Elite Entrepreneur Club Scam: Honest Review and Insights

Elite Entrepreneur Club Scam: Honest Review and Insights

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You have to stay away from Elite Entrepreneur Club because it’s an investment scam. It’s as simple as that. However, if you need more proof to support this assertion, continue reading this Elite Entrepreneur Club review to gain insights. We have concrete evidence here to support the fact that this landing page is all about scamming those who will believe the nonsense of the faceless investment hustler whose mission is to obtain funds from converting website visitors.

What they are allegedly offering is an investment tool that can be used for trading various assets on autopilot. Once engaged, you just have to relax while money is being made since it has an extremely high strike rate, and will never lose money at all.

The Elite Entrepreneur Club software is supposed to make you thousands of dollars per month and for free. But we have always said that no free money can be made anywhere. There has to be some catch along the way. And for this software, that catch won’t necessarily be worth the sacrifice. You can take that to the bank as far as the performance of this ”trading tool” is concerned.

Elite Entrepreneur Club Review

By now, you must know that the internet has no shortage of investment scams. Elite Entrepreneur Club is just a text-book definition of what an investment scam is.

There is no tangible evidence to suggest that this software trades and makes money. Instead, all we could find is that this software is a money loser. It gambles with your money in the same way wheel of fortune machine takes your money.

Elite Entrepreneur Club review

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Even if you win, the win rate is extremely low and unprofitable. Yes, you are obtaining a copy of the software for ”free”. But there is a catch down the line. We will discuss this shortly.

No track record of performance

It’s wise to check with the developer to see if the trading tool you want to use has a track record. Unfortunately, most people will never bother especially when they are told that the software they want to use is free to obtain. But they also fail to realize that the software in question will be used on a live trading account with real money. If it’s up to now good, it will result in a big loss.

Elite Entrepreneur Club software is being promoted but with no performance track record to confirm the claims made on the pitch video.

But people are endorsing it?

Scammers can never run out of fake endorsements. They somehow can afford to pay actors to endorse their fake products. Apparently, it doesn’t cost a lot to get 2 or even 3 actors who will endorse a money losing software.

We have already identified one woman who has appeared on this landing page and has also been selling fake testimonials for $5 on Fiverr.

Clearly this woman has nothing to do with trading. It is for the same reason that she is selling testimonials to anyone willing to pay her for this job.

If they did not use this software at any one time, they definitely don’t have the moral authority to speak about it. They are clearly endorsing something that they have not used before. On the other hand, whoever owns this ”trading tool” is knowingly paying people to mislead prospective users. This is illegal.

Also, do you think that this software has ever been featured on big media websites like BBC, CNBC or Fox News?

It’s an issue of carrying out investigations in the mentioned websites to determine the truth. That is a job we know how to do very well. We actually started searching and inquiring with those media houses to see if it was indeed true that Elite Entrepreneur Club software was being endorsed in the media.

It didn’t take long to discover that Elite Entrepreneur Club software has never been endorsed by any media house, let alone the ones mentioned here. Besides, this trading tool has never been endorsed by any user. If users were endorsing it, it would have been easy for us to find those endorsements elsewhere in places like trading forums and so on.

This marketing approach is clearly aimed at misleading prospective investors. If you believe the message, you will make a decision to use Elite Entrepreneur Club software. That will result in a big loss of your trading account.

How they intend to scam you

In as much as the word ”free” is being used in the promotion of this software, don’t even think for a second that it is free to use it.

If you want to use it, you will be required to sign up and deposit your own money with an unregulated Forex and Binary options brokerage.

Otherwise, you cannot use the so-called ”Free” software. Realize that you don’t even have the choice to freely choose the broker of your choice. You have to stick to their ‘recommended broker”. Otherwise, no using Elite Entrepreneur Club software for your trading.

Therefore, it beats the logic of giving it out for ”free”. Buts scammers are clever people anyway. They have entered into a deal with a scam broker. When you sign up with your hard earned money, they will receive a cut of that money. Indeed the software will be activated and it will start trading.

However, as mentioned earlier, this trading tool is a wheel of fortune machine. You can rest assured that it will gamble your money till your account is burned. The only time it stops trading is when it has wiped your account dry. Take note of that.

Our best advice for you

You want good trading robots? The only way is to choose what we have recommended here. We only trust what we have been using to trade the markets. We don’t recommend Elite Entrepreneur Club software because of the reasons highlighted above. It is a high risk trading application with no proven track record. You cannot blame anyone for ignoring this warning and the subsequent advice.

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