Exeno Review: Is A Crypto Financial Scam

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Exeno Review: Is A Crypto Financial Scam

A large number of companies are operating in the crypto MLM niche. One of such heavily promoted companies is Exeno. The company claims to provide its clients with tech solutions in the cryptocurrency industry. It is important to analyze and review the different aspects of in detail. By the end of this article, you will be able to determine whether Exeno is a reliable company to invest in.

Overview of Exeno

Exeno is a tech solutions provider that deals in cryptocurrency. It allows its users to trade NFTs, crypto coins called the Exeno coins. The company claims to have a user-friendly Exeno Marketplace through which you can buy or sell these coins. It is important to note that such coins do not have any value on other crypto exchanges.

According to, the company is based in the Marshal Islands. Moreover, the website states that the company was formed in 2020. However, there are no major outlets that reported on the company’s formation or introduction in the industry. Hence, its claims about being a well-known company are highly doubtful.

Another key claim of Exeno is that it is a leading global e-commerce company. Yet, there is no evidence that backs their claim. In fact, all of the current statistics indicate that this platform has failed to garner any significant attention from investors or users since its formation.

Domain Analysis

The analysis of shows that it was established in November 2020. However, it was not until October 2022 that Exeno replaced its ecommerce website with its current website.

The domain has a good look and feel when it comes to design and its home page. It has separate pages to divert the traffic to different pages to easily access the services offered by Exeno.

Owner of Exeno

The current CEO of Exeno, as stated on their website, is Tom Babiak. Initially, when it was established, the Directors of Exeno were Tomasz Damian Babiak, Grzegorz Rafal Rogowski, and Bozena Joanna Glowacka.

Grzegorz Rafal Rogowski is, in fact, Greg Rogowski, who is linked with another MLM nich company known as Mining City. Exeno was formed in 2020, soon after the Mining City started to get a lot of negative attention.

Just like Exeno, Mining City is also known for making huge claims. For instance, it promises that users will be able to mine their own crypto coins without buying any equipment or even without any significant charges.

Mining City has practically collapsed. Yet, it is operating with different aliases and websites. Hence, the suspicious background of the owner of Mining City and its link with Exeno shows that you cannot fully trust this company.

Even the basics of seem off. Hence, it is recommended that you don’t invest in it. Instead, you should be investing your hard-earned money in crypto cloud mining companies to earn massive profits via genuine sources. 

Registration Fee

Exeno does not provide any details about its registration charges on the website. Instead, it only makes claims that users can get a massive return on investment by investing in the company. 

Such kind of general claims only show that does not want to reveal complete information. This kind of shady business model seems to be a core reason why the company is not getting as much attention as it is claiming to get.

Features of Exeno

There are several features and claims of Exeno that must be analyzed in detail to determine their authenticity.


Exeno is claiming that it is operating with the goal of making crypto trading easier, quicker, and transparent for users across the board. Moreover, the website states that the team behind the company is working to make crypto investments and trading more common and safe for people to use crypto in day-to-day life.

However, the actual working and business model of the company does not support these claims. In fact, the business model of Exeno is similar to any other MLM trading company.

Team Information is trying to seem like a legitimate platform by providing the names of its employees and a few executives. However, it does not mention their work history. For instance, one of the original CEOs of the company was linked with another crypto scam called Mining City.

It shows that Exeno is trying to hide a lot of relevant information from the users. The end goal of providing such half-baked information is to get investment from users and scam them.

Another prominent aspect of the team “names” is that most of them seem very odd. An individual named Tom Babiak is supposedly running the company, while another person called Kamil “bd90” Kielbasa is the head of development. The website does not even provide original images along with these names, so there is a high chance that the company is making false claims to attract users. 

Global Market

Exeno is presenting itself as a global player in the crypto industry. It even states that it is one of the best crypto solution providers in the world. However, it does not offer any evidence to back up this kind of grandiose claim.


Other than the shady business model of, there are lots of concerns about the security and transparency of this platform. The company is promising significant returns without any kind of effort from the investors.

However, there is no further information about how exactly the users will get these profits. The website also does not provide any details about the security protocols being used by its exchange. So, there is a high chance that you will end up losing your investment in Exeno.

Income Structure

Just like the registration charges, Exeno is not being upfront about its income structure. Instead, the company focuses on making tall claims to get investment. The website states that users have to make investments in the form of Exeno Coin (EXN) to get annual returns. Yet, the website does not reveal the exact amount of these returns. 

The website also has an MLM side. It is encouraging users to be a part of Exeno Finance and recruit people to get more profits. This kind of business model is unsustainable in the long run. 

Companies relying on MLM investments without any external source of revenue tend to collapse quickly. It is evident that is only making such claims to attract more users and make them invest in the company. 

Exeno Logo


Considering all the features and promises of Exeno, it is evident that it is not a suitable company for investment. There are a lot of contradictions in the company’s own claims. 

It is trying to attract a wide audience by claiming to be an e-commerce, crypto, and MLM company all at the same time. Moreover, the website is making a lot of false claims to get people to invest in the company.

Ultimately, there is a high chance that you will end up losing your investment in Exeno with its eventual collapse. Hence, you should not invest any amount in this company. 

Instead, if you want to make money in the crypto industry, you should invest in crypto cloud mining companies. Such companies provide a reliable and genuine source of income through trustable crypto mining procedures. 

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