Fabulous Global Venture Review: Is Legit or High Risk?

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Fabulous Global Venture Review: Is Legit or High Risk?

Fabulous Global Venture is a Crypto MLM Reboot of Shao Bank and Remitano. Our review will expose the risks associated with this platform.

Nguyen Viet Quang is the brains behind this platform and seats at the help of the Board of Directors. According to reports, Fabulous Global Venture is an asset owned by VINGROUP. And this Vietnam national is only stepping up his MLM Crypto game.

After exposing Remitano and Shao Bank just a few weeks back, he has already started promoting Fabulous Global Venture. What makes his platform stand out is his claim of associating with Ping An Financial.

Fabulous Global Venture is a scam,

For those in the dark, Ping An Financial is a Chinese conglomerate worth $ 136 billion. In fact, Ping An is the world’s largest insurer. With this statement, Nguyen has led many to believe the conglomerate is behind Fabulous Global Venture.

Far from it, we have a serial Ponzi schemer who knows how to manipulate naïve investors. Of all his products, Shao Bank has managed to get blacklisted by the Hong Kong Financial Regulator for breaching investment rules in the region.

In actual sense, we have a Vietnam scammer using Chinese nationals to help sell this crypto investment platform. And it seems to have worked as hundreds of naïve investors have already deposited funds hoping to make millions with the platform.

Here’s our full FabulousGlobalVenture Review

About Fabulous Global Venture

Most of the investors who signed up are from Vietnam and neighboring countries. These include Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, and Thailand. There are a few Taiwan investors already signed up and are in distress after the platform blocked access to their accounts.

The platform promises huge ROI margins with investors having to deposit USD in exchange for Crypto. ‘Effortless crypto investing’ is the call users get with this platform. There are two offers on the table each promising a daily guaranteed profit margin.

With the first offer, investors get a promise of making 2% DAILY ROI and the second offer with 3.5% Daily ROI. There are different minimum requirement amounts depending on the crypto coin you want to earn.

To fool investors, there’s a profit calculator suggesting hourly returns hitting over $30,000. If this was the case, we would all join the platform, lending institutions included. However, that’s not the case here as Fabulous Global Venture is a risky investment venture.

The outcome of investing with such a platform is beyond words. And this is why we have to expose the ruthless undertakings Nguyen and his Chinese partners have taken. The end result is pitiful to investors to say the least.

One of the biggest lies on the platform is claiming Saad Sherida Kaabi is on the Board of Directors. He’s the CEO of Qatar Petroleum and has no affiliation with anyone associated with the platform.

As indicated earlier, Nguyen knows how to entice investors using moving imagery and high profit margin claims. That’s far from the case here as we have a ruthless trading platform with no way of enlisting realistic ROI margins.

How is Fabulous Global Venture Operating?

Adverse high returns is the main product on sale with this platform. And this has led many to sign up seeing they would invest $200 and get 2.05% daily ROI for 6 consecutive days. You have to question some of these aspects in such platforms.

If the platform does in fact manage to hit these profit margins, why would they need a mere $200 from you? Such high margins would require a higher minimum deposit, right? Nguyen and his team have a way of fooling every class of investor.

Minting is the word used by Nguyen and his team to fool investors into believing the above ROI is possible. And as such, investors in Asia and some in the Middle East have signed up. With the platform already in month 5, cracks have started appearing.

Members no longer withdraw funds as frequent as they would like with the platform sending various excuses. One member claims the platform emailed that compounding profits for end of year was in effect.

And as such, he has to wait until December 2023 to withdraw funds, which is highly unlikely. The platform has already started asking for more deposits claiming the ROI is still in effect despite lack of withdrawal.

There are other excuses including withdrawal problems faced by the team due to high influx of requests. We can tell that Nguyen and his team are gearing up for a shut down after they filled their accounts with funds from naïve investors.

Aside from investing and marketing campaigns, the platform also uses these members to reach out to their networks. There’s an affiliate program promising high bonuses and rewards for enlisting investors into the fray.

Scammed by

Here’s the outcome nearly every member will eventually face with the platform. You will lose a large chunk of your investment or the whole amount after withdrawal. There’s a funnel program enlisted to fool investors.

It all starts with the platform allowing partial withdrawals of the money deposited. Let’s take an example of a user who deposited the minimum amount, $200. The platform allows daily withdrawal of the listed ROI of 2% which is $4.

Once you withdraw, the account balance remains the same with the platform convincing you this is the daily returns earned. Fabulous Global Venture will allow investors to withdraw for five days consecutively.

On the sixth day, it’s clear you want to either continue or withdraw the entire amount. That’s when the platform shows its true colors. You get an email claiming you were bumped to the next investment tier.

And this means now earning 3.05% Daily ROI, all you have to do is deposit the amount suitable for this plan. At this point, Fabulous Global Venture knows you’re all in or all out. Those who deposit the required amount continue with the process.

For those who don’t, it marks the end of the investment platform. Fabulous Global Venture is going to block access to your account and all communication. You end up withdrawing $20 of the initial $200 with Nguyen having $180 of your hard earned funds.

Authorities in the UK have been looking for Nguyen since mid-2022. There’s a warrant of arrest issued by the FCA and we hope he’ll be put into bars soon. For those who have lost funds, you can try and recover funds using a professional recovery team.


Customer Complaints, Experience, Ratings, and Reviews Fabulous Global Venture

So far, Taiwan nationals have come forward after the platform blocked access in this region. Most have deposited over $40,000 with this platform hoping to earn more within a short period. And this is the thanks they get from investing in Nguyen’s Crypto MLM projects.

Affiliates have also started coming out as the platform failed to release bonuses and commissions earned. These affiliates are now facing the wrath of investors whom they helped sign up. You wouldn’t want to be associated with Fabulous Global Venture in any way!

Is Legit or a High-Risk Crypto Investment Project?

Nguyen has a reputation for pushing products for a few months before shutting them down. We expect Fabulous Global Venture to be one of them. Please stay away from this project or risk becoming their next victim.

Our Verdict Fabulous Global Venture

After exposing products belonging to Nguyen, we recommend staying away from Fabulous Global Venture.

Instead, you need to invest in passive income projects with a proven reputation and backed by the crypto community.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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