EXeR VIP Club Review: Viridi Coin, a Scam?

EXeR VIP Club Review: Viridi Coin, a Scam?

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We’ve come across a website known as eXeR VIP Club.  does not disclose ownership of this site. In fact, the domain of this website was privately on May 2017. This shows the reluctance of the owner towards revealing to the masses who they are. Thankfully, we managed to track down the parent company of the website. It is known as eXeR Canaplus Ltd.

According to a certificate of incorporation found on the eXeR VIP Club website, the company is based out of Virgin Islands. The date of incorporation is December 2017. However, there is an important discovery that we have made so far. This company is operating separately from the website eXeR VIP Club. The website of eXeR Canaplus Ltd was registered on November 2017. In the business registries, Daniel Pasetti is listed as the owner of this company under the address featuring Moors, Liechtenstein. When we conducted a research on the said business address, we found multiple instances where many businesses uses variations of the same address used by this company and website.

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This person is also associated with an entity called Fides Invest AG. The physical address that they are giving us shows that the business is located in Liechtenstein. However, in the real sense, this is not the case. This business is actually associated with Liechtenstein in name only and not in the physical world.

Fides Invest AG is also referred to as the ”financing sister company” of eXeR Canaplus Ltd. A quick research reveals that Fides Invest AG is a shady company to start with. Even if it’s a financing company, we still have a lot of doubts concerning their operations. Their site is full of red flags which we cannot ignore at this time.

At the same time, Daniel Pasetti owns another company by the name “CanaPower KLG” which was incorporated in Switzerland back in October 2017. Details associated with CanaPower KLG reveals that the real name of Daniel Pasetti is Daniel Dragan Lorenz Antunes Pasetti, and they are allegedly working with Radovan Dokic who comes from Serbia.

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What we can deduce from the findings above is that eXeR VIP Club is owned and operated by Pasetti and Dokic. There could be other anonymous people who are working in collaboration with this duo.

So far, we see that eXeR VIP Club is not upfront with ownership information. As always, when you come across a site that purports to offer investment plans and yet they are not revealing the people behind their operation, you should be extremely cautious.

As a matter of fact, eXeR VIP Club is a ponzi scheme because there are no real products or services behind the website or company. ROIs are generated from incoming deposits. That is something we will not ignore at this moment in time.

EXeR VIP Club Review

So far, we have seen that eXeR VIP Club does not intend to reveal ownership information. We have also seen that the site is not offering any product or service which can generate external revenue. Therefore, the site is actually selling membership into the eXeR VIP Club program. This means that they are doing it in the same way a ponzi scheme would operate.


eXeR VIP Club is actually asking affiliates to invest in a coin known as Viridi so that they can realize an overall return of 300% in 36 months. You must realize that Viridi coins are pre-generated by the admin of eXeR VIP Club website, and they are selling the coin for 0.1 Eur per coin. There are 8 different investment packages on this site. The basic package will require investors to part with a minimum of 250 Euros. The most expensive and allegedly profitable investment package costs 50,000 Euros.

The basic plan promises a ROI of 750 Euros while the ultimate plan is supposedly giving 150,000 Euros ROI. Basically, the coin which they are selling to affiliates here have no real value outside the eXeR VIP Club ecosystem.

eXeR VIP Club commissions

There is a sign up fee of 499 Euros for participating in this ponzi scheme. The site is making use of a uni-level compensation structure to compensate its members. Level 1 affiliates will earn a commission of 40%. On the second level, they earn a referral commission of 15%. On the third level, that commission is still maintained at 15%. In addition to this plan, affiliates are offered a cloud mining opportunity as well.

If an affiliate holds a mining position, they are supposed to receive 20% monthly ROI. In the real world, given the price of Crypto currencies and the rising mining difficulty, this ROI is unrealistic. The site is actually not telling the truth in terms of ROI that they are supposed to obtain from mining. Referral commissions are also paid out via the same compensation structure above. See referral commission in the first few paragraphs.

Please note that eXeR VIP Club website is claiming to provide mining of altcoins at no cost at all. When we explore further, we realize that this involves downloading and installing a software into the user’s computer, which actually proves eXeR VIP Club with access to that user’s PC. Otherwise, no other specific details are provided on what happens in the mining feature of this website.

When you come to the eXeR VIP Club, you will see a message telling you that if you invest in their Viridi coin, you will get 3 times what you have invested. This income is ”guaranteed’. How exactly is this revenue supposed to be generated? Well, the website is claiming that they are linking to eXeR Canaplus Ltd, which is allegedly selling medical Marijuana to Swiss customers. eXeR Canaplus Ltd has a website with dead activity. Even Alexa stopped ranking the site long ago.

Therefore, this is clearly a dead business and whatever it claims to generate is actually negligible. There is no real business.

Our best advice for you

eXeR VIP Club website is simply a ponzi scheme that will leave you in losses. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, please make use of these platforms.

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7 Replies to “EXeR VIP Club Review: Viridi Coin, a Scam?”

  1. Hej!
    Jag ville bara berätta att informationen inte är helt korrekt. Alla medlemmar har fått möjlighet att investera i deras cryptovaluta, som för övrigt är den enda cryptovalutan i världen som faktiskt är baserad på en produkt. Deras valuta är en av världens mest förhandsköpta valuta någonsin, och blir officiell i hela världen i September. Jag har själv investerat i detta, och gick från mina $499 till ca $12000 på under ett år. Så än så länge ångrar jag mig inte en sekund.

    1. Har också läst en del om detta. Drt intressanta är ju tyvärr inte vad utvecklingen på ditt virtuella konto ”säger” utan om du/ni faktiskt kan sälja era andelar och omsätta det i riktiga pengar. Någon som har lyckats sälja sina Coins? Skulle vara intressant att höra någon berätta mer

      Lycka till där ute

    1. Haha nej, ingen bluff, Exer har betalat mina (och många jag känner) räkningar i några månader nu när utdelningarna börjar ta sig??? Men gör inga investeringar nu i detta. Du ljuger när du säger att detta är bluff och jag vill nog inte att du ska bli rik som jag blivit nu??

  2. How can it be a scam company if its still running? Its been 3 years now?
    ViRiDi coin is still growing
    [Link Removed]

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