eXcentral Review: Accurate Broker

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eXcentral Review: Accurate Broker

eXcentral ( is a Cypriot CFDs, Crypto Currency, and Forex broker with an attractive platform. EX Central is offering members over 300 trading assets with professional trading tools. E Xcentral is also guaranteeing users safety as they have been licensed by CySEC to offer Forex services. Members we contacted are happy with how things are working at this platform. Read this detailed and genuine EXCENTRAL Review and find out more.

eXcentral Review

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eXcentral Review

Traders want to know which broker will keep them safe and comes highly recommended. After checking how this platform works, we are satisfied with their regulatory status. Even though this broker is regulated, it doesn’t mean they offer affordable services. Some members are complaining of spreads not being specified. And this is a problem as investors sign up blindly not knowing what to expect. The cost of trading with eXcentral is not shown on their website which is a bit odd.

After landing on their homepage, one can easily see why this is a legit platform. Homepage is well-designed and is user friendly. You can get any information you want by just clicking on the various channels. Another good feature with this website is how easy it is to navigate the whole website. They have not stuffed their homepage with a lot of information regarding trading services. With such a well-designed website, you should expect competitive spreads and pricing with eXcentral.

About eXcentral

Mount Nico Corp Ltd is the company which owns this trading platform. Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage shows where this company is based. True to their word, this company is known to offer investment services in the European area. Even though the company is dully registered, we still feel they left out some vital details. Investors should know who their money goes to as well as who handles it. There are no names mentioned regarding the CEO or CFO of this company.

Another problem with eXcentral is anonymity, no one knows the founding members of this platform. It would be prudent if they gave us names of the brokers behind this platform. Investors would use social media platforms to track down these brokers. Sadly, Ex CENTRAL does not give users any names of people running this website. And this is a huge problem as it creates mistrust between users and owners. You would want to know who actually handles your funds, and put a face to it.

Is eXcentral licensed or registered?

eXcentral license and registration

We did check with CySEC and their mother eXcentral is licensed and regulated by CySEC. License number listed on the CySEC registered entities is indicated as 226/14. The company was licensed on 07/02/14 which makes it a reputable broker. Company registration number is 307717 and approved domains are listed below the page. It should be noted that the company went by a previous name, Nico Financial NF Ltd. And the company is indicated as an investment service provider.

Members can go at the CySEC register portal and confirm these details at their own time. And this is the biggest advantage this broker has over other platforms. The fact they have been regulated means they have met strict financial guidelines. It means users who deposit funds are assured of safety. A compensation plan is in play if the broker goes bankrupt or faces insolvency. Investors should at all times go for brokers who have been licensed by credible regulatory bodies.

Features of eXcentral/ Advantages

The only advantage we could find with this broker is having been licensed by a known body. Investors are advised to sign up with platforms registered by internationally recognized bodies. They include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, NFA, and SEC. These bodies have strict guidelines which insure all investors trade safely. Forex providers are required to deposit a certain amount before offering trading services. In CySEC, investors can be compensated to a maximum of 20,000 EUR.

Disadvantages of eXcentral

Accounts offered

eXcentral claims to offer four different account types. Sadly, we could not get to the account’s page as they don’t have one. Why would a broker claim to have four different accounts with no information about them? Another huge problem with this platform is lack of credible information regarding minimum deposit. What is the minimum deposit required to start trading with this platform?

Deposit and withdrawal

eXcentral Accounts offered

When it comes to funding accounts, the platform has two methods. Users can choose to use credit/debit card as well as bank wire transfer. Sure, these funding methods have are covered everywhere making it a plus. A problem with this platform is lack of details regarding withdrawal. How long does it take for withdrawal to take place? These are some of the questions we need answers to before fully embracing eXcentral. And this is one big letdown with this broker.

No Demo Account

Why on earth would they fail to give investors a chance to try out their platform? A demo account gives investors a chance to know what types of leverage and spreads are available. Without a demo account, users are signing up without knowing what to expect with the platform. You should always know the maximum leverage levels provided before signing up. Lack of these vital details leaves a bad taste on the part of the broker. We recommend you be careful with eXcentral.

Trading platform

They claim to use MT4 trading platform as their preferred tool of trade. What we have an issue with is lack of proper security features. They may have the best trading platform but without SSL Encryption, members are at risk. Hackers are known to steal credit card information as well as personal data. Without SSL Encryption, members face a risk of being hacked by third parties.

Are funds safe with eXcentral?

Even though funds are safe with a licensed and regulated broker, we still have some concerns. Without DDoS encryption, chances of this platform being attacked are high. And yes, you might get compensation but after a long time. Why not just user a platform which is licensed and fully secure? Anonymity is also a major concern with this platform as we don’t know the people behind it. A true and legit platform will give users details regarding the people tasked with handling funds.

Is eXcentral legit or a scam?

eXcentral Trading platform

eXcentral is dully licensed by CySEC, we don’t dispute it, and we do question their features. With eX central, no one has questioned the account types used. A real broker should give users all relevant information before they sign up. Rogue brokers can get licensed and later steal from users when their pockets are full. Be careful with this platform as we don’t completely trust their platform.

