Emagic Trading Review: Scam, Avoid at all Cost

Emagic Trading Review: Scam, Avoid at all Cost

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Emagic Trading is a peculiar destination for sourcing an opportunity to make money as a trader or investor. There are several serious issues that we have identified with this platform. They can be treated as red flags or question marks because these often lead to people losing their funds at some point.

What exactly does Emagic Trading do? They claim to be experts in trading the stock market. They are targeting those who have an interest towards the stock market.

But there is also a sharp contradiction to the above statement. When you look around their website, you will discover a statement where they claim that they are using a Forex robot to trade client funds.

Forex and stock investments are two different things. Either this is a mistake or the operators of  Emagic Trading don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding the operations of the stock market.

We want to find out whether there is a risk of losing money here. Shall we?

Emagic Trading review

What is crystal clear is that this website is offering investment plans for their visitors. The best of the plans is supposed to make 10,000% in 40 days. That means you will multiply your capital by 99X in 40 days. This will be your profit at the end of the said days.

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As always, these numbers don’t make sense. The reason why scammers use such hyped up numbers is because they are ignorant of the fact that no form of trading can ever yield riches overnight. Probably this is just a scam that is looking to sucker in investors. They have nothing to do with Forex or stocks.

We also hope that no sane investor can believe that a company exists anywhere in this planet and that they are giving 10.000% returns in record 40 days. That would be absurd to believe.


These returns are impossible to achieve no matter what. In fact, it does not matter whether we are talking of 35 days, 40 days or 365 days. These returns are still impossible to achieve and sustain. Therefore, that makes us believe that Emagic Trading is a scam.

You need to understand how legitimate businesses operate. First, they don’t promise guaranteed income. They don’t make you believe in lies. And most importantly, they never use unrealistic numbers to promote lies.

But you can rest assured that Emagic Trading is taking its audience for a ride because what the numbers are already testifying that someone is ignorant.

You can ask your licensed investment provider about the same. They will tell you that this is not something you can find in the real world. Maybe it can be found in your dreams.

Background of Emagic Trading

You must believe in your conscience. But if you are not so sure about the alleged ROI, perhaps it is time to focus your attention towards the people who run this business.

We’d like to know how the platform started and which people founded it.

Unfortunately, there is no background story. The people who set it up have opted to remain anonymous as well. This is in line with the principles of a scam website. They uphold anonymity to survive longer.

On the other hand, investors who are serious with their investments should never trust people who don’t want to reveal their identities. It is not professional. Furthermore, there is no reason why you should trust an absolutely faceless entity that claims to reward investors with 10,000% after 40 days. How ignorant?

An illegal service it is

Emagic Trading is an illegal investment service whose activities have been outlawed. If they want to provide investment advisory services, they should probably seek licensing. Otherwise, it becomes illegal to run such a website in any jurisdiction of the planet.

However, we do not expect these crooks to have any license anyway. They are anonymous and have no contact information as well. These are critical details which must be made available before authorities can even think of producing a license.

At this point, we all agree that Emagic Trading is a high risk investment website. You cannot fool around with these criminals because they definitely know how to sucker investors who blindly send money to them.

Way of operation

You must understand that the way Emagic Trading is similar to the way a ponzi scheme would operate. A ponzi scheme would announce that they are giving an absolutely abnormal return on investments after a short duration of time. All of them claim so because they want to lure investors into their cheap dirt.

If you see Emagic Trading claiming that they will make you 10,000% in 40 days, just understand that they are luring you into a mess. They are a ponzi scheme with nothing good to offer in both short and long term.

They want to attract more funds into the system. But for them to do so, they have to make weird promises hoping that gullible people will get convinced.

The truth is that as soon as income streams dry up, this ponzi scheme will close shop and disappear with people’s money. There’s no doubt about it.

This scam also intends to shut down when the owners get too greedy and decide that they are not going to host the domain any longer.

The risk is with you if you ignore this information. If you think these guys really trade Forex or stocks as claimed on their website, let them produce some trading records for at least 3 months. A redacted broker statement is the best way to know whether or not someone is involved in trading.

Therefore, as of now, we can ignore the scam because we already know the trick.

Our best advice for you

Emagic Trading is equal to scam. Whenever you hear that name, don’t despair or think that you are missing out on an opportunity to become rich. What you will be saving yourself from is the agony of losing money which you had not intended to lose. That said, we can head over to this page and pick the best trading products.

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