into the different areas, there is no telling what will happen because even ponzi schemes tell us that they are investing our monies into these areas but when we investigate further, we realize that no such investment is happening.

So one thing we have discovered with Elirtex is that they do not want to get into the details of their operations beyond providing us with a couple of lines on what areas they are investing in. If they cannot prove that they have a system in place which is providing them with some statistical edge in these industries, then we may be right when we say this is a scam.

What are the returns?

They know that when they mention those industries, we will quickly believe the kind of returns that they will promise us. They are currently promising 180% in 12 weeks. The minimum deposit is just 0.005 BTC. Any kind of investment is the same thing as trading because you are giving your money to be invested somewhere. That means you can either reap profits or losses. You cannot be promised returns with a guarantee.

Now, we want you to understand that hedging is just a way to diversify ones risks. It cannot help avert risks at all. And if someone tells you that they are hedging and are therefore not risking at all, then it means they intend to scam you.

Our best advice for you

Elirtex seems to be a ponzi scheme, in fact a lousy one. The collapse of this operation will happen soon. If the kind of returns promised by this company were real, we would all be rich by now. But the economy does not work like this. They are just intending to scam you. Be wise and find good investment alternatives that give reasonable returns. Good examples of legit investment resources can be found here.

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