Bottom line

We will be looking carefully at how members are faring with this platform. In the meantime, why not use expert recommended products? Once you get the right broker, you stand a chance of making real profits.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with ideal and transparent Forex robots today.

Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading period.

26 Replies to “eXcentral Review: Accurate Broker”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. Ich wollte mich gestern bei Bitcoin Code anmelden. “Nachdem” ich €250.- eingezahlt habe, wurdeich sofort an EXCENTRAL weitergeleitet.Ich kenne diese Plattform gar nicht und von der Werbung des BCC ist jetzt keine Rede mehr. Die schreiben jetzt schon von Mehreinzahlung wo ich noch nicht mal richtig angemeldet bin. Wer hat Erfahrung mit excentral ? Bitte klärtmich auf, Danke !

    1. Mir ist dasselbe passiert.Bin sofort zu Excentral weitergeleitet worden, habe einen Rückruf bekommen, Fragebogen ausgfüllt und zögere jetzt aber, etwas einzuzahlen. Möchte mich zuerst vergewissern dass keine Nachschusspflicht besteht (möchte auf einen Fall mehr verlieren als dass ich einzahle). Habe ein komisches Gefühl, kenne mich leider Null aus mit Finanzgeschäften.

      1. Habe EUR 250 eingezahlt und wurde anschließend tyrannisiert mit Anrufen, habe sofort das Geld zurückgefordert und exzentrisch hat einfach ohne Vertrag 80 EUR einbehalten. Die Sache geht jetzt zum Anwalt. Einfach Finger weg.

  3. Ich rate jedem von Excentral die Finger zu lassen, man terrorisiert von angeblichen Mitarbeitern von Excentral auf Zypern, Warte nun seit 1 Woche auf die Rückzahlung, nur Vertröstungen per Mail. Sache geht bald zum Anwalt und Anzeige bei der Polizei

  4. Mir ist es sehr ähnlich passiert. Habe 250 Euro bezahlt. Nach den sehr langen und aufdringlichen Telefongesprächen mit dem *Berater* aus Zypern. Man wollte mich überzeugen mehrere 10’000 Euro nachzuzahlen, dann werde es viel interessanter für mich. Hatte ein komisches Bauchgefühl und habe
    ihnen mitgeteilt dass es nichts für mich sei und sofort die 250 Euro zurückgefordert. Die Berater werden dann sehr schnell unfreundlich und hängen dann auf. Ich weiss noch nicht wie es weiter geht. Werde in Zukunft die Finger davon lassen von solchen dubiosen Geschäften. Was in Werbe-Videos versprochen wird ist zu schön um war zu sein.

  5. Good Morning. I open account in excentral 1 week ago. Im still waiting for all that they offer. they still haven my 250 eu. And i recive a lot of email with not clear information. Today i will try to recover my money, if i cant, i will leave that situation and i will never do the same again. If any one have good experience, please, share. thanks.

    1. Hej Marianela
      jeg har haft en konto i 2uger. Der er et overskud på 151.16 Euro. jeg har nu prøvet at trække mine penge ud. Der går til sidst på denne ugen før min penge kommer ind på min konto. nu må jeg vente og se om de kommer.

    2. that’s weird, your message.
      i’ve been trading with the company for 3 months and had never had any issues with withdrawals

    3. how much did someone pay to you to write this useless message here? eu.ecentral is cute and effective! i get my payouts every time i request with no problems at all

  6. Ich habe gerade angemeldet bevor ich hier geschaut habe. Noch nicht Die Crs Formular aufgefühlt aber leider 250 bezahlt, jetzt sehe ich so bin echt enttäuscht von mir selbst. Wie habt ihr eure Geld gefördert?Danke für Info

  7. Buenos días…he depositado 250€ en excentral y los comentarios que estoy leyendo, son todos negativos…mi dinero está perdido?

  8. Die Werbung und Anmeldung und Einzahlung war in Deutsch. Dann ab sofort nur noch Englisch, eine Uebersetzung zwecks Eintritt unmöglich. Also nur Verarschung pur.

  9. morning!
    been trading at for a month only. got my withdrawals twice as per my request. everything’s smooth. the only thing i don’t like is that there’s a certain risk amount, and it’s not always beneficial. however, i got the logics: the more i follow the managers’ advice, the more chances to earn i got as the company has no benefits as well if i lose. so i trust these guys. my last deposit was the biggest i’ve ever made, $10K, and i already got 15% ahead!

  10. if you’re a profy in trading, your fortune will never let you fail. at excentral you can earn, truly. i recommend imho

  11. when i started in trading with eu excentral i didn’t put many hopes as i am aware of thr risks forex industry contains. but with the signals from the manager im cooperating at this compay everything is more or less smooth

  12. guys do all of you enjoy the 1:30 leverage? im sure yes! i love this trading platform and their mt4 terminal!!!!

  13. a top broker that i like trading with. always get no more than 20%out of each deal and i usually run about 6 to 10 deals. signals by the company are perfect. cfds are my fetish now!

  14. everything has always been good with eu.excentral! i’m proud of being a part of this global market with this global company!

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