Ethminer Scam Review: Nothing But A Bank Collecting Deposits

Ethminer Scam Review: Nothing But A Bank Collecting Deposits

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When you teach men how to fish, they develop a great skill that will feed them for the rest of their lives. Teach a nut how to code and he’ll develop shitty scripts which suck money and live others crying foul. is one of those popular websites. We even wonder where this traffic is coming from.

We were obviously intrigued when we visited the website since Ethminer is supposedly giving free mining opportunity to those who don’t wish to make a real deposit.

But there is a catch in this arrangement. Most investors at Ethminer will start out free — using version 1.0. After all, it’s the safest way to test their service without risking anything.

However, the operator of this project isn’t so foolish to let you make $3 daily profits and get to withdraw it. He is not about to let you do so.

For that reason, you will be asked to upgrade to Version 1.2 or higher for you to cash out your earnings. Due to curiosity of cashing out what you have already earned, you will not hesitate to upgrade by first sending them real Ethereum.

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In the end, you will lose the money in addition to whatever little you had earned earlier. That’s the catch — just in case you were wondering how on earth scammers can offer a free service. It’s always that simple. They lure you and once you’re trapped, they get the cash out of your wallet and kick your ass very hard.

Note: You can make profits by mining Cryptos here.

Ethminer Review: don’t trust anything that comes your way

On the homepage of Ethminer, you will see a message announcing that your mining rig is already setup and is currently running, and that all you need to do is grab a plan and jump on the bus.

Just below that message, a special form is provided where you’re supposed to input your Ethereum wallet address for payouts.

The earning rate is 0.000002 ETH/min or 0.003 ETH per day if you opt for the free mining service. That’s almost $3 profit a day. We can’t help but laugh at this joke because clearly someone is taking you for a ride here.

Now, this will obviously prompt you to upgrade to a higher plan because it promises better payouts.

The highest paying plan promises earnings at the rate of 0.004 ETH/min or 5ETH per day. For you to participate in this plan, you have to deposit 20 ETH to these strangers.

By the way, the minimum deposit is 0.2 ETH which will make you 0.032 ETH per day. Life must be good to those who have signed up because they are ”making money” effortlessly.

That is what many people may think. That since these guys are handling the hustle for you, life must be really fun to live.

The question is, does this look too good to be true? Does it sound too good to be true? If yes, think twice. There is nothing like easy money. A stranger asking for your Ethereum isn’t such a fool to pay you back. That’s not what they are here to do.

Who owns Ethminer?

He’s a phony character and a coward who does not wish to disclose who he is.

Most scams in this industry wish to operate anonymously. This one is not an exception either.

The first red flag here is that the domain is privately registered with Does that mean that the operator is hiding something important? Definitely.

You see, these guys are telling members of the public to invest with them. To make matters worse, they are asking members of the public to send them Ethereum equivalent to the plans they choose to subscribe to. Once that is done, they claim that profits will be generated everyday forever.

Realize that you’re about to initiate an irreversible transaction. You will never recover any money sent to a stranger. You only have hope of doing so if you sent that money to someone whose details can be seen on

At this point in time, you may wonder why this is the case when the site has even provided ”proof of payment”. Here’s our take.

Proof of payment provided by the site

The site claims that the average profit made by investors every year is +191.93%. Has this site even existed for 1 year? Absolutely not. They came online the other day and now they are making some statements that aren’t true in relation to their profit projections.

ethminer payouts

In other words, this is a get-rich-quick scam. You cannot make that kind of return in one year. Unless you rob a bank or find a hidden treasure, chances are that this kind of profit will never exist anywhere on the planet.

You can click the tab that says ”see payment proof”. When you click it, you will arrive on a page that does not convince you that actual payouts were made.

Think about it for a second; how can a stranger holding your 20 ETH pay you back the amount plus profits? Is he insane?

That is not the most sensible thing that a stranger on the internet can do with your money. The most sensible thing for someone like this would be to take the money and run!!

Please be advised that what you see on this page is not a valid proof of payment.

No mining rigs or physical address

Ethminer would like you to believe that they own mining farms in various undisclosed locations in the US, UK and so on.

But there are no pictures to suggest that this website owns any mining farm anywhere.

Even fake pictures of mining farms belonging to another company were not used.

This is something they ought to have been so proud of because it ”proves” that they do mine Ethereum. But in this case, there is zero evidence that these guys own mining rigs and that they actually participate in mining Ethereum. Actually, ponzi schemes never mine any Ethereum.

What else did we forget?

Ethminer is one hell of a scam. Even their affiliate program makes no sense at all. When we go to their FAQ page, we still find nothing that would instill confidence in us concerning this website.

Contacting them to make an inquiry would be a total waste of our precious time. There is a time to contact the website operator and a time to ignore them altogether.

Also, their ”London physical address” is a total lie. We checked it out and did not find any business by the name Ethminer in that location.

In fact, this England address is provided to give the illusion that Ethminer is a prestigious company. It is meant to fool those who will never both to investigate these issues.

Our best advice for you

Ethminer has never issued any payout to anybody. If it was true that they were paying, a lot of people would have come out to claim (with evidence) that they got payments from this company.

Now the decision lies with you. Whether you want to lose your precious coins to Ethminer or invest them with legitimate Cryptocurrency mining companies is something you have to decide on your own.

For the most part, we have warned you and even told you what to do next.

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