EverFX Global Review: Brute Forex Scam

EverFX Global Review: Brute Forex Scam

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EverFX Global ( is a broke CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex broker whose target is to scam unsuspecting investors. EverFXGlobal is a brute broker who will do or say anything to entice users into signing up. Have you signed up with this broker? Kindly read this detailed and honest EverFX Global review before signing up. This thoughtful piece will reveal dirty tricks used by this broker to entice unsuspecting traders.

EverFX Global Review

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EverFX Global Review:

EverFX Global should not be confused by EverFX which is a genuine trading company. These scammers have added the word Global to their trading name. This is a clone of the real EverFX global company which is a partner of Seville Football team. These scammers have clearly overstepped by using a legit company’s name. And this is done to solely entice users into signing up with them. By fooling them this is the real brokerage site recognized by trading community.

Even though these scammers have used the same logo and name, we have ways of exposing them. These scammers are not as smart as they think they are. And in order to protect our readers, we have to expose these scammers. Some of the tricks used are straight from the scammer’s manual book. Other scam tricks are hard to spot with the naked eye. Thanks to our intuitive team, these tricks will be exposed for all to see. Read this detailed EverFX Global review to find out the truth.

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About EverFX Global.

According to the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, this platform is operated by ICC Intercertus Capital Limited. This company is based in the Cayman Islands. Disclaimer also states this broker is owned by this company. A look at the registrar of companies reveals damning information regarding this company. As it turns out, this company is not registered with the registrar of companies. This means we are dealing with an illicit broker.

Being registered in Cayman Islands also means this broker is based offshore. This is why no sane investors or trader works with this bunch. Stay away from this type of broker.

Is EverFX Global Licensed or Registered?

EverFX Global Platform Review

What we have found out regarding this broker will shock our readers. This broker is using fake registration details to operate an illicit Forex business. License number posted on their disclaimer is nothing but a random number. A look at some of the leading Forex regulatory institutions will reveal this scam. No regulatory body has come out and claimed to officially register this company. In short, this company is operating under false pretense, this is illegal.

Where are their registration certificates and documents to prove authenticity? Lack of proper documents means we are dealing with a fraudulent platform. A real broker will openly post copies of their registration details for all to see. This ensures every trader can verify details regarding registration with regulatory bodied. Stay away from this platform to avoid losses.

Account Types.

Account types are named Entry, Standard, Premium, and VIP. Minimum acceptable trading deposit with these accounts starts at $250, $2500, $10,000, and $50,000. A look at these accounts reveals users get a welcome bonus with each account.

Welcome bonus starts at 30%, 50%, and 100% on last two accounts. Why would a broker issue a welcome bonus on these accounts? This broker is simply trying to entice users into signing up. Stay away from this broker as they have ill intentions.

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Platform Used.

Looking at their homepage, this website claims to use MT4 trading platform. What this broker claims is using a web based MT4 platform. In order to test how well their platform works, we decided to sign up and use it. This platform is highly unstable. Stay away from unsecured platforms.

To add salt to injury, this platform is highly unstable. An unstable platform is dangerous as it leaves users vulnerable to attacks. Mostly, hackers will use this loophole to harvest personal data. In most cases, hackers will retrieve personal data and identity information. Credit card details are at risk with unstable platforms. Hackers use credit card details to purchase goods online using your credit card. Stay away from this broker and ignore calls to sign up.

Are Funds Safe with EverFX Global?

EverFX Global Broker Review

A broker who lacks licensing credentials will never properly secure funds. In fact, this broker is stealing funds using a Forex platform as cover. For all we know, this could be a money laundering operation. And this is why we believe users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account.

This broker fails to follow set procedures regarding operating a Forex trading platform. With this revelation, this means we are dealing with a broker who is breaking all rules. EverFX Global is conducting Forex trade illegally by pooling funds in one account. This is dangerous as broker will lose all funds at once in case of bankruptcy.

Funding Methods.

There are five methods of funding with this broker. These funding methods include Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and Web Money. And there’s a valid reason why depositing funds is easy and fast. This broker wants to make as much money as possible before winding up.  Withdrawal becomes a pain in the neck for all investors.

Is EverFX Global a Scam?

Evidence clearly shows EverFX Global is a scam which must be exposed by all parties involved. Mark all emails sent by their marketing team as Spam and don’t click on any links. Make sure to warn your family and friends from joining any affiliate programs. Joining their affiliate programs means you become an accessory to fraud.

Our Recommendation.

EverFX Global Scam Review

Adding this platform to our scam blacklist will help expose this platform. With this done, we hope relevant authorities will look into this platform. Ensure to stay away from this platform and always sign up with authentic Forex platforms. This is the only way to stay safe from EverFX Global.

Make sure to stay away from any broker who has characteristics shown above. Reviews are meant to show users what to expect with a product or service. This EverFX Green review is not different.

To have a better and more comprehensive trading experience, use tools used by experts and newbies. Have the right trading tools to ensure a smooth trading experience is what every investor should have. Sign up with Forex trading robots which are reliable and reputable at all times. This is a proven and tested way of making realistic profit margins with Forex trading.

Lastly, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

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11 Replies to “EverFX Global Review: Brute Forex Scam”

  1. I have invested with EverFX who is situated in the Cayman Islands but they don’t advertise as Everfx Global. I just want to confirm if this is a scam company and how can I retrieve my money from them after loosing all invested with profit money.

    1. Hallo
      hatten Sie Erfolg beim Rausführen des Geldes? Ich wurde auch reingelgt. Das sind 100% Betrüger. Ich habe mein ganzes Geld verloren(((

  2. Before i sign ,I don’t know That this Everflxglobal is a forex trading scam. i deposit my money in everfx global last 12/27/2019. Can any one can help me how to withdraw my money? Thanks a lot in advance

  3. Sono margareta che società di ladri seri da rubare soldi senza spurgare bene a cui che no non capisce bene a veti vato a vostro gioco fregando personi stranieri ce non a capito in più ano anche sgridato che nu sono capaci da guidare sul telefono ano chiuso dopo sono rimasta senza soldi ladri

  4. YES EVERFX, OR EVERFX GLOBAL ARE SCAMMERS. Everything said from the reviews are true. I lost all my money with these scammers. They entice you so very well enough that they will say they will help you how to trade and they will give you their best account managers, thats what they call their brokers. They will allow you to start with $250 then once hey know you have a credit card account or money they will push you to deposit all available money. I deposited so much with them, but NO profit was even obtained. Their brokers are very pushy and would easily get upset. You cannot withdraw your money and you wont be able to get your money back. The brokers would advise you the wrong order(buy/sell) until your money depletes.

  5. Stategli alla larga “Everfxglobal” sono autentici abili truffatori!!!Sono un giornalista (ho prove e testimonianze dei loro illeciti) li ho contattati per un intervista ma invano ti prendono in giro si fanno negare… questa la dice lunga??..un consiglio non aprite loro mail mettetele in spam….

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