Equity Sentry EA Review: Is a Scam?

Equity Sentry EA Review: Is a Scam?

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Equity Sentry EA is a trading system designed to stop a trading account from suffering a huge draw down. This trading system is also compatible with other expert advisors and can be used on the same trading account simultaneously. They claim that this Forex trading system will help investors have a peace of mind if they are not around to monitor the performance of their account. In most cases, automated trading systems don’t need monitoring of this kind because their job is to automatically calculate risks and enter trades without the help of human beings. But on the other hand, it is always safe to take such precautionary measure since this is considered extra layer of protection against draw down on your account.

We have also established that the developer of this trading system is known as Rimantas Petrauskas. They are also in charge of producing several other trading systems in the past which include Trader on Chart, MyMT4Book, Trendline Trader, Local Trade Copier and Signal Magician. Their location is at B.K. Balučio 23B, Vilnius, Lithuania and will answer emails from 09:00 until 16:00 (GMT+2, DST) Monday – Friday. He is at least honest about his operations regarding this trading system as he informs buyers that he is the only one handling support and therefore we should be patient sometimes because response can take up to a few days to come through. If he is a serious developer, our take is that he should definitely consider hiring someone to help with this aspect of business. In the meantime, if you desire to find a good robot that can automatically trade your Forex account for profits, this page contains the best ones that we have been recommending for a while now. Take advantage of them.

Equity Sentry EA Review

The Equity Sentry EA is a little bit different from the regular expert advisors that we have been reviewing here for a long time. It does not act as a full expert advisor for trading but rather provide an extra layer of security against draw down that can be inflicted on your account by an expert advisor which you may be using at this time. This is what the site says concerning the operation of this software: ”if you are running an EA that you don’t trust, or one that is shown judgment errors in the past, you could install this protection system to overtake your account, close trades and even turn off expert advisors to freeze trading until you return.”

Buy Equity Sentry EA

The system can be set to follow certain parameters in order to monitor and keep your account safe at all times. This is definitely not a product that you will need if you are already using a Forex robot that you can trust. However, if you are using a Forex robot that has been shown to suffer from judgmental errors, then using a product like this one is a must in order to protect your balance. The most important aspect of this trading bot is that it can trigger specific aspects of your trading operation to override the current settings if the environment proves to be too risky for your trading account. It can close open trades and even delete pending orders if they prove to be risky for your account.

It can close the MT4 terminal, chart, send email alerts and mobile notifications as well. This is quite useful for staying on toes with your trading operations. No matter where you go, alerts will always follow you in form of mobile notifications. These aspects are very unique and we like the fact that the software will at least warn you that your trading account is facing a danger if you do not take action immediately.

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As a trader using Equity Sentry EA, you have the option of setting your own parameters so the trading system can trigger certain action in your account if certain conditions are met. For instance, if equity of your account happens to drop below a certain value, you can set a trigger to warn you or to at least perform a safety action on your account. There is also the option to control floating profits and floating loss on your account which should be set in relation to your account balance. In short, this system lets users customize it according to their wish.


There are 3 pricing plans. The first pricing plan allows payment of $19 per month. This is the plan that we are encouraging you to go for if you are concerned with whether Equity Sentry EA is a quality product. If you test it for a month and find that it is indeed a quality product,you can go ahead and purchase the second plan which costs $159 annually. The pro yearly plan goes for $299 per year but it is too bad that the vendor currently does not have a one time payment plan. This would have helped traders a lot. But from the perspective of the developer, this would have been a bad idea if they worked hard to create a truly effective product and they are giving it away for a one time charge of a specific amount.

The difference between the plans is the number of computers that can be used simultaneously with this trading system.

Our thought about the Equity Sentry EA

We are definitely mesmerized by this Forex trading system and we think it can be a big plus for those of you who have invested in substandard trading products. But if you have invested in a good expert advisor whose consistency can be trusted, there is no need to get a copy of the Equity Sentry EA. We also like the fact that this system will throw an alert at you if there is reason to believe your account is at risk. This is a good thing to know.

Our best advice for you

Equity Sentry EA is a useful product and if you don’t trust a software you found on the web for free, you could go for this. Otherwise, trade using quality robots only.

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