ETF Tipping Point Review: Is This a Scam?

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ETF Tipping Point Review: Is This a Scam?

ETF Tipping Point is a company that claims to have a very simple ETF trading system. It allegedly has a very great performance in the industry. The found also claim that she was able to discover a three-word phase after reading a book on the stock market.

He also states that he spent $95,000 of his money to modify the system into earning monthly returns of 3.67% on bad days. The highest payment that you can earn is 7.6% of profits in a month, both in EFT and oil. The company states that by becoming a member, you will discover a mechanical system narrative. The company proclaims it has earned huge returns since 2006.

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The founder is not willing to disclose his secrets publicly. Therefore, by signing up, you will acquire all the necessary information. Their average performance is from 3.6 5% up to 7.51%. However, it is nice to note that they do not present any financial reports that can attest to this claim.

You need to be very cautious with any investment venture that makes bold promises without showing the evidence. They have a section dedicated to blogs whereby they pass genetic information to investors.

It seems that the website is dormant as the last update was made in 2016. A transparent platform will make it a routine to update information on its website. It will show dedication and interest to its customers.

ETF Tipping Point Review, Platform

The company does not have a disclaimer or an FAQ page. It shows a lack of seriousness, and the only thing that the founder is interested in is the funds you will deposit. There is limited data on their website, and we don’t know how they can generate such returns.

ETF  Point Review

The company claim that they have an average of 85% win rate in over 600 trades. It is outrageous to make such a statement while there is no proof. ETF Tipping Point is dealing with various assets in the market. These include; indices, stocks, commodities, currencies, interest rates, and ETF.

The platform is bragging that they can enter over 1,400 markets in both the long and short-term. They have the key to the market since they can constantly identify great opportunities. There are multiple red flags that we find with the system.

Hence, we would not recommend their services to any traders in the market. A win rate of 97% is something hard to attain. Even the best Forex trading software in the market will not make such promises.

They have acquired a complaint from their former client. It is not a good indicator; therefore, we urge you to stay away. They also plan to offer free vacation after you purchase their product. Any venture that makes such false promises should be avoided.

The services of ETF Tipping Point are too expensive for nothing. The minimum amount that you should deposit is $2,000. This package goes for a period of one year. The other plan requires a deposit of $3,000 and runs for a duration of 2 years.

We find a product too expensive, yet they are not worthy. The trading system will operate on the following exchange trade; banking, oil, gold, down, real estate, SP 500, among other commodities. The signals are sent to the client via email every Friday.

Founder information

The founder of ETF Tipping Point is Kirt Chistensen. He worked as a stock market investor and an entrepreneur. The information presented on the website indicates that Kirt started his first company in 1996.

Kirt is allegedly earning over 29 million dollars by selling online assets. He also has been able to conduct thousands of trades in options, EFT, futures, and stocks. The founder stopped using mediocre methods and tools to trade.

He has spent a lot of funds trying to modify his system to navigate the stock market. Kirt’s main aim is to help retail traders to gain profits ranging from 5% up to 10% monthly. An investor only needs to dedicate a few hours a week for them to generate these returns. Nevertheless, ETF Tipping Point does not provide financial statements of its founder.

Additionally, the owner is bragging; he has made great achievements in the industry; no evidence can prove this allegation. The only information available is that of Kirt. Which brings up the question, is he running the organization alone?

Any legit professional entity will have a team of expert that is responsible for handling clients money. There are multiple loopholes in the way that ETF Tipping Point is operating.

Contact Details

To contact the company, you can use their telephone number, which they have an availed on their website. They also have various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; in the end, you can also reach them via email.

ETF Tipping Point claims they are located at 122 N Raymond, Suite 1 Spokane Valley, WA 98-206. The telephone number is 509-720-7867. You are not able to verify if this is their real location. The company has multiple addresses, which raises suspicion.

It appears they want to confuse investors by not specifying their official address. In case you are wondering about the regulatory status, we would like to confirm to you that this company is not regulated.

ETF Tipping Point is running on its own accord. No corporate oversees its operation. Engaging with such a platform will expose you to multiple risks.

Clients Feedback

ETF Tipping Point feature testimony from their alleged client. Client claim that they have been able to make huge profits within the time they joined this platform. They are using the model of buying and holding stock to generate profits.

Traders state that it usually takes less than 10 minutes to place a trade. They admit to having some losses, but in the long run, the account keeps growing. However, they also say that the results may vary—the present company pictures of clients. Nonetheless, there is no link to their social media accounts to prove that these are real investors.  The firm only avails a positive review on their website.

However, we came across a negative review that opened our eyes to how the system is working. The founder is allegedly being accused of appearing to be a fraudster. There is no evidence of the great performance that he is bragging about.

The system he claimed to have allegedly never made losses and will help you to attain your financial goals. Swindlers only make such promises. There is also another huge red flag whereby the owner claims you will have a free vacation if you purchase their plan in the next 10 minutes.

It sells them off as a Ponzi scheme and a platform that is only interested in your money. Kirt is a sweet talker and has great marketing skills. However, he doesn’t have what it takes to be a successful trader.

Final Verdict

ETF Tipping Point company claims that they operate miraculously, and this is because they don’t make any losses. We find this hard to believe, especially when the firm has not verified the trading strategy they are utilizing.

The platform is not reputable, and their only concern is to steal from investors. You can invest in various assets in the market. In case you are interested, you can check out this Forex trading software in the market. The entities do not make up false promises, and they will give you real-time earning.

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