ETH Millionaire Review: Will a Scam Deceive You?

ETH Millionaire Review: Will a Scam Deceive You?

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ETH Millionaire is supposedly a robot that trades Ethereum for profit. The person in charge is called Stan Murhpy, of which we are not so sure whether this is the real name of the owner. The robot can allegedly make you at least $100,000 per month. This is definitely something we all doubt. There is no way you can make thousands of dollars per month with any trading system.

Furthermore, these returns are simply magical. This software is even free to use. We doubt whether traders can become overnight millionaires using ETH Millionaire. If anything, we need to remember the fact that when it’s too good to be true, it’s definitely a scam. These returns clearly don’t make sense. If it talking about 5% per month, we would probably be having a different conversation. We would be probably endorsing it now.

The reason everyone of you is doubting in their hearts is that this software is promising the impossible. The anonymous owner would have probably retired from hustling newbie traders online. Anyone who can make $100,000 per month does not not need to work many years to acquire make all their dreams become a reality on the planet. They probably need to work a couple of years to own the entire planet.

Based on this argument, we can clearly see that ETH Millionaire is a scam that is taking advantage of the wave of Cryptocurrency popularity.

It is simply abusing Crypto currencies in order to help the anonymous owner align their pockets. We definitely can’t help but expose this malicious software to the masses. You can make up your mind afterwards.

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ETH Millionaire Review

By now, you should be looking for reasons as to why you most not rely on this free pathetic trading app for Cryptocurrencies. You have already seen that this is a scam bot looking to make money for the owner.

ETH Millionaire

One problem would be the fake testimonials used by ETH Millionaire website. In the sales video, we can see people who deceptively claim that they made money with this software. In fact, they are claiming that they are making money with this software. They are using present continuous tense to suggest that they are regular users of his trading app.

Aside from the video testimonials which we know are fake because they are endorsing a system that deceptively claims to make $100,000 per month, there are static testimonials elsewhere on the website. We run those pictures on Google images and discovered that they were stock photos.

This can suggest than even the testimonials in the video are fake too. The fact that this website is making use of stock photos means that nobody is using this app to trade Cryptos and definitely no one is endorsing it.

This also suggest that ETH Millionaire has never been put to test by these people. They are not traders and probably have nothing to do with this fake trading system.

We cannot trust these testimonials because these are not concrete evidence that ETH Millionaire makes 100K per month. What we need is a month’s trading statement showing trading performance and earnings for at least 2 traders. This is a very simple to find document. All you have to do is approach the broker and ask for it. You can even download it on their trading platform without asking the broker. We then need to look at the dates that the trades were placed and the results. When we lay our eyes on this document, we can know whether or not this software is profitable. Otherwise, fake testimonials just don’t do it.

Stock images are killing our trust and ruining the trustworthiness of this website. No one can believe the 100K per month story because this is simply not attainable.

Also,there is a very important point to remember, You see, ETH Millionaire website doesn’t disclose any information regarding the working of this app other than to say that it makes 100K per month. With no such discussions in the promotion video, we feel that this is the worst mistake they ever made when promoting a scam robot. May be they would have done a great job convincing the masses if they explained the trading methodology among other things.

Truths that every trader must know

Stan Murphy and his ETH Millionaire story is just a fairy tale. You must be gullible to believe such financial tales that cannot be approved by any financial expert in the world. The only true intent of these stories is to convince you that this fake trading system works. The truth is that it doesn’t, and even the owner knows that this system loses money.

If you end up believing this crap, then one thing will happen. The anonymous scammer will quickly direct you to sign up with an unregulated broker. That means depositing some money with that broker at some point. Otherwise, there is no point signing up with a broker if you won’t trade.

Now, if you place a deposit, the scam broker will smile all the way to the bank. They will have paid out ETH Millionaire’s share and so the will end up winning while you lose.

That’s the simplest way to explain how a scam robot like this operates. And even if you knew how to trade on your own, this unregulated broker would still make you lose money because they are dirty and following unethical business principles.

So, if there is no profitable trading and real professional broker to work with, this becomes a zero sum game for you. Instead of multiplying your $250, you are donating it to scammers who have designed a well-laid out plan to steal from you.

Our best advice for you

It’s clear that ETH Millionaire is just going to waste your time and money, leaving you to regret. We do not want you to find yourself in this situation. We will therefore ask all traders looking for reliable Crypto trading robots to sign up here. 

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