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Share This! and its variants are notorious for operating a ponzi scheme while telling their audience that they are mining Crypto currencies. We recently reviewed one of the websites belonging to the same scammer known as EoboTV2. This website has the same template and same content as Eobot2, which means that the two domains are owned by the same person or scammers have become too lazy to the extent that they have decided to copy paste everything from their fellow scammers.

Whatever the case, Eobot2 is just another ponzi scheme and the vibe is still the same as before. On the website, they claim that they are the same team as EoBot guys but  with new equipment.

They claim that was created in 2017 when cloud mining profits were going down. But there are two lies in this statement. The first lie is that this domain was created in December 2018 and not 2017. Secondly, 2017 was the year when Crypto currency mining was most profitable. In other words, this website does not even get facts right. They don’t appear to understand even the most basic facts about Crypto currency mining and trading.

Therefore, in this Eobot2 review, we will highlight all the reasons as to why you shouldn’t trust this service. In the meantime, you can mine Crypto currencies with these reliable cloud mining platforms.

Eobot2 Review

Eobot2 claims that their data centers are located in the US in the same place where their data center facilities are located at. But this claim is unverifiable. The original site which they have cloned was a trading bot as opposed to a Crypto currency mining operation. So there was no need to have data centers. Secondly, it is an attempt to confuse their audience when they claim that their current data centers are located in the same place as the old ones. They are simply trying to achieve credibility through false pretense since there is no hard evidence that suggests a site like Eobot2 could own any data center. In short, there is no data center and the monies sent through this site are being used to pay out ROIs for those who joined before the victim.


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The second most disturbing claim is that Eobot2 is the easiest, cheapest and best way to mine Crypto currencies and there are no risks or doubts involved. Already we doubt the kind of business operation that goes on in this website. We cannot get convinced that these guys are engaging in real mining business.

They also claim that Eobot2 got over 1 million subscribers in the first version and now over 100,000 in the second version. There is no first or second versions of Eobot2. These two are the same scams owned by one person who has decided to copy paste content across his websites. This number of subscribers is a lie because nobody has ever reported that they gained a penny from any of these two scams.

Is this even legal?

When a scammer tells you to send them Bitcoins so that you can earn Bitcoins, that does not make any sense. Secondly, when an entity is providing returns that were allegedly generated through Crypto mining, they should be reliable and of fine repute. If possible, they should register their service with the relevant watchdog because what they are providing constitutes securities.

Their compliance page states that Eobot2 is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the US. So that means they are based in the US but the problem is that they are not registered with the SEC. To provide any form of investment product in the US, the SEC requires that you should register your service as a security. Therefore, Eobot2 is not providing their alleged service within the confines of the law.

Proof of mining

They claim that all transactions are always on blockchain as opposed to off blockchain. While the site is publishing some random blockchain addresses, it’s not easy to establish the authenticity of these addresses, and this is simply not the best way to prove that people are investing the said amounts and getting payouts.

Even if these payouts are real, a platform like Eobot2 can issue payouts to the first few users as a way of gaining credibility. However, there is no guarantee that if you join this type of operation, you will also receive your payout. There is zero guarantees.

Therefore, even though there is ”proof” of blockchain transactions, the authenticity of those payouts cannot be verified with 100% certainty. It’s a trick used by many ponzi schemes these days. So it is not a surprise that Eobot2 is using this trick to convince the financially naive.

The truth

Eobot2 does not provide verifiable evidence of authentic Crypto currency mining. This is because there is no proof of mining anywhere on their site. There is no video to showcase their mining facilities even if it’s a fake facility which doesn’t belong to them. There is no attempt to convince us that Eobot2 runs any mining facilities. So how can we trust that these guys are going to mine Crypto currencies for us?

Secondly, the original idea which they are copying was a Crypto trading robot as opposed to a Crypto mining operation. The site is simply causing a lot of confusion among their audience.

What Eobot2 has not answered with sufficient proof is the question of why Eobot2 is not a ponzi scheme. We have every reason to believe that this is a ponzi scheme. They are simply collecting funds from internet users who are not familiar with what Crypto currency investing means and then using a portion of those funds to issue payouts.

Our best advice for you

Eobot2 does not appear to be a legit Crypto currency mining type of operation. We do not trust this site at all and neither should you. We are not going to recommend them at this point in time. You should therefore seek credible cloud mining platforms on this page instead of getting defrauded.

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  1. I think you may be right on this. The site is down and has been down for the past few hours. I read you article after I invested. 🙁

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