EZ Coinvault Review: Is a Con?

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EZ Coinvault Review: Is a Con?

EZ Coinvault ( is another crypto exchange, investment, and trade scam. Once you deposit funds, the platform will likely hack your wallet. There have been numerous complaints from users who invested with the platform. You need to avoid such platforms, despite their appeal. The platform claims to offer the best staking and trading commissions. If this were true, we would all sign up. Here’s more in our detailed EZ COINVAULT REVIEW.

NOTE: When investing in Crypto, it’s best to use proven platforms that guarantee safety. Experts recommend that you invest in coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. These are the best crypto investment options available for you.

A Brief Overview of EZ Coinvault

EZ-Coinvault claims to give members power to buy and sell Bitcoin on the about us page. However, the platform goes ahead and insists that you don’t have to have any experience to do so. And this means anyone can sign up and start buying and selling Crypto.

Cons of EZ Coinvault

We have a platform that tries to make it all seem easy and successful at once. These are the appeals we were talking about. Such platforms will do or say anything to ensure that investors sign up with them.

However, there’s no record of their background and history. The platform wants you to take their word at face value. And this is something only naïve investors or newbies would consider. You have to get facts to trust a platform completely.

In recent weeks, members have complained about the platform failing to release funds. You get an account with funds, but you can’t seem to withdraw. Others claim that the balance on their accounts diminishes over time.

These are some of the red flags you need to know before signing up. It would be best to do due diligence before committing funds to any platform. And that’s what most investors will fail to do. That’s their biggest problem when it comes to investing.

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Accounts and tiers EZ Coinvault

EZ Coinvault seems to offer one account for everything. The platform claims to have accounts that suit all traders. These include novices to pros. You get a promise of earning and accumulating digital coins.

There are no features listed on their trading accounts. All we get is a promise of getting ultra-fast execution. We did notice the platform fails to mention available features on crypto trading. An excellent example would be acceptable leverage and spreads.

We believe that the platform offers maximum leverage of 1000:1, which is a bit on the upside. However, the platform fails to deliver the best investment solution. And this leaves members in a bit of a pickle.

Accounts EZ Coinvault

The platform creates room for investors to lose a large chunk of their investment. And this is the reason why we have to shun the platform. Those who have invested with it are ruing the decision to sign up.

Despite claiming to have a gravy train, the experience will make you doubt a crypto investment. With no member coming out with proof of success, you have to doubt the outcome. And this is why you need to check all features of a platform.

Even their exchange doesn’t give you much to go on in terms of prices. You only get a promise of buying and selling coins at affordable prices. Luckily, we have all the facts to prove is a scam.

Account features on

Several notable cons come with investing with EZ Coinvault. These include having accounts that don’t make sense at all. In addition, maximum leverage of 1000:1 will put your investment at risk.

Only the platform gets to take advantage as it earns more commission. Most crypto platforms accept maximum leverage of 1:500 for crypto assets. And this is best suited for expert traders. Novice traders should stick to a maximum of 1:100.

There’s also the issue of not giving investors full information on the acceptable minimum deposit. We have a platform with no information on the acceptable minimum deposits. And this means it can ask for any amount.

We have a calculator that limits the minimum investment to $1,000. That’s way too much considering no one knows the platform. Even the more established platforms don’t ask for much, a casing point being Binance and Coinbase.

In any crypto investment, most platforms ask for a maximum of $500 as a minimum balance. Any platform asking for more wants to take advantage of investors. So we have to ensure that we put an end to it.

Are funds safe with

Business owner

There’s little information to direct members to who owns or runs the platform. And this makes EZ Coinvault an anonymous exchange and trading platform. You need to avoid anonymous platforms as best as possible.

With anonymity comes the issue of transparency and trust. The platform creates an environment where you can’t trust the people working for it. Despite claiming to reside in Canada, there’s no such business registry in Vancouver.

E-CloudZone is the parent entity listed as the owner of the platform. However, there’s no info on the people working for it. We don’t have information on staff members, let alone the CEO or founders.

What this means is that you are funding a private entity. No recovery agent in the world can help you recover funds from an anonymous platform. For all we know, the platform would be offshore-based.

The platform chooses this location to target investors from North America. We also have a platform that wants to appear regulated by a reputable organization. Sadly, the platform has no license or registration documents.

Compliance, License, and Registration EZ Coinvault

EZ Coinvault is not a regulated platform despite claiming to comply with crypto rules. No regulator in Canada or North America lists the platform as registered. And this means investors are putting their funds in jeopardy.

We have a platform that lists a random number claiming their license number. That’s the extent the platform will go to try and fool investors. Luckily for you, we can and have exposed their Achilles.

Contact and support

Despite claiming to have an advanced support system, you won’t get live chat support. All you get is a platform that tries to impress investors. The platform gives you a message board for members to leave their messages.

There’s not even a phone number listed for members to make direct contact. And this goes to show that the platform doesn’t want any direct communication with members. So you need to avoid such platforms that want to control the communication structure.

Is EZCoinvault Regulated?

Deposit fund and safety EZ Coinvault

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to get a license from regulators. We suspect the platform also fails to segregate accounts dictated by trading regulations. And this means the platform holds all funds in a single personal account.

The platform also fails to offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients. So once you deposit funds, don’t expect any compensation if the platform goes under. And this is a possibility as regulators plan to clamp down on such exchanges.

Final thoughts

After exposing why is a scam, it’s best to stay away from it. Instead, make sure to invest in platforms that enjoy the backing of the trading community.

Experts recommend that you invest in reliable crypto investment options.

Feel free to drop a comment or email us with any queries.

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