EUR/GBP Long Term Forecast: 21st March to 4th April 2018

EUR/GBP Long Term Forecast: 21st March to 4th April 2018

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It is a down trend based on EUR/GBP Long term forecast in daily time frame. With the help of my technical market analysis, I would like to make it easy for new Forex traders to easily identify and see a down trend in EUR/GBP daily chart.

So, instead of doing my Elliott wave analysis, today I am going to show you how a simple technical market analysis could show you a bird’s eye view about any Forex currency pair and in any time frame. However; I must mention that higher time frames work much better to forecast and analyze the Forex currency pair charts. They are more powerful and important as well when it comes to define the support and resistance levels on a price chart.

EUR/GBP Long term forecast

EUR/GBP Long term forecast

Above is the EUR/GBP Long term forecast based on daily time frame which shows us a down trend. Now we can see it is just a plain daily chart without any technical indicator or technical study applied on it. So, it is a bit un-clear to judge which way price is going to move next and when it is going to change the trend?

So, I have now drawn in some trend lines on same price chart of EUR/GBP currency pair and below is the result.

EUR/GBP Forecast today

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A trader could easily notice that trend is bearish based on declining blue colour trend lines. So, based on EUR/GBP Long term forecast in daily chart it looks like a down trend and market is probably going to drop down more as indicated by declining blue color trend lines.

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Now, let us make the same chart a little bit more clear by adding resistance levels. Before I move forward I must first tell you my definition of a resistance level.

“A resistance is a price level on a chart which attracts Sellers”

This means, people are more interested to sell aggressively at a resistance area than any other price level on a price chart and thus market falls down. Now, look at the following same daily chart of EUR/GBP currency pair with resistance levels, added.

EUR/GBP Forecast today

Based on EUR/GBP Long term forecast in daily time frame, you could see lower swing highs and lower swing lows. I have drawn in blue color horizontal trend lines to define the resistance areas on a price chart. Now, it looks quite clear that the trend is bearish in EUR/GBP currency pair in daily chart as the resistance price levels, keep moving down along with price action.

We can even go one step further by writing down an exact resistance price level on a price chart as shown inside the following same daily chart of EUR/GBP currency pair.

EUR/GBP Forecast today

Now, we have successfully defined a resistance area and the value is 0.9012. So, we can now assume with high probability that trend is bearish in EUR/GBP daily chart and we have an important resistance level present at 0.9012 price level.

This means, it is a good idea to look for a possible sell trading opportunity at or around 0.8751 price level. I must mention that it is a down trend going on in daily chart of EUR/GBP. So, as long as price stays below 0.9012 resistance level in EUR/GBP daily time frame, you should not be looking for a buy trading chance as it would be against the existing bearish market trend. My whole trading idea is to first define the market trend. Next, look for trading opportunities that goes in the favour of market trend.

Now, when an existing bearish trend in EUR/GBP is going to fail?

Well, the forecast is good for about next two weeks time and if price of EUR/GBP currency pair breaks above the 0.9012 resistance level then current bearish trend could end. At that point and time, we may need to re-analyze the daily chart price action of EUR/GBP currency pair.

I hope above explanation of technical analysis is clear so far. So, let me move forward and show you same chart with technical indicators and what the indicators are currently suggesting about the future price direction of EUR/GBP currency pair.

EUR/GBP Long term forecast with MACD

Below is the same EUR/GBP daily chart with MACD, using standard settings of 12, 26 and 9.

EUR/GBP Forecast today with MACD

Let me first explain about convergence, before I explain what is going on in above daily chart of EUR/GBP with standard MACD settings.

In simple words, “Divergence” means that price moves in one direction and technical indicator moves in an opposite direction. Out of many, one benefit of using MACD is to find out if there is a divergence present on a price chart or not? So, with the help of MACD divergence we can easily identify a possible trend reversal in an existing bullish trend or bearish trend before we actually participate in the market, with a high probability.

So, EUR/GBP daily chart MACD is currently bearish and below its zero level which supports the bearish EUR/GBP Long term forecast. Now, we could notice Bullish Divergence between MACD and bearish EUR/GBP daily chart price action. It is very clear that price of EUR/GBP daily chart is moving down, printing lower swing highs and lower swing lows but MACD is moving up, in an opposite price direction as indicated by the blue color trend lines on MACD and price chart.

So, a MACD bearish divergence suggests that EUR/GBP could prints a bottom in coming trading days. I must also mention that some times, divergence with MACD also fails like any other indicator or market trading approach.



EUR/GBP Long term forecast suggests a down trend for next two weeks time and traders could look for a possible sell trading chance at or around 0.8751 price level. Bearish convergence is present with MACD in daily time frame which suggests that we could see further bearish price action in EUR/GBP daily chart in coming trading days. If price rise and closes a bullish candlestick above 0.9012 resistance level then down trend is going to end. In such a market scenario, it would be best not to trade the market and re-create EUR/GBP Long term forecast in daily time frame. We recommend trading with these top-rated brokers when using our signals/analyses/forecasts as they handle your trades quicker and more efficiently with very low spreads and most of them have high trade execution rate.

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