EXForexBtcTrade Review: No Regulatory Oversight

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EXForexBtcTrade Review: No Regulatory Oversight

EXForexBtcTrade, commonly referred to as Extreme Forex BTC Trade, is another must-avoid platform. Extreme Forex BTC Trade is one of those brokers who seem right at first sight. On further scrutiny, we have found is a ruthless broker. The broker acts on their wishes and disregards the regulation put for online trading. Members are now crying foul, hoping to salvage any amount from the platform. And we must help them expose the broker. Continue reading this transparent EXFOREXBTCTRADE Review.

EXForexBtcTrade Review

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About Extreme Forex BTC Trade Background and History

The about us page claims that the broker is providing an intuitive trading platform. Naïve investors would fall for this trap without a second glance. The website looks real and doesn’t seem to have any telling signs of a scam.

That’s why you need a keen eye to spot the signs of a scam. The website is full of them, and that’s why we must reveal them for you to see. It’s all a scam to ensure you deposit with them.

There are claims that the broker has over 293K active accounts. If this were the case, there would be someone who knows about the broker. We did extensive research in the United States, where they claim to reside.

None of the brokers or normal traders has heard of this platform. With Crypto gaining popularity, it seems fair for scam artists to take a piece of the cake. Before they get a chance to do so, we must expose the results.

Binary Trading on offer

The United States was one of the first countries to ban binary trading. How the broker still trades with Binary options and resides in the States is beyond us. It shows that the platform is a reboot of an old website. The Binary options page is proof that we are dealing with a scam.

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EX Forex Btc Trade Binary Options Scam

There’s no binary trading taking place in Europe or the United States. After the ban of Binary nearly two years ago, everyone went elsewhere for trading instruments.

Business owner

Any thriving business should have the name of the business owner. If it’s a group that runs the platform, we should have their name. All we have is a broker who claims to reside in the United States. Both the Company registrar and online broker registrar have not heard of this entity.

The owner remains unknown, which makes the platform completely anonymous. Anonymity is a risky partner, and no one should sign up with such a platform.

Comments and feedback from victims

A few victims were bold enough to share their experiences with the platform. When they saw that this was an American broker, they didn’t hesitate to deposit funds. It was after some time that things started going wrong for them.

No one would pick their calls, and after some time, the broker froze their accounts. Malik is one victim who made a deposit of $8000 and has not heard from the broker for months. We must expose such practices to keep the online trading world safe.

Domain details (

Thanks to domain checker tools, we can pinpoint the exact time a website went live. Although there are no clear details, the website is barely a year old. Any claim that this is an experienced online trading platform is a lie.

We don’t understand how the broker can be a year old and still offers binary option. From the aesthetic of the website, the intention is to fool unsuspecting investors. Not everything you see is an actual trading website, and this one proves it.

EXForexBtcTrade License and Registration

Extreme Forex BTC Trade False Testimonials

EXForexBtcTrade is not a legal entity and thus should not be offering any trading services. Authorities in the States will be asking questions on how such a platform exists. We made contact with the CFTC and SCC, and none of them have heard of this broker.

It goes to show the extent to which scam artists will go to fool investors. The reason why they chose a U.S address is to feign originality and transparency. All their efforts will go down the drain after the expose.

There are no legal documents to suggest that the broker has legal grounds to offer trading services. We were expecting copies of their license certificates to be available for all to see. There’s no license or registration number, which is a pointer that this is an obvious scam.

The best option is to look for regulated US brokers who have a proven track record. Extreme Forex BTC Trade is a hoax trying to entice US-based investors.

Pros and Cons of EXForexBTCTrade

Account types

EXForexBtcTrade is not furnishing members with any account types. We searched their website and found no account details. Members claim that the broker calls you with different buy-in options.

You can begin trading with the broker with a minimum deposit of $5,000. The broker will insist that the more you deposit, the higher your chances of winning. You should know that the industry has set $250 as the acceptable minimum deposit for legit brokers.

Contact and support

Once you sign up with the broker, expect no support from their team. The only way to make contacts is to email them. Even the phone number that’s on their website doesn’t go through. There’s a bot that takes your information to the scam artists who call demanding more money.

EXForexBtcTrade Contact Details

That’s why you need to be extra careful with whom you share your personal information. Expect no one-on-one support as the scam artists want to control the communication process.

Deposit and withdrawal channels

When it comes to depositing funds, all methods are listed as available. It’s easier and faster to deposit funds than to withdraw. And this is the problem facing most traders who deposit funds with such brokers.

Withdrawing your money is next to impossible as the broker will try and block your account. It’s what is happening to Malik and other victims who decided to deposit with the broker.

Testimonials on display

These testimonials are false and probably have been posted by the same person. There’s no way of reaching out to these people and confirming their testimonials. We also notice that the people who seem to win are CEOs and large-scale investors.

It’s a ploy to entice the normal trader into believing that this is where successful investors put their money.

Safety of funds with EXForexBtcTrade

There’s no safety of funds from a broker who has no legal documents to prove their compliance. Once you deposit with this broker, forget about ever recovering your funds. There’s no compensation plan as the broker does not deposit the amount required to start a brokerage service.

Scam or Legit EXForexBtcTrade

EXForexBtcTrade is an obvious scam trying to scam potential American and European investors. There’s not a single shred of evidence to prove that anyone has made a profit with the platform.

Final verdict

We won’t be recommending a broker who remains anonymous and lacks credibility.

Sign up with authentic brokers who will take your trading to the next level. Go for the best brokers the industry has to offer for a fair and safe trading experience.

We wish traders the very best in their endeavors.

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