Eros Profit EA Review: is this new Robot a Scam?

Eros Profit EA Review: is this new Robot a Scam?

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Found at, Eros Profit EA is a new Forex robot promising traders that is profitable and every market condition imaginable. Many developers have a habit of over promising and when we actually get a chance to look at the product, we realize that it is quite different from what the developer said it was. The vendor asks traders if they are looking to make money while they sleep, earn a large passive income and leave their current 9-to-5 job. They ask these questions because they believe that their robot will give traders a solution that will make all of this possible. We will provide a full review today, and let you know if these expectations are in the realm of possibility, or just a pipe dream being sold for the masses.

The sales page offers no information about the vendor, the company location or the amount of trading history they have in the Forex marketplace. In this area, they are desperately lacking transparency, which only hurts their cause, and makes them come across as unprofessional service. In order to get in touch with support, traders can email [email protected]

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Eros Profit EA Review

The Eros Profit EA website is poorly put together, unprofessional and aesthetically comes across like something that was put together over 10 years ago. Obviously, when purchasing an expert advisor the design of the website isn’t of the utmost importance, but it does give a glimpse into the minds of the development team. If the development team thinks that this is the sales page that can compete with their competitors in the Forex robot marketplace, then we have to really consider the strength of their overall judgment.

There are 5 features that the development team want to have us consider when thinking about their expert advisor. These are the 5:

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  • Profitable in all market conditions
  • Real account proof
  • Emotion free trading
  • Easy to install
  • No experience necessary

These are all very basic promises, which just about every robot in this marketplace provides. We expected that every system that wants to be considered for the best Forex robot ranking table provides all of these aspects.

Developer’s track record

They want traders to know that there are a ton of Forex robots in the market. However, no other robot developer out there has the experience or the history that they have. They claim that there are reasons why thousands of customers use their automated robots to trade Forex everyday. They’ve been directly involved in the Forex robot community since it began. For over 6 years, they’ve kept to their personal and professional motto: Provide the best Forex robots on the market today without any of the hype.

Trading Strategy of Eros Profit EA 

According to the sales page, the developers of working on the Eros Profit EA strategy for over 6 years. They tell us that it was created by a team of professional traders, but do not give us any proof of that.

In terms of methodology, the vendor fails to provide any real detail about their trading approach. They are not going to be able to compete in this market without providing more information. The website states over and over again that the system is able to profit in all market conditions, but they never tell us why and that’s an issue.

This lack of transparency is rampant in our Forex reviews, as you can see with the News Action Trader, and Forex Gold Investor, but that’s not excuse.

Breakdown of the product

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $149
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: M5

There are 3 options available for traders interested in purchasing the Eros Profit EA. The $149 plan comes with one real license and one demo license. The $249 plan comes with 2 real licenses and 2 demo licenses. Lastly, the $299 plan comes with for real licenses and for demo licenses.

It would be much better of the vendor simply provides unlimited demo account licenses on all of these trading accounts because there is nothing stopping them from doing so. This would give traders the opportunity to test different settings and find their own approach that works best in live market conditions.

Client Feedback

There is no client feedback for the software just yet as it was released on 2019-08-22. This is a very recent, so it’s no surprise that there is little to no information about the product online from other sources.

Trading Results of the Eros Profit EA

The vendor provides a single FX Blue Eros Profit EA trading account, that’s been running 71 days. This account is showing a total return of 155% with a drawdown of just 2.2%. The average trade length is 16.5 hours, and the robot has traded 392 trades during the 2 months that it’s been active. The win rate is below 50%, but the software tends to pick up much larger wins and losses with the average win coming in at 28 pips and the average loss coming in at -12 pips.

While the results seem impressive, it is a small sample size, and we aren’t sure about how accurate FX Blue is. The draw down of 2.2% doesn’t really make sense, and seems to be manipulated in some way and considering the trades that we’ve seen. The vendor should upload their trading account to Myfxbook so that we can ensure that it is verify and truly performing as they show.

We have very little faith in the current results being provided without further verification.

Our best advice for you

At this point in time, we do not recommend the Eros Profit EA to the Forex community. The sales presentation is lacking transparency in many areas including their trading results, the trading strategy and identity. Hopefully they will read this review and make the necessary adjustments in order to compete in this marketplace with other Forex robot vendors. If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article. Otherwise subscribe for these products to start trading.

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