Exchange World Review: Do Not Invest in Ponzi Scheme

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Exchange World Review: Do Not Invest in Ponzi Scheme

Exchange World is a Ponzi scheme that is marketing itself as a crypto company that is capable of providing significant profits to the users. Its website,, mentions a number of features to convince the users about its legitimacy and get investment. 

In this article, we will thoroughly review Exchange World to determine whether it is a good investment opportunity. 

What is Exchange World? states that Exchange World is operating with the goal of empowering people all over the world with the help of modern crypto trading services. As the name suggests, Exchange World is claiming to be a platform through which you can safely store and transfer digital and fiat currencies. 

The company puts a lot of emphasis on the security of the working procedures. The primary reason behind this marketing tactic is that most users consider safety and security to be the most important factor while dealing with online currencies, especially crypto coins.

The website also states that a large team of experienced developers and security experts is continually working on the company to make each and every function safe for the users. Yet, the company does not provide any details about the security team or software used for this purpose. 

In fact, Exchange World keeps mentioning that it has a team of qualified and trained experts. However, there is no information about the team behind this company.  

Origins of Exchange World

Exchange World was formed in 2019. According to, the CEO of the company is Christian Kurt Singer. However, there is no external source that validates this information. The website is the only place on which the name of Christian Kurt Singer appears.  

There are no social media profiles of Singer. Hence, it is highly possible that a fake name is given to try to present Exchange World as a trustable platform. It means that it is not clear who is actually running the platform. also provides office addresses on different continents. The registration of the domain indicates that the company is running from Austria. However, the company is claiming that its headquarters are in Slovenia. It points to the fact that Exchange World is lying about its location. 

The analysis of the website shows that Pakistan (22%) and Moldova (4%) contribute the highest amount of traffic to

Reach of Exchange World

Exchange World is claiming to have global reach by offering services in different digital and fiat currencies. However, there is no proof of the fact that is actually a global company. It is not registered with any major trading body. 

Moreover, there is no proof of the fact that the company is actually capable of handling international trading. It is highly possible that Exchange World is only lying about such features to attract investment from all over the world. 

Services and Products of Exchange World

As expected from a platform like Exchange World, there are no retail products in this company. In fact, there are no major services Exchange World. It is only collecting affiliate membership fees from the customers and promises daily ROIs.

Income Structure of Exchange World

Exchange World is a crypto platform that is promising about 0.1% to 0.32% of daily ROI to the users who invest in EXW tokens. also states that all of the profits will be distributed in EXW tokens. 

However, it is important to note that EXW tokens do not have any actual value in the crypto market. These tokens are only recognized by Exchange World. Therefore, even if you get the tokens, you will not be able to use them on any other platform. 

The income structure of mainly revolves around the affiliate ranks and recruitment commission. This type of income structure is unsustainable and can lead to a company’s collapse at any time.

Therefore, you should not invest in Exchange World. Instead, use authentic crypto trading bots that provide a wide range of trading preferences for all types of traders. As a result, you will be able to generate a good amount of profits with these bots.

Affiliate Ranks has the following ten affiliate ranks:

  1. Basic Rank for which the members have to hire at least one affiliate. 
  2. Starter Rank for which the members have to hire at least two affiliates. 
  3. Builder Rank, for which the members have to hire at least three affiliates. 
  4. Pro Builder Rank, for which the members have to hire at least six affiliates. 
  5. Expert Builder Rank, for which the members have to hire at least eight affiliates. 
  6. Ambassador Rank, for which the members have to hire at least ten affiliates. 
  7. Grand Ambassador Rank for which the members have to hire at least twelves affiliate. 
  8. Diamond Rank, for which the members have to hire at least fourteen affiliates. 
  9. Diamond Ambassador Rank, for which the members have to hire at least sixteen affiliates. 
  10. World Elite Rank, for which the members have to hire at least twenty affiliates.

Referral Commissions

Like many other Ponzi schemes, Exchange World also promises referral commissions to attract as many affiliates as it can. A traditional uni-level compensation structure is used for this purpose. provides the following breakdown of the referral commissions:

  • Members of Level 1 can generate a 50% referral commission. 
  • Members of Levels 2 and 3 can generate a 20% referral commission. 
  • Affiliates of Level 4 can generate a 10% referral commission. 
  • Affiliates of Level 5 to Level 7 can generate a 5% referral commission. 
  • Members of Levels 8 and 9 can generate a 2% referral commission. 
  • Members of Level 10 can generate a 1% referral commission.

How to Join Exchange World?

It is quite surprising to see that does not provide any information about how users can join Exchange World. It only mentions that the affiliate membership of the company is directly linked with the investment in the EXW tokens. 

Exchange World

There is no minimum investment set by the company. It points to the fact that the Exchange World wants you to invest as much money as you want. In exchange, it promises 0.1 to 0.3% daily ROIs. 


The above discussion about the business model of Exchange World makes it clear that is a crypto Ponzi scheme. It is similar to many other such platforms that claim to be authentic crypto Worlds but ultimately collapse due to lack of investment.

Instead of focusing on its functionalities, the primary focus of is on recruiting new members. It shows that the company wants to recruit as many members as possible before its imminent collapse.

The company is promising to provide profits in its own crypto coin – EXW tokens. Such tokens do not have any value outside the platform. In other words, even if you manage to get EXW tokens, you will not be able to use them anywhere. 

The income structure of Exchange World is designed in a way that will keep the affiliate members keep investing again and again. However, you will not be able to make any real profits during this process.

You also have to remember the fact that is clearly lying about its background and features. It claims to be located in many different countries. Yet, it only provides the address of shell companies. There is no authentic information about the owner of this company which shows that it is not a trustable platform.

In short, you should not invest in Exchange World because it is a Ponzi scheme. Instead, use genuine crypto trading bots that allow you to participate in crypto trading in a legal and efficient manner. Hence, you will be able to generate good profits via these crypto trading bots.

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