ExoCoin Review: EXYS and EXO Points Lending Scam

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ExoCoin Review: EXYS and EXO Points Lending Scam

ExoCoin Review Update: Another scam that led hundreds into losing millions.

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About ExoCoin

ExoCoin does not provide us with any identifying information on their site. So we have no idea who owns or runs the business operation. The official domain,, was privately registered in February 2018. According to the type of language that ExoCoin website uses, it suggests that the content was put together by an admin of the Chinese origin. When we were publishing this review, we noticed that Nigeria and Indonesia where the main countries where majority of traffic to the ExoCoin website were originating from.

This is clearly an MLM, and if they do not disclose ownership details or are hesitant to do so, please think long and hard because there is a good reason as to why they do not wish that their investors should know who they are.

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ExoCoin review

Like any other ponzi scheme platform on the internet, ExoCoin operates by recruiting new affiliates into the system as opposed to selling a product or engaging in an economic activity to generate ROIs. Investors who participate in this scheme buy EXYS points so that ROIs can be paid at the end of it all. Based on the site’s promotion material, pre-generated EXYS coins are being sold to investors at the price of $4 each. The minimum that an investor can put into this scheme is $60 which will earn them 15 EXYS. ExoCoin has 6 different investment plans. These include:

Tron 1 where investors put in $60 to $1000 so they can take home 1% daily returns for 330 days.

Tron 2 where investors put in $1040 to $6,000 so they can earn 1% daily ROI plus 0.03% daily bonus for a period of 300 days.

Tron 3  where investors put in $6200 to $12,000 in EXYS points so they can earn 1% daily ROI and 0,06% daily bonus rate for 270 days.

Tron 4 where investors put in 12,200 to $20,000 in EXYS points so that they can make 1% ROI plus 0.09% daily bonus for 240 days.

Master Tron 1  where investors put in $20,200 to $40,000 in EXYS points to earn 1% daily returns and 0.12% daily bonus for a period of 210 days.

Master Tron 2 where investors put in $40,200 to $400,000 of EXYS points so they can earn 1% daily ROI and 0.15% daily bonus for 180 days.

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Like any other ponzi scheme, ExoCoin is paying out returns in EXYS points which are then converted to EXO via the in-built exchange owned and operated by ExoCoin. Also, ExoCoin has not published the current internal value of this coin on their website, and there is a great level of mystery surrounding the site’s operation.


In terms of the compensation structure, ExoCoin utilizes a uni level compensation structure where affiliates are paid when they refer new recruits into the system. The amount of commission is paid out as a percentage of funds invested by the new recruit based on 5 levels. These include:

Level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) 7%

Level 2 and 3 1%

Level 4 and 5 0.5%

Affiliates who have convinced recruits to invest $100,000 can apply to become company representative leaders. As a representative leader, you receive 14% on level one of the compensation structure.

Also, residual commissions are paid via a binary compensation structure. These are paid in EXYS points. This kind of compensation structure placed an affiliate at the top followed by two other affiliates one at the right and the other on the left side of the tree. Positions into the binary level compensation structure is filled through direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates.

Every day, ExoCoin tallies up EXYS investment activity on both sides of the binary team.

Joining ExoCoin

It is free to join ExoCoin but this will qualify you to earn recruitment commission. However, full membership is not free as it costs $60 and the returns are supposed to be paid out in EXYS points. This kind of thing is very common in many ponzi schemes, including this one that we recently reviewed and found to be a full blown ponzi scam.

The truth is that ExoCoin is an ICO lending ponzi scheme and chances are that the amount that is collected from new recruits will be used to pay out older members.

The site listed their ICO 5 months ago but now it appears that they are in the pump phase as suggested by their annual target of $30. ExoCoin denies that it is a ponzi scheme and tells us that because of their ecosystem, there is no way it can be a ponzi scheme. The so called ecosystem consists of a non responsive betting website and a site that claims to mine Crypto currencies named ExoMining.

By the way, ExoMining appears to be an excuse to publish photos of mining facilities that don’t exist in the real sense. So that means ExoMining does not generate any revenue for this scheme. In the meantime, EXYS and EXO points cannot be used outside the ExoCoin ecosystem and that fact proves that they are worthless points not worth exchanging real money for.

In addition to this, there is ”proof of trades” provided on the homepage of the site. These are random altcoin trades which cannot be verified. They are considered proof of nothing because none of the numbers showcased there can be verified as legit.

If the scammers behind ExoCoin are able to get this coin listed on an external exchange, their next move would be to dump it while convincing gullible investors that they will become rich if they buy the coin. When that happens, what follows is a diminished value of a fake coin and ultimately the disappearance of the creators of ExoCoin.

If that does not happen, then there is another scenario. They may decide that EXYS and EXO are traded internally. However, it won’t be long before the faceless individuals decide that they don’t want to pay any more money to investors. So they will definitely abandon the internal exchange and leave investors stranded with worthless coins which they were tricked into buying with real money.

Our best advice for you

This does not look like something that should be worth your time. So if you are wise, avoid it or put your money in a sound investment strategy.

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