Exarbitrage Review: a Total Scam

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Exarbitrage Review: a Total Scam

Exarbitrage is another cryptocurrency pyramid scheme. The platform claims they allow their investors to purchase digital currencies at a low price and sell them at a higher price in a different exchange.

The company lures innocent investors into their site by assuring them they can buy cryptos, and resell them to get profit.

The platform is poorly designed, and there is no sufficient information that creates confidence in why you should choose them as your investment company.

Exarbitrage urge their clients to have multiple accounts for them to arbitrage fast. The registration process is quick. After the platform verifying your account, you can start earning.

The platform has not created an excellent reputation in the market. The platform’s plea for users to open many accounts could be a reason for them to steal as much as they can. Scam Review, Platform

The platform is not a legit trading company. It is similar to Wozur, Bitfinevo, and Bitcoin Code Expert scam companies. The site wants to scam naïve traders who do not know how the crypto market operates.

If you follow their advice, it will be challenging for you to manage the accounts. You will face a lot of pressure, and you might end up making huge losses.

The platform does not have terms and condition pages. They can change their term of service as they please hence compromising your funds; they do not disclose the privacy and fees policy.

Furthermore, there is no bank information; the withdrawal method is also murky. It is also unclear the least amount of money that you can cash out.

Exarbitrage platform is not the best option in the market. Invest your money with trustworthy platforms that will help you yield real-time returns. Review

The company allows traders to earn profits. However, their business model is not transparent, and pursuing a venture with them would be an unwise decision.

Arbitrage is the process of purchasing altcoins from an exchange that is selling the coins at a lower price and reselling them to a different site at a higher price.

There are numerous exchanges around the globe, and some traders exploit any chance they get to earn a profit. The company offers its investors a similar opportunity.

They claim that the platform is safe, and your funds are secure. They allegedly add high volume currencies and most trusted exchanges in the market.

However, Exarbitrage is not a pump or signal company. They only offer market data that is accessible for any trader.

Exarbitrage Review, Exarbitrage Supported Exchanges

The information on their site is wanting and insufficient. There is also no evidence that they carry out any crypto trading services.

They only have a few questions in their FAQ, they don’t provide any address, neither do they have an about us section.

The platform expect clients to invest with them blindly. They are targeting newbies’ in the market as no expert trader would venture with a shady site like Exarbitrage.

The platform is using a similar name like the Arbitrage trade, but the two are entirely different. You should be very cautious with this Ponzi scheme; else, you risk losing your money.

How does Exarbitrage Operate?

How this platform works is shady; in their site, they have put up prices of cryptos from various exchange companies.

Nonetheless, they recommend traders to purchase EOS from platforms like Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, Poloniex, HITBTC, among others, for you to begin trading in this platform. You need to have your currency in either USDT or EOS.

You can choose the exchange of your choice so long as it is on their list. They only care that you buy EOS using USDT.

Exarbitrage site has a profit calculator that traders can use to calculate the EOS returns that they will make. For investors to earn huge returns, they need to sell their EOS into USDT.

The returns they assure traders are around 3.78%. You can cash out your earnings at any time. exchange is not a trustworthy exchange.

Avoid depositing money in these two platforms as the only thing you will get from them is unimaginable losses.

Arbitrage trading is efficient when done with trading software. It is hard to earn huge returns when you are doing it manually.

It is why the operations of Exarbitrage are suspicious and unrealistic. The platform is a pyramid scheme that mysteriously eliminates the risks of cryptos. Digital assets are highly volatile by nature; making losses is part and parcel of any venture.

Exarbitrage Regulation and Customer Support

Various governments are trying their level best to protect their citizens from fraudster platforms. Crypto niche is spreading and growing hugely, and the market is plagued with numerous scammers.

Exarbitrage is a company that claims to be dealing with digital assets trading. However, to carry out such services that include collecting money from the public, they need to be regulated by the law.

The platform is operating illegally, despite them accepting traders from all over the world, they do not have a single regulation document. Neither are they registered by anyone.

Investing with them will compromise your data as well as your money. Stay safe and avoid engaging with Exarbitrage.

The pyramid scheme has not disclosed where they are located. Moreover, the founder and the team behind the platform are operating behind the scenes.

There is no information on who the employees and the founder are; anonymity is not something that is appreciated in online investment.

You need to know the people who are handling your money and the qualification that they possess. Unfortunately, Exarbitrage does not offer any customer support to its clients.

There is no legit platform that would risk damaging their PR by not having a support system. The tactic of not providing any personal info is common with pyramid schemes. Not leaving information behind helps to avoid being caught by the law.

The Domain Insight

We did a background check on this shady company. Thanks to, we were able to acquire insight. The platform’s official domain name is

The company registration took place in February 2020 and will expire in February 2022, the platform has Alexa Global Ranking of 1,611,308.

 Final verdict

Exarbitrage company is a Ponzi scheme that will leave you high and dry. The site lacks essential information; they are only after your money. The owner of the platform is unknown, and they do not have any contact details.

Avoid trusting ghost investors with your money as they will exit the market. Venture with credible crypto trading companies that will help you earn profits. has a lot of unanswered questions.

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