Extickpro Review: Forex Scam Exposed

Extickpro Review: Forex Scam Exposed

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Extickpro ( is another rotten Cryptocurrency scam platform stealing from anyone who deposits funds with them. Ex Tick Pro is professing to offer users a variety of digital assets on a simple interface. Extick Pro is claiming to help investors create their digital currency portfolio thanks to their accurate platform. With such a high promise, investors have signed up in droves. Read this genuine and detailed EXTICKPRO Review for more.

Extickpro Review

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Extickpro Review

After receiving numerous email complaints from member, we decided to conduct a thorough investigation. Members are crying foul after most of them found they could not access their accounts. The problem with this platform is that they have blocked accounts with balances still reflecting. Moses is one victim who has a balance of over $6,500 and has his account blocked. Communicating with the so-called account managers has been limited to once a month. And the account manager insists Moses to deposit more funds.

Professional scam artists have deployed new ways of enticing unsuspecting investors into signing up. What scam artists are doing should be exposed and stopped by authorities. Extickpro is cloning trading websites and using that information on their own homepage. What you see on their website is nothing but a marketing gimmick designed to entice investors. Thanks to our years of investing and trading, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Make sure you stay away from this illicit platform.

About Extickpro

A company named PPSAI Group Limited is posted as being the owner of this website. Apart from using cloned websites, scam artists will also use fake details. A closer look at the register of companies in various countries shows the company above does not exist. These scam artists are using a random company name to try and feign legitimacy. And this is where we draw the line and decide to expose the tricks used. ExtickPro is a dangerous platform which must be stopped at once.

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Anonymity is another reason you should stay away from this platform. No one knows the names of the founding members of this platform. You would expect the platform to post names of the CEO or the mother company on the website. Lack of these vital names is proof we are dealing with an anonymous online trading platform. You should stay away from such platforms since they only want to steal your funds. Associating with anonymous trading platforms is a risky affair.

Is Extickpro licensed or registered?

Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage claims the platform is based in various countries. Of all the countries they have listed as having offices, no official regulation has occurred. We contacted several leading regulatory bodies to try and confirm their license status. These scam artists don’t have any trading license as no institution has given them the green light. Some of the institutions we contacted include ASIC, CONSOB, CySEC, FCA, NFA, and SEC. It proves we are dealing with an unregulated platform.

Why have they failed to post any documents which prove their license status? You would expect such a platform to post copies of their license certificates for all to see. Without these documents, the platform is putting funds at risk. No insurance on funds is conducted by this unregulated platform. The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage does not have any details pertaining license or registration number. Investors are asked to stay away from unlicensed and unregulated platforms.

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Advantages of Extickpro

We could not find any advantage since the website is a hoax. With the number of complaints rising by the day, this is another online scam. Make sure to ignore all their promotional materials especially video marketing pieces. Scam artists will do or say anything to ensure their platform appears legit. At first glance, the website looks genuine and worth a shot. From an expert’s opinion, this is a ticking time bomb about to explode. It is best you stay away from this illicit platform.

Disadvantages of Extickpro

Account types

Extickpro Features

Extickpro is not furnishing users with any account type which is odd. You would expect a Crypto trading platform to have at least a single account. No one knows the features of trading with this platform which is weird. The platform fails to give users vital information regarding certain features. No one knows the minimum required deposit to start trading with this platform. The best option is to stay away from ExtickPro and never look back. It is a scam waiting to pounce.

Customer support

Another major issue we have with this platform is lack of a proper communication setup. No live chat support is available on this website. Scam artists don’t want to make contact with their would-be victims. And this is why we should expose this illicit platform. Without a proper communication channel, users are left stranded. Use of emails is not good enough as response takes time or never goes through. Telephone number is busy at all times which is uncalled for.

Demo Account

Lack of a proper demo account is another problem with this platform. A demo account gives users a chance to test how well a platform works. Extickpro is not providing users with a demo account for a reason. They want members to sign up blindly and never ask questions regarding the speed of execution. A smart investor will want to try out a demo account before committing to a real account. Ensure you start with a demo account and know more about a platform.

Trading platform

According to details posted on their homepage, Extickpro is using a custom-made trading platform. The problem with this statement is that a custom-made platform has not passed proper standards. A custom-made platform is never tested by experts which leaves a lot of loopholes. Lack of proper security features on their trading platform is proof of how vulnerable their system is. Hackers can easily take over the platform and steal vital information such as credit card information.

Safety of funds with Extickpro

Another shocking discovery is how funds are not kept safe by this platform. Without a proper regulatory oversight, these scam artists take advantage of newbie investors. Lack of segregation of accounts is another problem which must be exposed. It is likely investors are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account. Stay away from Extickpro as you will never be compensated once the platform shuts down. Since they don’t follow rules, a compensatory scheme is out of the question.

Scam or legit

Extickpro Trading Platform

All evidence points at Extickpro being a total scam which must be exposed to protect investors. Make sure you mark all their emails as spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs. The more you give out your contact details, the more calls you will receive urging you to deposit more. Best option is to stay away from such platforms.

Bottom line

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist for everyone to see. Our readers now know what to expect with Extickpro.

You can use affordable and trusted brokers for a chance to make profit with Forex trading. Sign up with reliable and reputable brokers who have a strong online presence. Make sure you have experts who will keep you safe at all times.

Wishing you all the best in your Forex trading activities.

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    1. Fund Recovery Steps…

      Ask them to withdraw your funds and, if they refuse or insist on depositing more funds, you must file a chargeback with your bank or open a dispute with PayPal according to the payment method, then report the case to the local police

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