ESTE Trader Review: Is a Scam?

ESTE Trader Review: Is a Scam?

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ESTE Trader or Enlightened Super Trader Education is owned and operated by Reynaldo Soriano. He claims to be a million dollar trader that typically earns in the upper 6 figures annually with consistency. Additionally, he claims to typically earn 13,000% investment returns every 60-days. Reynaldo Soriano boldly offers his Forex investment management services to the broad general public through his publicly facing website.

For only a small fee of $25k, he is willing to share all of his “bread and butter” investment secrets to average investors with little to no prior knowledge of Forex commodities investing. According to the CFTC, Reynaldo Soriano is not registered in any capacity as a ‘money manager’ or Commodities Trading Advisor. Claims to be a karate fighting champion, Olympian, holder of multiple University degrees, and has obtained the super secret investment secrets of George Soros and Warren Buffet. Unwilling to show even a morsel of evidence of his supposed investment success. A complete and total shit show. Appears to be a total scam. If you are into trading and would like to make consistent returns without facing a huge risk of losing your money, consider investing in these trading resources.

ESTE Trader review

What is ESTE Trader? The ‘ESTE’ refers to Enlightened Super Trader Education. What is ESTE Trader selling? The company is selling the following products and services that are specifically tailored to the Forex and commodities markets…

ESTE Self-Learning Program: $499 Beginner Level Education, $799 Intermediate Education, $999 Advanced Education, $1999 Whole Package

ESTE Live Classes Program:, $850 per month Beginner Level, $1150 per month Intermediate Level, $1450 per month Advanced Level

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ESTE Private Mentoring Program: $25,000 upfront fee

Reynaldo Soriano’s Millionnaire Money Club

This ‘crown jewel’ investment program of Reynaldo Soriano is referred to as the Millionaire Money Club.

What is the ESTE Millionaire Money Club? Investors are directed to open Forex trading accounts with various Forex trading companies. Once the account is established, the investor must then provide the internet login and password so that ESTE can begin trading on the customer behalf.

I don’t know about you. But I would be extremely cautious about giving my username and passwords to ANYONE so that they can have full access to my investment accounts. However, this is exactly what Reynaldo Soriano instructed. In the course of my conversations with Reynaldo Soriano, we described ourselves as a person with little to no knowledge of the commodities or Forex markets. In fact, I told Reynaldo that I was completely unaware of how these markets operated or what a ‘Forex’ was.

Next we explained to Reynaldo that we were very simple people… A man of exemplary Christian devotion that relied upon the word of God and blessings of angles to guide my investment decisions. We prayed on the phone together and he assured me that Jesus was providing many blessings and the protection of Angels. I continued to explain to Reynaldo that I currently had about $600k in my Charles Schwab retirement account which represented the life savings of both my wife and myself. He recommended that I immediately sell all of my stocks and give him full authority over all of my investment decisions.

Next, we asked Reynaldo what we could expect as a return on my investment. He told me that he typically earns his money management clients 10 to 20% each and every month. That with my investment of $600k, we could easily retire on my new income of $60,000 to $120,000 each and every month. He explained in an email, “Goodbye to failure and welcome to success,” that we could put my trust in him and that my financial dreams were about to come true.

ESTE Private Mentoring Program

The highest priced educational product of the Enlightened Super Trader educational program is the private mentoring program which costs an upfront fee of $25,000 and requires an additional investment of $25,000 to $1,000,000 per person.

During the month of May 2018, this website (using a pseudonym) reached out to ESTE and posed as a customer interested in their various investment products and services.

Through multiple emails and telephone conversations with a person named Reynaldo Soriano (more on him later) he represented that he was a highly successful “millionaire day trader” living in a $4 million dollar house in Cupertino, Ca., was a former Olympian, world-class fighting champion in Tae Kwon Do, and had multiple University degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Investigating the owner of ESTE Trader

Reynaldo Soriano certainly makes wonderful claims about his investment successes. Of course, this website has heard all of this sort of nonsense before. The first step in our investigation was to discover the electronic trail of Reynaldo Soriano. The first thing we found is that Reynaldo has been selling all manner of snake oil investment products since before he migrated to the United States.

The earliest known website can be found with a company named (2006) where a much younger Reynaldo is found hawking his amazing investment secrets of so-called super traders. Apparently, he had secretly uncovered the winning formula of Warren Buffet and George Soros and he would be willing to dispense of his snake oil for only a small fee. The website is no longer active, but you can witness his investment supremacy by clicking the following link.

In addition to OnlineTradingCFD, there are other various trading related websites that also proclaim amazing trading secrets, including,, and others. They all follow that same narrative, that Reynaldo has discovered some sort of investment secret and is now willing to share his secrets for a fee.

How does Reynaldo Soriano find his victims, oops I mean new clients? The primary method of advertising his money management services is through A website that allows persons to create local community groups with shared interests.

Our best advice for you

According to, in the San Francisco and Bay Area alone, Reynaldo Soriano has accrued over 1200 members and conducted approximately 510 past MeetUps. One does have to wonder how many of these persons have also been offered money management services by Reynaldo Soriano? But as you can see, this person isn’t straight forward and so is his business, ESTE Trader. Invest in these tools instead. 

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