Revisión de Maxi Signals: ¿Es una estafa?

Revisión de Maxi Signals: ¿Es una estafa?

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Maxi Signal is a scam venture that was registered in May 2014. The platform, despite being in the market for many years they are not reputable. We strongly believe that this is another Ponzi scheme that wants to steal from innocent investors.

The company that is behind the operation of this venture is Regtime Limited. It has very low traffic coming to their website, which raises even more suspicion. The firm has a total of around 10 million internet traffic visiting the platform.

The suspicious company assures Binary Option and Forex traders that they will generate huge profits. It allegedly has a very accuracy rate of 92%. Even the best trading Forex EA does not have such a high-performance rate, which raises more questions.

Maxi Signals is a company that targets both newbies and expert traders. It sends very high signals to their customers. The firm claims that the method that they use is a unique one. It also brags of having a group of an expert committed team.

Sadly, we take that this is another ploy since the platform does not avail of any factual information of their team. It would be best if the company introduced it to the public. They should credit them by availing of their qualification.

Maxi Signals Review, Platform

By doing this, investors will trust them. However, since the company has no investment services taking place, you should keep off their website.  Maxi Signals allegedly has multiple trading software that they use to generate the signals.

Maxi Signals Review

The company claims that their trading bots have been providing strong signals to their clients. Unfortunately, on its website, there is no proof of them performing any trading activities. The platform should at least avail their financial reports.

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Maxi Signals is only bluffing about their ability to deliver high automatic signals.  The platform promises to produce highly reliable, accurate, and several assets for its clients. You can try their service free of charge.

However, you will only receive the trading signals after 60 minutes. It is not fair or reliable since the company can send signals that they have stolen from other legit ventures. Additionally, they can take signals from the market directly.

It would be better if they presented a verification of their performance with a third party like MyFXbook. The Ponzi scheme guarantees high-quality trading signals and a variety of assets to their clients.

The company also claims that it has affordable prices with multiple investment plans. The firm assures investors that they will deliver their promise of high-quality premium services. It also boasts of having efficient cooperation with its customers

Unfortunately, we cannot verify these claims as there is no feedback from any of their clients. The CEO of this fraudulent system is someone known as Yury Orlov, who is the CEO. Unfortunately, there is no background info regarding him.

It is highly likely that this is a pseudonym, and no one exists with such a name. The company should provide visible evidence of their team as well as its founder. We have the right to know what financial background they have for us to trust them with our hard-earned cash.

How Mode that Maxi Signal offer their Services

Maxi Signals has published their resent customers’ achievements. The Ponzi scheme sends an average of 20 signals to customers daily. The platform only sends the notification on the clients’ accounts. It is not a convenient method because you will have to be logged in most of the time.

It would be best if the company would offer their signals via email, or even telephone number. It would be more convenient. The accuracy and success of the signals that the company avail is also not known.

The platform brags of having over 5K users, but the number does not seem realistic. The traffic that they are receiving is not much. The Ponzi scheme avails a profitable calculator to convince people they are the best.

The investment plans that this Ponzi scheme avail is nothing similar to what reputable companies have. You will have to input the money that you need to deposit with what you are targeting as your profit.

Maxi Signals avails several payment methods that their victims can use. They have ClickBank, PayPal, and Debit/Credit card options. The affiliate commission is offered every week, but they do not disclose the amount. The company is no transparent, and it raises many questions. They have a list of brokers that it recommends to their clients.

Atención al cliente y regulación

Maxi Signals brags of having the best customer support services in the industry. Allegedly they are highly responsive and competitive. You can be rest assured that they will handle your query professionally.

Unfortunately, the information is not true, and you can only reach the support via their email address; [correo electrónico protegido] The platform does not disclose their area of operation, and it shows how they want to remain anonymous.

Furthermore, they have not complied with the requirements of the authority. Any authority does not regulate maxi Signals. We recommend that you keep off this scam venture. The company is not transparent, and trusting with your money will be an unwise decision.

Testimonios falsos

Maxi Signals provide several reviews on their website from their alleged clients. However, these testimonials are fake, and you can easily spot the red flags. The clients claim that they have been utilizing the trading signals that the company provides.

Additionally, they also state that trading manually without relying on any trading software is futile. The clients recommend the scam venture to other clients. They have been able to recover their losses by using this financial saving system.

The software only makes profits, and their customers are satisfied with the services they are getting. We do not believe these statements as Maxi Signals fails to avails profile or social media links that can prove these are real people leaving behind the reviews.

Keep off this venture as it is not trustworthy, and it will do their level best to get investors to deposit funds. They will say anything and even display misleading info to confuse investors. You should check for reviews on a third-party website instead of using the content available in an investment company website.

Upon checking for experience from investors who have tried the services of Maxi Signals, we did not find any information. It leads us to wonder who are the clients who are using this venture.

Veredicto final

Maxi Signals is a deplorable system that targets innocent traders that want to invest in the Forex and Binary Options niche. The company is nothing but another scam in the market that only wants to steal from naïve investors.

The safety of your money should be your first worry. Any platform that would jeopardize your security should not be your first choice. Normalize researching before depositing funds in any website. It will save you a lot of pain and stress if you only venture with credible firms.

The high performance that the company brags about cannot be verified. You should invest with reputable Forex trading software in the market that their performance is reputable. The legit venture will give you real-time profits without compromising your safety.

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