Revisión de Lynxfunduk: Compañía no regulada

Revisión de Lynxfunduk: Compañía no regulada

LynxFundUK alleges it has been in the market for over 30 years. Thus, the venture has empowered clients to take the initiative in their financial lives. The entity has attained tremendous success. They are constantly using innovative tools and professionals. The scheme claims its the leading CFD service provider in the industry. 

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The company also features its team. The images of the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Assistance, and Human Resource are stock. Therefore, these individuals are not connected to the broker. The platform only features the information for formality purposes. 

Investors have the right to know the people handling their cash. The qualification they have in trading and their educational background. Unfortunately, LynxFundUK remains anonymous. Another red flag is the company registration was in March 2022. The broker is yet again using false information. The firm lacks a trading history. 

Suppose you cannot trust them with such minor details. Who knows what the scheme is also hiding? Furthermore, customers cannot rely on the firm for long-term services. The domain name is only registered for one year. 

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LynxFundUK claims it is legally in business. The venture even fakes its regulatory status to win traders’ trust. The website traffic is mainly coming from the United Kingdom. Avoid this offshore enterprise, or you will face unimaginable losses. 

The platform is trading crypto. Forex, stocks, and futures. It is a good thing when a broker presents clients with several options. Diversifying your risks will help you earn passive income. You can also use the trading calculator to estimate the total returns you would make. 

LynxFundUK conducts the marketing analysis on behalf of traders. Investors can also utilize the educational material to increase their skills. Our primary concern is fund safety. Even with their A-game marketing strategy, the broker remains dubious. We did not have the luxury of going through the learning materials. Hence, we cannot guarantee if you will get access to quality information. Furthermore, there is no course outline. 

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Asegúrese de tratar con algunos de los mejor empresa de compraventa de divisass. These are fully regulated brokers. They the safety of investors serious. You will also find their audited performance record. The information will help you make a sober decision. You can as well go through their clients reviews to know their experience. 

Condiciones comerciales de LynxFundUK 

Despite LynxFundUK praising its uses of innovative tools, it fails to feature a trading interface. Without a trading tool, the venture shouldn’t refer to itself as a reliable broker. The most minor a company can do to acquire competitive trading software.

Genuine ventures present either the MT4 or the MT5 software. On the other hand, some of the scammers have a basic web trader interface. However, the presence of a trading tool is not a guarantee a broker is trading. In the future, you might encounter scammers with superior platforms. They will still steal your cash if you proceed to venture with them. 

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To open an account, you will need to submit a promo code. LynxFundUK is accepting specific people, yet it claims to be a global broker. Avoid clicking on enticing trading deals on the internet. Ponzi schemes use promotions and bonuses to trap their victims. 

The entity does not have a variety of trading accounts. You will find brokers with at least three or more packages. Depending on the traders’ level, you can choose what best works for you. Nonetheless, we can see leverage of 1:500. FCA does not approve the cap. Legitimate brokers in the United Kingdom can only offer 1:30 leverage.

The financial bodies create restrictions to protect clients from unfavorable trading conditions. LynxFundUK does not have spread information. A genuine firm will have all the necessary data available. This interest help clients make an informed decision. 

Retiro y depósito 

LynxFundUK guarantees a fast withdrawal and deposit process. Clients can use Bitcoin, wire transfers, and credit cards to deposit cash. We cannot ascertain if all the featured payment methods are working. Scammers tend only to use techniques that limit customers from issuing a chargeback.

You can reverse the transaction for bank card payments from up to 540 days. Avoid depositing in cryptocurrency unless you are sure you are dealing with a legitimate platform. The payments are anonymous, and you cannot identify the fund recipient. 

The company fails to feature the withdrawal requirements. Therefore, we are unaware of LynxFundUK’s minimum withdrawable amount. Offshore ventures tend to as for hidden fees from customers. Avoid dealing with such dubious firms. 

Datos de contacto y atención al cliente 

Only provides an office address. Other contact details of how you can reach the support are missing. Never trade with a discreet company that fails to provide an ideal communication channel. It is only scammers that don’t value customer experience. How would you reach the team when you face a problem?

LynxFundUK remains undercover to limit their victims from coming after them. The best investment entities will have a phone number and an email address. They will also hire a professional and friendly team. You can count on them to deliver the best results. 

Estado normativo de LynxFundUK

LynxFundUK brags it has both the registration and regulatory certificates from the United Kingdom. If you check on the Financial Conduct Authority database, you won’t find the company name. We also highly doubt the company can afford 730K EUR capital.

Revisión de Lynxfunduk, Reglamento de Lynxfunduk

The FCA has also blacklisted the broker. It has come to their attention that the venture is operating illegally by cloning the information of a legitimate venture. Why would you still want to trade with an exposed scam?

You will not receive compensation when LynxFundUK shuts down its operation. The scheme is unworthy of your trust. The people behind the Ponzi scheme were in a hurry to launch the fraudulent website. Their terms and conditions are lurking. The entity is breaking the law, and you won’t receive compensation. 

Ensure you deal with licensed companies. These are ventures that report their daily training activities to the financial bodies. They guarantee fund safety and conducive trading conditions. You also get to trade in confidence. 

Seguridad del fondo LynxFundUK 

LynxFundUK does not feature the bank it uses to segregate funds. The regulatory bodies mandate all investment schemes to work with top tier 1 banks. This help to keep investors’ funds in separate accounts from the company’s account. The venture claims it protects customers against negative account balances. 

However, there is no evidence to the statement. You can lose more money than what you initially deposited. LynxFundUK boosts it has won several accounts. The broker alleges it was recognized for offering the best trading application in 2019 by the European Magazine CEO. The same media awarded the scheme for providing the best trading conditions in 2021.

 The third award is for being the best ECN broker in the UK in 2020. How could the company have won these trophies before it entered the market? This is another reason why you shouldn’t entrust your money to the scheme.

Veredicto final 

LynxFundUK is a Ponzi scheme that uses false information. The founders are running the website behind closed doors. There are also no trading accounts. The services of the broker are lurking. The scheme will push customers to risky limits for them to lose all their earnings.

La mejor experiencia comercial solo se puede encontrar en empresas forex reguladas. These are schemes observing the law. They are transparent and reliable. Moreover, these brokers report their daily trading activities to the financial bodies. Their financial activities are being supervised throughout. 



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