Epic Winner Software the Well Planned Scam

Epic Winner Software the Well Planned Scam

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Most people believe in the fact that binary option trading will be an easy deal. Well that may not be the case always. Now the mistake most people do is that they opt for trading bots like Epic Winner Software.

Note: A good alternative to this Epic Winner Software scam is the Super Simple Bot.

These trading bots promise a fortune to the trader, but the reality is that the trader gets nothing. One such example of a perfect scam is Epic Winner Software. This system has all the traits of a scam software so a trader truly needs to be careful when opting for this system. For all the details, go through the complete review of this system.

 Epic Winner Software sales video has no fresh and relevant information

Well this system claims that the investor can easily earn a few hundred dollars by trading through this system. The perception that this system gives to the trader is that it is completely free of cost. However, this is not real picture.

Now the prime objective of giving such a perception is to keep the investor in the dark so that he is fooled into opting for this system. Epic Winner Software video gives the illusion to the onlooker that the trader can just earn money without much of an effort, but that is not the case in real.

Epic Winner Software

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Now vague sentences have been used in the sales video like when the investor earns then this helps the Epic Winner Software can. This seems to be a very lame way out to explain the credibility of the system. This means that if the system does show in some profits in the trader’s account then there are chances that this system will be taking in some part of these profits so the investor does need to be on the lookout if he does not want to lose his money.

The real game starts when the video mentions that most of the time the traders cannot earn a lot of money because the trading system has set in the initial trading amount to about $200 to $250. However, Epic Winner Software does not have this limitation.

This system allows the investor to place different positions with different brokers simultaneously. It may sound like a smart deal to a new trader, but the real truth is that actually the trader will lose in more amount of money by trading this way because all the brokers that the trader deposits with are setup to deprive the trader of the hard earned money.

Epic Winner Software Scam

Note: The way out is that the investor should only opt for reliable trading robots if he wants to earn real money.

Epic Winner Software weird logic

Epic Winner Software has the weirdest possible logic. For example, the trader is required to make an initial trade of about 6 percent of the deposit amount. This means that the first trade placed will be like $15 that is on the higher side.

Interestingly this system truly denies the benefits of 60 second trades and mentions the fact that a 35 minute trade helps the system to evaluate the fluctuation of the asset.  This truly sounds like bad logic. If the system is that good then it should even be able to place a 60 second trade without a problem, but it is not the case in real. This shows another loophole of the system and the trader needs to be on his guard when he decides to opt for this system.

The torturous testimonials by Epic Winner Software

Now the website is full of these boring testimonials. Now if the investor looks at the picture on the website then the person mentioned as Robert Collins has been seen in many other video testimonials as well like the video of Bayesian Binary. This means that Epic Winner Software hires people to give fake testimonials so the investor should make it a point to avoid this system by all means if he wants to secure his trading future.

Epic Winner Software Scam Review

Note: Stay Away from the reviews made by actors and try from our suggested softwares.

Epic Winner Software really plays it smart. They are Facebook comments about this system on the website, but the real trick is that that the full names of these people are not mentioned. For example, there can be 100’s of people with the same so the trader cannot track those people.

Secondly when the investor clicks on any Facebook comment then rather being directed to that particular Facebook link the trader is directed to the sign up page for Epic Winner Software so these are called mind games.

The tried and tested old pressure techniques

When the investor looks at the website of Epic Winner Software, it says that only 17 copies are left. Now this is just another way to compel the trader to sign up with the system without thinking much. Thus the investor needs to be on the lookout.

The Epic Winner Software website looks like odd

Nowadays websites with loads of text are truly not in trend. However, whatever is mentioned in the video is also present in text form on Epic Winner Software website. No one has the time to go through detailed text and most people want to have the brief outline on the website. However, this system does not follow the rules of thumb. It shows that the perception behind this website is quite amateur so the trader should not even bother visiting this website if he wishes to excel and does not want to be bluffed.

The Frequently asked section of Epic Winner Software is not useful

Now by a frequently asked question section it means that the questions should offer value to the traders and should be able to answer the questions that may come in the mind of the trader. However, it is not the case with Epic Winner Software. Most of the questions on the website do not answer the prime concerns of the trader so the investor should make it a point to avoid this system by all means if he intends to be successful.

 Contact support by Epic Winner Software is not reliable

When the trader clicks the Support link on the website then a new form opens up. Thus the trader has to send in his query to the support system through this form. Now there is no guarantee whether the trader’s concerns will be answered in time so an investor needs to be quite careful when making decisions.

There is no live chat facility as well and the trader cannot send in queries to support system. This means that a delay in support will be there and an investor cannot afford the delays.

Usually the scam systems do not offer live chat because they know that a wise investor may come up with questions that they might be unable to answer. Thus they want to avoid those honest questions because they do not have the answers to these questions at all.

The conclusive verdict regarding Epic Winner Software is that it is a scam and the trader has to avoid it by all means if he wants a bright career ahead. The investor should focus on learning the prime concepts of binary option trading and then it will become harder to bluff him.

Thus the trader should make it a point to avoid this system by all means. Look for reputable trading bots that can offer real help and can help the trader earn really money. This approach will eventually help trader to become more successful and earn greater profits.

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